2023 horoscope Libra

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Jupiter favors associations (marriage, professional contract, etc.) until mid-May, he encourages you to take a step towards the other, to connect for the useful and for the pleasant and, from May 16, the giant planet accelerates the movement of change. Events help your business to flourish, your income to grow, and you can expect some immediate returns on your investment. You need to get on with the job, to serve the common cause and assume daily responsibilities in order to negotiate the (sometimes brutal) turns that are required. It's time to break with the past, to transform yourself, even if it means that the change will be painful. The price to pay for being reborn into the light.

Libra First decan, your 2023 horoscope

(23rd September to 3rd October)

Pluto (March 23 to June 11) signals the beginning of an emotional and creative metamorphosis. You feel the need to approach your relationship differently and to express your potential and talents in a different way. The metamorphosis will take time, but it will allow you to shine with your heritage (family, educational, societal) purified of what was distancing it from yourself and your essential nature. Jupiter (from May 16 to July 5 and from November 6, 2023 to February 21, 2024) accelerates changes. Be careful (around May 18) not to impose on the other person a rhythm or methods that could displease him.

Love: A question of substance

From March 23 to June 11, Pluto will begin a long process of transformation that will allow you to know yourself better and to identify what drives you to love, to relate to others in the same (not necessarily constructive) way. This planetary influence concerns your relationships with your partner, your children, it is time to probe your heart, your background to determine if your functioning seems appropriate for what you have become over time. Until February 20, 2023, Jupiter favors your relational blossoming, invites you to connect (emotionally and socially), count on him to multiply the events likely to provoke changes. Around May 18, do not put pressure on the other person, even if you feel that your demands are legitimate. Venus exalts your love temperament from January 3 to 11, invites you to take a step towards the one you love from February 20 to 28 and to do everything possible to give meaning to your emotional quest from April 11 to 19. Projects dear to your heart will become reality from June 5 to 16 and you will shine with all your lights from November 8 to 17.

Social Life: A lot to do

Pluto exalts your creativity from March 23 to June 11, unearthing buried potentials and you are only at the beginning of a process that will extend over the next few years. In the meantime, you are dealing (from March 7) with Saturn who puts pressure on you professionally. Duties and responsibilities will overwhelm you and wear you down, so it's time to roll up your sleeves and eat your heart out if you find that the task is immense and that results are not imminent. Don't try to speed up the movement around May 18, as any deviation from this will cost you dearly. On the other hand, if you follow the instructions, you have every chance of scoring points in June (the 19th). Until January 30, you will be fighting to achieve your ambitions and from March 25 to April 14 you will be claiming your rights. You are struggling to rally support for a project (May 20 to June 6) and you go for it from August 27 to September 12. You will redouble your zeal and determination to boast about your merits and claim your due from October 12 to 26 and you will end the year determined to impose your ideas and methods (from November 24 to December 8).

Well-being: Courage!

From March 7 onwards, Saturn will exert a constraint on your daily life. Whether at home or away from home, duties and responsibilities are piling up and above all becoming heavier, and you may feel like giving up. Don't let yourself be discouraged and hold on to your efforts until March 2024. Adopt an impeccable lifestyle, get back into sports and cultivate a positive attitude that will help you turn any hardships into challenges.

Libra First decan: Your advice for 2023

If the situation shakes your foundations and invites you to invest yourself to take up the challenges of life, count on Jupiter to multiply the opportunities to move the lines. Don't shy away from questioning yourself, get on with the task, don't lose heart if you find your daily routine too busy, for your efforts will pay off.

Libra Second decan, your 2023 horoscope

(4th October to 14th October)

Uranus brings about realizations that generate radical transformations, so don't dodge the changes. External events push you out of your comfort zone and make you question everything. The influence of the free electron of the zodiac is felt until May 28 and then from December 10, 2023 to March 13, 2024. Accept this great shake-up that will allow you to approach life and the future, free of the ties that no longer make sense to you. Count on Jupiter (July 5-November 6) to accelerate the process. This evolution will allow you, next year, to significantly broaden your horizons.

Love: A sorting out to do

Focus on the beginning of the year to strengthen a bond or make an important alliance. Jupiter (February 20 to April 4) will help you to develop your relationships. However, there is no way to escape Uranus who invites you to cut ties with what is holding you back. You do not really appreciate the process, but approach it serenely (until May 28 and from December 10, 2023 to March 13, 2024) to draw valuable lessons and to break with what is pulling you down. Jupiter reinforces this tendency from July 5 to November 6 by precipitating events likely to accelerate the movement of change. Count on Venus (January 11-19) to seduce you, the delightful planet encourages tender exchanges (February 28-March 8) and exalts your desire to live inspiring loves (April 19-28). Plans are unanimous in your heart from June 16 to 29 and come to the forefront from August 14 to September 25. A new cycle of love life begins on November 17, after you've sorted out essential connection from counterproductive relationships.

Social Life: Need to evolve

Your professional or financial associations are under the influence of Uranus which makes them evolve without mercy. You will have to break with past codes, methods and commitments that are no longer relevant. Until May 28 and from December 10, 2023 to March 13, 2024, you will have to deal with events that may cause confusion in your ranks. However, count on Jupiter (from February 20 to April 4) to seal agreements or to make promising contacts. The giant of the zodiac urges you (from July 5 to November 6) to adapt to make the best of it. Whether it's disputes to settle or income to manage, focus on what allows you to renew yourself in depth. Mars helps you to defend your values and ambitions from January 30 to March 3, to take your place (April 14 to May 2). You will win over the masses from June 6 to 23. In full possession of your means (from September 12 to 27), you demand to be followed from October 26 to November 10 and you do not let go of anything from December 8 to 22.

Well-being: More fluidity.

Uranus destabilizes you in 2023 but the planet finds to express itself more freely and productively in your life. If you do not escape stress generated by unforeseen events that force you to move, to break with the past, to adapt permanently, the process should however shake you less. Take time to rest from July 26 to August 11 because you will be less efficient, tired and losing momentum.

Libra Second decan: Your advice for 2023

If in 2023, you are under influences that force you to evolve, it is time to leave behind what no longer holds up. There are real or symbolic losses to be made, but also the opportunity to open up other, more inspiring perspectives. So if you have to lose something or someone in 2023, let go without qualms.

Libra Third decan, your 2023 horoscope

(15th October to 23rd October)

You are coming to the end of a cycle that has forced you to examine the way you manage your family and romantic relationships. You are beginning to learn from this analysis, to face up to the past that has plagued your life. In 2023, count on Uranus from May 28 to December 10 to accelerate your awareness and confront you with external events that will help you free yourself from ties that hold you back. Jupiter favors meetings and constructive exchanges from April 4 to May 16, a precious support to tighten the ranks with those you love or to find the rare pearl.

Love: End of the assessment

Pluto influences your inner life, what in your childhood, in your relationship with your siblings and parents, dictated your behavior, your name, and weighed on your life. Ask yourself what you should keep or abandon in order to rebuild yourself on solid foundations. Saturn moves away from you from March 7 and stops putting pressure on your private life. You have time to analyze your relationships, your children and your emotional functioning. Count on Jupiter (April 4 to May 16) to be in touch with the world around you and make stimulating encounters and commitments. Venus will adorn you with an irresistible charm from February 12 to 20, and will encourage you to get closer to others from March 8 to 16. You aspire to inspiring love from April 28 to May 7 and make plans from June 29 to August 16. You will make your plans come true from September 25 to October 9 and you will end the year on a high note with your seductive powers from November 26 to December 4.

Social Life: You come out of the shadows

In the midst of a period of inner maturation, you have little time to worry about your social and professional life, which is relegated to the background. Saturn has put a damper on your creativity, confining you to a minimum of service but forcing you to observe strict discipline in your methods. Jupiter favors advantageous alliances, contracts and promising associations from April 4 to May 16, but Uranus exposes you to sudden reversals and questioning from May 28 to December 10. Mars exalts your thirst to surpass yourself from March 3 to 25 and endows you with an unshakeable determination from May 2 to 20. You defend your projects from June 23 to July 10 but you take time to reflect from August 11 to 27 to come back in full possession of your means from September 27 to October 12. You will demand what you deserve from November 10 to 24 and it will be difficult for anyone to stop you from December 22, 2023 to January 4, 2024.

Well-being: the constraints are lightening

Saturn stops weighing on your morale from March 7. You're on your way up. Of course, you are not yet safe from the turmoil, but you feel freer of your movements, less frustrated by the feeling of being alone in the world. Count on Jupiter to enliven your social life from April 4 to May 16. Remain cautious from August 11 to 27, take a step back and especially rest.

Libra Third decan: Your advice for 2023

To get through a year still dedicated to the accomplishment of an inner metamorphosis, you feel tossed about by events but get out of your bubble and take advantage of Jupiter's influence (from April 4 to May 16) on your social life to meet others. This is a precious support on which you can count to face pressures and accelerate an inescapable change.

Libra your 2023 horoscope, month after month

January 2023

Some questioning (on the 1ster , on the 18th) will allow you to put your family life back on the right track (on the 2nd, on the 13th). You will approach with seriousness but flexibility some problematic sentimental issues (the 22nd).

February 2023

Exchanges will not only touch upon sensitive subjects (10th, 16th). An approach likely to make daily life more fluid (the 6th, the 19th), to warm it up (the 15th).

March 2023

You raise the debates (on the 11th). Avoid (on the 15th, 16th, 17th) putting your personal ambitions before everything else, at the risk of polluting a fragile harmony in the family.

April 2023

Your charm allows you to manage your relationships on a daily basis (on the 7th). A contract, a pleasing agreement to be hoped for around the 11th, unless it is a beautiful encounter?

May 2023

If you dream of inspiring love affairs, keep a sense of reality (the 4th) to be fulfilled by a positive situation (the 5th). Rely on your determination to make an impression (15th, 18th).

June 2023

Your charm works in society (the 2nd) and your sense of negotiation works wonders in the family (the 11th). If a sudden event destabilizes you (the 4th), do not fight it but deal with it (the 26th).

July 2023

Relational tensions (on the 2nd), unforeseen events weaken your support. Rely on your eloquence (the 7th, the 9th) and your social influence (the 14th) to turn the situation to your advantage.

August 2023

If your projects and supports remain active, they are confronted with unforeseen events (the 9th, the 16th). Take a step back to think about the strategies to use to get around them.

September 2023

It is by temporarily putting on pause (the 16th) that you will manage events at best. The time to fluidify a daily life subjected to frequency jamming (the 19th, the 29th).

October 2023

Think before you intervene in your family. Your authoritarian temperament (on the 9th) could cause tensions and turmoil (on the 21st).

November 2023

By channeling your emotions you will restore peace in your family (the 6th). In order for your ambitions to be fulfilled, avoid raising your voice (the 11th, the 13th) and use your resources to improve your living conditions.

December 2023

If your charm seems undeniable, it is not enough to rally the votes in family (the 3rd). Send only clear messages to avoid misunderstandings (17th, 27th, 28th).

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