2023 horoscope Libra

Written by Susan

Your loves happily begin the year with Venus in Aquarius, which installs a climate conducive to encounters and building rapport. If you skilfully manage doubts and unforeseen events in the spring, you will fall in love from June to October. You benefit from the passionate influx of Venus in Leo. She sets your love in a happy and sparkling relationship. She dismisses this monotony, which has a way of putting your heart at half mast. If your loves cross an empty passage in October, with Venus in Libra in November, you have all the cards in hand to reset the bar.

Vida Social / Forma

Until May, despite some perilous twists and doubts, you get the best of the game. Mars in Gemini gives you the resources needed to assert yourself. It multiplies your inner potential tenfold. It motivates you to move forward. You are heading for the summer with Mars in Leo, which encourages you to blaze your trail. He gives you his energy and charisma to create ties and attract support. However, through events, you may be inclined, or push, to make radical decisions. Waiting for the new school year and the passage of Mars in your sign will help you to find a compromise.

Ao longo dos meses

This year, you can be invaded by a latent and inexplicable gloom. Pessimism is waiting for you. To remedy these states of mind, use the resources of Venus, your fetish planet. Between June and October, when she is in Leo, she cajoles you. So, treat yourself, accept invitations, see people and take care of yourself. Accept all the benefits that come to you.

As estrelas

This year, beware of decisions that are based on bad reasons or guided by people. Being radical does not succeed, so stay yourself and opt for compromises.

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