2022 horoscope for Pisces

Written by Daisy

In 2022, Jupiter is in your sign and supports you until May 10 and from October 28 to December 20. Rely on him to regain confidence in yourself and in your ability to renew yourself creatively. There is no question of you stepping aside and claiming your right to blossom without having to answer to others. But, from August 20, 2022, to March 25, 2023, channel your energy to build your life on new foundations, elsewhere or otherwise, do not impose your choices without nuance.

Pisces First decan, your 2022 horoscope

(19th February to 28th February)

In 2022, count on Jupiter until February 12 to prioritize your personal interests and mobilize you to honor your new priorities. You will reap the benefits of your initiatives. From May 10 to October 28, Jupiter will strengthen your talents and reward your merits. This is an opportunity for you to grow on a personal level and enrich yourself in many ways.

Love: Whoever Loves Me Follows Me!

In 2022, you approach the year open to everything and the best. Take the time (March 6-17) to reassess your needs. From April 5 to 14, you emerge from the chrysalis, determined to love and be loved. From May 28 to June 6, you will be able to pass on your messages gently to a conquered entourage, and you will take care of your loved ones from June 23 to July 1. From July 18 to 26, do not hesitate to commit yourself and listen to others from September 5 to 13. You aspire (October 23-31) to live inspiring love affairs, and you end the year with your head and heart full of tender projects (December 10-18).

Social Life: Everything is Good!

In 2022, you take an essential step forward. Whether you launch a new activity, invest in another job or expand your current playground, you are better equipped to face circumstances and meet any challenge. This investment will quickly bring you the reward of your merits (from May 10 to October 28). Jupiter exalts your capacity to develop and exploit your potentials. It increases your chances to reap the fruits of your initiatives. Mars boosts your desire to innovate, to launch projects that motivate you from January 24 to February 7. Take the time to sharpen your strategies from March 6 to 19 to launch the offensive (April 15 to 28) in full possession of your means. You will get what you want from May 24 to June 7. Your arguments will convince your interlocutors to follow you from July 5 to 19, August 20 to September 7, and December 27, 2022, to January 30, 2023. You will invest in building your personal foundations, or you will take advantage of this climate to launch your own business or to adopt telecommuting.

Well-being: Back in Force!

In 2022, your energy is back, your morale is high, and you are in top form, allowing you to achieve great success on a personal level. Energizing influences and gratifying circumstances make you forget your worries.

Pisces First decan: Your advice for 2022

In 2022, you will embark on new adventures and try your luck elsewhere or in other ways. You develop unexplored or insufficiently exploited potentials that will bring you a rewarding feeling of accomplishment.

Pisces Second decan, your 2022 horoscope

(1st March to 10th March)

In 2022, if the backdrop remains constraining, you benefit from a better right to speak. Jupiter opens a new cycle of life that may please you and allow you to say what you want (February 12-March 26). Around February 18, some obstacles give way and put you on the road to liberation.

Love: A New Version of Yourself to Consider!

In 2022, you benefit from the support of Jupiter, which invests your decan from February 12 to March 26. Count on him to broaden your horizons and offer you many opportunities to express yourself. If your interventions sow the disorder in your entourage, it doesn't matter. Expect, around February 18, to cause a stir on a liberating wave. Venus favors love projects from January 6 to February 21 and endows you with great charm from April 14 to 23. You aspire to create a living environment that pleases you and harmonize your family ties from July 1 to 9. Use your aura from July 26 to August 3 to reach out to the other and whom you love from September 13 to 21. You live inspiring stories and evolve your bonds from October 31 to November 8 to end the year on tender projects.

Social Life: A Fish in Need of Air?

In 2022, Jupiter crosses your decan from February 12 to March 26 and helps you take an essential step by freeing you from your shackles. You leave a job to train in a more exciting discipline, you release your speech, or you propose more daring plans to your partners. You are inventive (even transgressive) around February 18. Your interventions surprise those around you. Mars reinforces your desire to impose your rules until January 10 and endows you with great energy to carry your projects from February 7 to 20. From March 19 to April 1, take time to step back from events and refine your strategies. No one can resist your power of attack from April 28 to May 11, and you will defend your interests from June 7 to 21. Your forceful arguments will leave a mark on people's minds from July 19 to August 4, and your determination is intact in September. You reorganize your life from November 27 to December 27 and from January 30 to March 3, 2023.

Well-being: Feed on the Positive!

Count on Jupiter to give you more energy! You surf a new wave from February 12 to March 26 and fill up with audacity and fantasy to move forward without suffering too many losses in the last battles you are fighting.

Pisces Second decan: Your advice for 2022

In 2022, you will benefit from Jupiterian help to launch a new expansion cycle and start something else, elsewhere or otherwise. Give up what belongs to the past and no longer contributes to your personal fulfillment.

Pisces Third decan, your 2022 horoscope

(11th March to 20th March)

From March 11 onwards, Saturn urges you to undertake a great cleansing. Sort out what you wish to keep from the past and what you are leaving behind to launch a new cycle of maturity in full possession of your means. Count on Jupiter (from March 26 to May 10 and from October 28 to December 20) to help you put your aspirations into perspective. You will claim your place in the sun to blossom on a personal level.

Love: Your Personal Universe Expands!

In 2022, you will mobilize for new beginnings and achievements by associating with those you love. If you are going solo, you will combine business with pleasure by making quality choices on the emotional and relational levels. Count on Venus until January 6 and then from February 21 to March 6 to help you choose the direction of your private life. From April 23 to May 2, you are more sure of yourself and of your options. Your magnetism leaves no one indifferent. You look after your family and improve your living conditions from July 9 to 18. From August 3 to 11, you do not go unnoticed. You make commitments or strengthen ties from September 21 to 29 and experience inspiring love from November 8 to 16. The year ends with realizing prospects you hold dear (December 26, 2022, to January 3, 2023).

Social Life: Follow The Guide!

Saturn invites you from March 11 onwards to scan your past to abandon what holds you back. Count on Jupiter (March 26 to May 10 and October 28 to December 20) to inaugurate a new expansion cycle. Subtle currents are guiding you, placing you around April 12 on the right path to take (around May 3) to realize a project that upsets your usual route. Be ready to embrace the new. Mars gives you a beautiful ambition from January 10 to 24. You will not let go of your plans from February 20 to March 6. Take a step back from events from April 1 to April 15 to start a new cycle of activity in full possession of your means from May 11 to May 24. You will defend your interests from June 21 to July 5 and make convincing arguments from August 4 to 20. From September 30 to November 27 and March 3 to 25, 2023, you have too much to do to be bored amid a structural change.

Well-being: Jupiter is in Charge!

Saturn weighs a little on your morale from March 11 onwards, confronting you with your past, but count on Jupiter to compensate for these small slumps. The giant planet will provide you with the fuel to face up to new realizations, take on challenges, and move forward in a promising direction without lacking energy or resources.

Pisces Third decan: Your advice for 2022

To take advantage of a year that invites you to broaden your horizons and follow your intuitions, trust yourself, believe in your ability to direct your life well. If you listen to your soul, it will connect you to a project that may suit you.

Pisces your 2022 horoscope, month after month

January 2022

Jupiter encourages you to get started, and Mars reinforces your projects and gives you an unequaled strength to propose them. An ideal of life or a project that pleases you is on the horizon. But do not impose your methods at the risk of irritating some.

February 2022

Nothing will slow you down. Take advantage of your resources to cross a threshold and open a new cycle of expansion. Meditate on what must be kept or eliminated to present your projects that could surprise and broaden your horizons.

March 2022

You are crossing a liberating threshold, but that's no reason to take everything for granted, at the risk of awakening an ambush of adversity. You will involve those you love in your projects, and your horizons will broaden.

April 2022

Take advantage of your charisma to seduce and put your strength at the service of your personal interests. You are developing your potential and achieving success on the social, material, creative, and emotional levels. Your audacity should seduce.

May 2022

Jupiter reinforces your talents and rewards them. You notice the beneficial effects of this cosmic intervention. Nothing stops you or holds you back from asserting your difference, and this new version of yourself has something to surprise you.

June 2022

You get the means to improve your living conditions and those around you. New encounters and new loves will put you in a state of excitement. Your originality will leave a mark on people, and your creativity will be on full display.

July 2022

You need to make some adjustments because you tend to put your own interests before those of your loved ones. Rely on dialogue and your irresistible charm to get everyone to agree. Do not demand too much to avoid disappointment.

August 2022

You want to put your abilities at the service of the community. Still, your manners in the family are not appreciated, and your authoritarian tone does not meet with unanimous approval. Do not abuse provocation. Prefer to seduce, to surprise so that your projects evolve.

September 2022

You work hard to ensure your well-being and that of your family. Favor dialogue and take a step towards the other. You will congratulate yourself because you will rally the support of your family.

October 2022

Eager for gratification, moderate your appetites so as not to end the month more frustrated than satisfied. Rely on your intuition and feelings to convince your loved ones of the relevance of your projects. But do not manipulate anyone.

November 2022

You play on your charm at work and elsewhere to be listened to and understood. Still, no one is obliged to respond to your request if your emotional ambitions are grand. You risk, if you go too far, to remain on your hunger.

December 2022

Take a step back in family, love, social and professional matters to determine what you want to leave behind. Don't take yourself too seriously to end the year on track to achieve a dream.


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