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Sunday, August the 9th
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2023 horoscope for Cancer

Cancer: Introduction for 2023

You start the year with the oppressive influxes of Jupiter in Aries, but its transfer in Taurus predicts the ease that you will certainly appreciate. To accompany this beneficent movement, Saturn settled in Pisces in early March. These influxes of land and water give you opportunities to gain in your quality of life. They soften the rigor of Pluto, which will certainly change the course of certain events. As for Mars in Cancer, Virgo and Scorpio, it transmits to you its devotion, its methods and strategies so that all this is projected into reality in a durable and constructive way.

Cancer: Love for 2023

This year, you benefit from the influx of Venus in Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo and Scorpio. The goddess of love lavishes her waves of seduction on you. When you need to, you know how to respond, or wait, at the right time. Associated with Jupiter and Saturn, your loves are oriented towards a new life and projects. Feelings flourish. Commitments are on the horizon. Your loves find a balance and reassuring comfort. However, in order not to miss the bus, soothe your emotions that are heckled by Venus in Aries and manage family ties with tact, between September and December.

Cancer: Social Life for 2023

You attack the year with ideas and projects under way without having the chance, the time or the means to realize them. At the beginning of March, the transfer of Saturn to Pisces inspires reflection. It puts your experience under review. In May, the passage of Jupiter in Taurus projects an idea or a dream into reality. His influx synchronizes the right people and circumstances so that luck knocks on your door. With the help of Mars in Cancer, Virgo and Scorpio, you have the right energies to get started without taking extravagant risks.

Cancer: Well-being for 2023

Strange as it may seem, Saturn in Pisces reinvigorates you, for it soothes you. Its beneficent water is a resource. It takes you gently, without mistreating you for a single moment. This year marks your reunion with yourself. You become aware of your personality and your potential. You take your place in society, in life. This is what keep your morale firm.

Cancer: My Advice for 2023:

This year, you benefit from favorable circumstances to achieve an ambition that has long been your passion. However, do not give in to external impulses and follow your intuition.

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