2022 horoscope Aquarius

Written by Susan

After a beginning of the year, more or less gloomy, it is early March, that Venus invites you in your sign. Your loves get back up. You feel that things will get better and better. In May, the influx of Venus and Mars into Aries gives a boost to matters of the heart! Monotony melts like snow in the sun. You feel revived. The exchanges and the invitations return in force with Venus in Gemini. If you skilfully manage the contrary influxes of Venus into Leo and Scorpio, your loves flourish between autumn and winter.

Aquarius, your Social life

You begin the year with difficulty, Saturn weighs on your shoulders. The changes initiated by Jupiter in 2021 have trouble finding their bearings. They get bogged down by waiting and you, through impatience. Between May 11th and October 28th, with the transfer of Jupiter to Aries, they benefit from the luck factor that they lack to get into orbit. Between the end of May and the beginning of July, with Mars in reinforcement, you are in the heat of the action to concretize your plans. In summer, if you negotiate your turn well, you are heading straight for success between September and December.

Well-being for the Aquarius

Apart from bringing you a few pounds less on the scale, Saturn weighs on your physique. It makes you go through moments of fatigue that you have to accept. In spite of these hazards, waiting exasperates you. You bubble inside. Give yourself rest. Let go when you feel that tension takes control. Between spring and summer beware of overworking yourself, it is waiting for you.

Aquarius: Your advice for 2022

Do not impose your ideas by force. Do not react straight away. This triggers unwanted reactions that have caused you inconvenience. Create links and smooth out the edges.

The 2022 for all zodiac signs:

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