2022 horoscope for Taurus

Written by Daisy

In 2022, despite a still sensitive sky, openings appear, projects are born, and other perspectives appear with the possibility of reaching your objectives soon and getting closer to your ideal. But a gestation period is necessary. Take the time to ensure your back before going for it, to launch (in 2023) a new life cycle. In the meantime, this year, you will have more room to maneuver. This wind of freedom pushes you out of your comfort zone, but you will not let your chance pass you by!

Taurus First decan, your 2022 horoscope

(21st April to 1st May)

In 2022, you see new perspectives on the horizon and desire to broaden your field of vision. Jupiter brings forth new ideas and helps you to implement goals (private or professional) that will soon direct your life in a different direction. More autonomous, more independent, you can take your life and your future in hand and evolve. Until 2023 when Jupiter will give you wings.

Love: Available?

This year, Jupiter favors new impulses and allows you to connect with a circle of friends and relatives that will do you good. You will meet new people who are likely to please you. Venus will endow you with a charm that will attract everyone's attention and rally the support of those around you. Count on an irresistible aura between May 28th and June 6th, to seduce while between August 11 and 19, you will take care of yours. Venus could turn your head between September 5 and 13 and make you want to close ranks with your partner or make a commitment between October 23 and 31.

Social Life: Clear!

New and more exciting perspectives are developing in 2022. They will put you on a good track for 2023 (promotion, direction, and even life). These plans correspond much better to your desires and a new ideal that will gain momentum from 2023. You are bursting with ambition between January 24th and February 7th. You are determined to win between March 6 and 19 as you will not be afraid to invest yourself intensely (be careful not too much, though) to attract attention. You want to convince your hierarchy or those who hold power or money to believe you and follow you. You redouble your zeal, ardor, and audacity between April 15 and 28 to develop your projects and lay the foundations for them. Between May 24th and June 7th, take a step back from events and give yourself time to refine your strategies. Nothing and no one can resist your desire to set the course between July 5 and 19 and your determination to defend your interests between August 20th and September 7th and between December 27th and January 30th, 2023.

Well-being: Good Energy In The Background!

You will enter 2022 full of energy, supported by Jupiter, which favors your projects, increases your enthusiasm, and assures you the active support of your loved ones. Your relationships will help you in your endeavors and get you out of the isolation weighing you down. If Jupiter has your back and provides you with the necessary fuel to prepare for the future without running out of power or suffering the slightest loss of momentum or morale. What more could you ask for?

Taurus First decan: Your advice for 2022

You've been struggling a bit to gain your independence. In 2022, new projects will be born. You can manage them according to your own ideas and direct your future according to your personal inclinations. You must believe in yourself! To achieve this, you are supported by others. But from now on, without any other guide than yourself.

Taurus Second decan, your 2022 horoscope

(2nd May to 11th May)

In 2022, you do not yet feel totally free to move about. The backdrop remains a bit constraining, but Jupiter dissipates the cloud cover that was darkening your future. Projects will brighten up the picture and put some joy in your heart between February 12th and March 26th. Even if they do not come true quickly, keep courage and confidence because they will allow you (in 2023) to open a new page of your story.

Love: You First?

You will find a little more room for maneuver, which will affirm your need to free yourself from what prevents you from being yourself. Uranus influences your decan and gives you a desire for autonomy. You will no longer let yourself be led by anyone. Whether at work or in your family, the time has come to take your place. It's not very romantic, but Venus exalts your love ambitions between January 6th and February 21st and inspires you with tender projects between April 14 and 23. You shine between June 6 and 14. You are concerned about the well-being of your loved ones between August 19 and 28. Venus increases your desire to love and be loved between September 13 and 21 or unite between October 31st and November 8th.

Social Life: Power Up?

Between February 12th and March 26th, Jupiter favors the emergence of projects that can put a smile on your face and give you hope. While these exciting plans may not materialize until next year, you will use this launchpad to assert your vision of the world and what you want from it. You are taking on an independence and autonomy without which you can no longer "function." Mars gives you a desire for power at the beginning of January, exalting your ambitions between February 7 and 20 and endowing you with the ability to convince the higher-ups. You will then fight for your projects to be accepted (between April 28th and May 11th). Take the time (between June 7 and 21) to examine in detail the actions you are taking to carry out your undertakings with full force between July 19th and August 7th. You will devote the end of your year and the beginning of the next one to claim the means to achieve your ambitions.

Well-being: You Breathe Easier!

In 2022, nothing is going smoothly yet, and you have to deal with delays, slowness, and impediments. Rely on Jupiter (between February 12th and March 26th) to regain hope and energy. Until you can fully realize your potential in 2023!

Taurus Second decan: Your advice for 2022

In 2022, the burden lightens. Freedom of movement, a future to invent, and perhaps a new page in your personal adventure to turn. This is the time to start 2022, determined to put your destiny on the right track. It's time to believe!

Taurus Third decan, your 2022 horoscope

(12th May to 20th May)

In 2022, you feel the desire to embark on new adventures. There is a thirst to realize an ideal, to serve a cause, even if it means letting go of everything that holds you back. Inspiring projects lift you from the ground (around mid-April),and you can put them into action in early May. Some add the finishing touches between October 28th and December 20th.

Love: You'll Have To Keep Up!

In 2022, you can't ignore those around you because if you decide on a life plan, you have to share your perspectives that concern everyone. Around April 12th, you choose to orient your life according to an ideal, you bring significant changes to your existence. Take into account your emotional surroundings and adjust your ambitions between February 21st and March 6th. You receive support from those you love between April 23rd and May 2nd, and your radiance completes the seduction of your loved ones between June 14 and 23. You make sure that your plans contribute to everyone's happiness between August 28th and September 5th and rely on your charm (between September 21 and 29) to make everyone happy. Listening to others between November 8 and 16, there is little chance that anyone will resist your proposals.

Social Life: A Different World View?

Spring 2022 changes the course of your life. Pay attention around April 12th, you may feel like joining an NGO, serving a cause, but you need to give more meaning to your work, even your life. This aspiration could become a reality in early May. You are no longer content with satisfying your material needs, but you take a more spiritual approach. Mars exacerbates your thirst to direct events between January 10 and 24 and gives you the energy to defend your ambitions between February 20th and March 6th. You have excellent arguments and irresistible power of persuasion between April 1 and 15. You protect your projects between May 11 and 24 and break down all August 4 and 20. You use your energy to get the funds you need and realize your plans between September 30th and November 27th.

Well-being: Buoyed By The Economy?

In 2022, the sky is still darkened by threats, but it offers you a way out. The future is opening up, and you are delighted with the ideal and the prospects of implementing your dreams. Take advantage of these supports to evolve in 2022 in an environment that you will make more fulfilling!

Taurus Third decan: Your advice for 2022

Let yourself be carried along in 2022 by an inspiration that announces a new life for you and those around you. Not everything will happen as quickly as you would like, but what you do in 2022 is worthwhile. Your dreams will have to be adjusted to reality but remind you that our humanity is nothing without its spiritual dimension!

Taurus your 2022 horoscope, month after month

January 2022

You want to have a love affair that lives up to your expectations, but some ambitious projects push you to force your way through at the risk of displeasing others. Count on Mars to reinforce your ambitions.

February 2022

Debates resume from the 4th. Take advantage of this to defend your ideas. Your charm should work in love and business. Jupiter guarantees you unfailing support for your projects.

March 2022

Rely on your charisma to convince those around you to believe in you and follow you. You want to obtain what you covet and defend your plans. This energy will serve you well if you do not abuse it to put pressure on others.

April 2022

Count on your inspiration to guide your life. It's up to you to take the next step but count on those you love to encourage your initiatives. Ideas are flowing, support is coming in, and your charm is working.

May 2022

Jupiter helps you to develop your potential or to unlock funds. You are no longer afraid to assert your independence. Take advantage of your popularity to chart your course and play your most daring cards.

June 2022

Negotiations are progressing, but don't ask for too much to win. Don't hesitate to seduce anyone you like. You could dazzle and attract more than one. A return of the flame could awaken your emotional life.

July 2022

Adversity could catch up with you if you don't know your limits. Show your talents, plead your case with delicacy but do not abuse your charm at the risk of generating misunderstandings. Put your heart at the service of your loved ones.

August 2022

You know how to seduce, but you annoy some people. Defend your ideas, assert your ambitions, but also take care of your loved ones. Do not mix matters of the heart with those of money. Do not impose your demands in terms of spending.

September 2022

You successfully defend your interests and obtain the approval of those who appreciate you. Your sensuality is in overdrive, which will warm up the autumn and make for an Indian summer of love. Still, at the end of the month, the only thing that will count is the defense of your interests.

October 2022

You are not realistic in your demands, and you will be disappointed. Put your energy into the service of the community to show that you are the right person who can be counted on because Jupiter strengthens your resources.

November 2022

An association allows you to express your ideas and broaden your horizons. Don't spoil your chances by being too greedy. You work hard to meet your obligations and serve the community.

December 2022

If you overestimate your powers, you'll be disappointed. Venus invites you to make the relationship evolve, you hope for inspiring links, and you make those who listen to you want to follow you.


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