2023 horoscope Aquarius

Written by Susan

It is with Venus in Aquarius that you begin the year. You mark your difference. You keep your distance from conventional loves. At the end of February, Venus in Aries confirms all this with an audacity that characterizes her. You live your loves at your leisure. You ignore conventions. In Gemini, she installs a climate of ease and complicity. It is between June and October that you will have to make some concessions with Venus in Leo. It provokes your feelings and way of life. In November, with Venus in Libra, your loves settle into a lifestyle that suits you.

Aquarius, your Social life

In the first part of the year, the influxes of Jupiter inspire you with ideas and projects. Discussions are well under way. Suggestions arise from everywhere. In mid-May, the transfer of Jupiter to Taurus projects your plans into reality. These impulses require you to sort between what is utopian and what is feasible. This year, if you want your ideas to materialize, you will have to reconcile with reality and profitability. Finding a balance between your ideals and material contingencies will make things happen. Reducing your momentum from the absolute will make your life easier.

Well-being for the Aquarius

With the departure of Saturn from your sign, you regain your vitality. Your motivation regains its color. You recover that momentum that characterizes you. However, Jupiterian dissonance can oppress you more than reason. This year, accepting a quieter and simpler way of life would do you the greatest good. Reconciling yourself with activities that seem outdated to you would be a good thing.

Aquarius: Your advice for 2023

Do you want your ideas and projects to come to fruition? Now is the time to reconcile yourself with what annoys you, namely reality and pragmatism.

The 2023 for all zodiac signs:

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