2022 horoscope for Aries

Written by Daisy

In 2021, your plans were constantly postponed, and your ambitions were subject to frustrating circumstances. In 2022, you are making up for lost time with openings to a future filled with opportunities: for some between May and October 2022, for others, between late December 2022, and mid-May 2023. In 2022, do not abuse your new powers to go too fast and get sidetracked by lack of clarity. Between late August 2022 and March 25, 2023, moderate your fiery debates and listen to others. These precautions will allow you to convince without coercion and launch a new life cycle soon.

Aries First decan, your 2022 horoscope

(21st March to 1st April)

Until mid-February, Jupiter will help you fine-tune a new life project that has been simmering since last year (for some since 2020). It will be born between May 10 and October 28, 2022. Leave no stone unturned, laying a solid foundation for this cycle that will allow you to renew yourself. You aspire to change your work, your environment, and even your life. This is the time to mobilize yourself to realize your aspirations. There is nothing to stop you. Even if the social climate remains tense, do not postpone the realization of your projects which will manifest themselves as early as next spring.

Love: Everything Is Going Well

You start the year in full possession of your means, your goals are getting closer, and you redouble your zeal to refine your plans at the beginning of the year. You will make a new start from May 10 onwards. Until October 28, 2022, and then between December 20, 2022, and February 20, 2023, a new path opens up, and you take it. Count on Venus between March 6 and 17 to make tender plans. You will not go unnoticed between May 2 and 11, and between July 18 and 26, you will spend your vacations with your family or take care of your loved ones. Between August 11 and 19, your power of seduction is mighty. You evolve the bond between September 29 and October 7 or make one between November 16 and 24.

Social Life: In The Starting Blocks

2021 was hardly conducive to making ambitious plans, but you didn't give up and took advantage of this tumult to fine-tune projects that will see the light of day in 2022. You start the year a little behind, busy perfecting your strategies (between December 29, 2021, and February 12, 2022). Still, you do not hesitate, from May 10, to start what has been mobilizing you for a long time. Until October 28, Jupiter will accompany your initiatives and guarantee your success between December 20, 2022, and February 20, 2023. Count on Mars to raise your ambitions between January 24 and February 7, to feed your projects between March 6 and 19. Take a step back and channel your energies to remain productive between April 15 and 28. Nothing will hinder your drive and determination between May 24 and June 7. If you defend your interests with tenacity between July 5 and 19, do not raise your voice between August 20 and September 7 and between December 27 and January 30. Otherwise, you risk annoying everyone.

Well-being: Everything is going well

Jupiter is by your side for a good part of the year, especially between May 10 and October 28, 2022, when he remains in your sign and decan. This helps you recover if you've been suffering from the energy-draining conditions that plagued us all in 2021. Count on this ally to improve your morale. Jupiter will retrace his steps and revive everything between December 20, 2022, and February 20, 2023. By then, some people will have taken advantage of this support to shine.

Aries First decan: Your advice for 2022

Take advantage of the presence of Jupiter by your side for a good part of the year to open a new page in your personal history. You have the means to accomplish many things quickly and satisfactorily. If you don't abuse your will or communicate aggressively between August 20 and September 7 and between December 27, 2022, and January 30, 2023, nothing will prevent you from realizing your plans.

Aries Second decan, your 2022 horoscope

(2nd April to 11th April)

2021 has tested you more than the other decans, and you have put up with infinitely frustrating brakes. In 2022, Saturn slows you down again. Still, between February 12 and March 26, Jupiter develops your assets and prepares you for the following year. You will benefit from a dynamic configuration that opens up a vast field of possibilities and stimulates your creativity from February onwards. This is your chance to stand out.

Love: Back in the Limelight At Last

You had too much to deal with in 2021, to devote yourself to your sentimental blossoming. Since mid-November 2021 and between January 6 and February 21, Venus induces the need to love and get the recognition you deserve. Also, count on Venus between March 17 and 27 to get the support of your loved ones and make tender plans together. You will attract attention between May 11 and 20. You will establish harmony in your family between July 26 and August 3 (go on vacation). Venus endows you with a stunning charm between August 19 and 28 and stirs up your desire for inspiring love affairs that match your ambitions between November 24 and December 2.

Social Life: More Freedom Of Movement

Saturn is forcing you to build on solid ground and is still holding back your projects, but in 2022, it will stop blocking you all the time. You will benefit from planetary support that will give you hope. To exploit or express your dormant potentials, change your path, provide a new direction for your career, and keep your eyes open around February 18! An opportunity to evolve will arise, which will take shape in 2023. A new life is on the horizon. Mars reinforces your ambitions until January 10, endows you with absolute authority between February 7 and 20, and ensures you irresistible energy between March 19 and April 1. Do not hesitate to withdraw temporarily between April 28 and May 4. Measure your progress before breaking down mountains between June 7 and 21, but avoid being too authoritarian in September, December, and between January 30 and March 3, 2023. Remain attentive to others.

Well-being: You Can Breathe Easier

2021 has given you the impression of stalling. Everything you gained was questioned. You were constantly brought back to square one. Between February 12 and March 26, 2022, Jupiter helps to recharge your batteries. In February, he crosses Uranus for the better: a renewal of optimism and creative energy. Freedom to use all year long to go the distance.

Aries Second decan: Your advice for 2022

After having endured many setbacks in 2021, 2022 opens up new perspectives for you. You can exploit your resources and your originality to prepare for the future. Don't let your chance pass you by around February 18. This will be the time to jump on the bandwagon.

Aries Third decan, your 2022 horoscope

(12th April to 20th April)

Jupiter allowed you to start an important project in 2021, and in 2022, you are preparing to make it happen as a new life cycle is coming up in 2023. Accept beforehand that part of your life will change to make room for a more inspired (even spiritual) conception of what you want in the future. The Jupiter-Neptune duet active around April 12 precipitates the disappearance of some aspects of the past that have become obsolete and prompts you to rebuild a notch higher. At the beginning of May, opportunities to do things differently will arise and materialize next year. Jupiter mobilizes again between October 28 and December 20 to prepare for a new cycle of expansion planned for 2023.

Love: Other Priorities

You are focused on the direction you need to take in your life to feel like you belong in this world. The aspect formed by Neptune and Pluto indicates a quest for an ideal life, and you are trying to identify what material life could meet your deepest desires. In love, you do not commit yourself lightly. From December 2021 until January 6 and then from February 21 to March 6, 2022, Venus will fuel your thirst to love and to be loved, to be recognized and appreciated at your present value. Also, count on Venus, between March 27 and April 5, to favor tender joint projects. The delicious planet supports your radiance between May 20 and 28 and accentuates your desire to live in peace between August 3 and 11. Success in love is expected between August 28 and September 5 and between October 15 and 23. You won't settle for mundane relationships between December 2 and 10.

Social Life: Maturity

From March 11 until September 10, Saturn invests the area of your projects. You have suffered to clear the ground, and you have endured upheavals that have upset your social destiny. Count on Jupiter to guide you around April 12 to steer you in the right direction in early May. Mars sharpens your ambitions between January 10 and 24 and endows you with a strong will between February 20 and March 6. Between April 1 and 15, you will mobilize yourselves on your pending projects but take the time to perfect your strategies between May 11 and 24. You will take action between June 21 and July 5. You will defend your interests between August 4 and 20, and you will express yourself between September 30 and November 27. But keep your voice down and wait for the results of your efforts between March 3 and 25, 2023, when your determination could bear fruit.

Well-being: Supported by the Elements

The situation remains demanding and constantly challenges you out of your comfort zone. But the heavens support your efforts and guarantee you sufficient energy to meet the demand. Between March 26 and May 10, between October 28 and December 20, Jupiter protects you. It's precious support that allows you to go through the stages of a metamorphosis without flinching.

Aries Third decan: Your advice for 2022

2022 invites you to complete a metamorphosis started under the pressure of a recurrent mal de Vivre. You have been looking for your way, but you are reaching the end of the tunnel. In 2022, let yourself be guided and do not resist change.

Aries your 2022 horoscope, month after month

January 2022

Jupiter invites you to exchanges and discussions so that your projects are unanimously accepted. Rely on your charm rather than your authority to convince. In short, be ambitious but not too much.

February 2022

You gain support through your unwavering will to succeed, rely on communication to favorably influence your hierarchy. At the end of the month, you will make an impression.

March 2022

Your creative energy is unfolding, and you are rallying support for your projects. Venus endows you with an irresistible charm and a sharpened intuition to direct your initiatives.

April 2022

Take a step back and think about what you want in love, in business, in the family. Analyze your experiences to learn valuable lessons. Tenacious, you will plead your case to your advantage.

May 2022

You remain discreet, but you make an impression. Take advantage of your power of seduction to enchant your interlocutors. Jupiter will spoil you, and its support will help you change the course of your life.

June 2022

Your talent strikes the spirits. You are noticed, and you seduce those around you. You communicate with ease but don't overdo it. Instead, rely on your charm to succeed.

July 2022

You exploit your potentials to improve your daily life but do not impose your ideas and choices. Ask for the opinion of your close relations before acting and bet on the dialogue to make you heard.

August 2022

Avoid raising your voice, communicate tactfully, and your charm will work. Single people could meet someone new, and couples could experience a return of the flame. The current passes well between you and your close relations.

September 2022

You use your potential to communicate effectively. You do not lack arguments to convince but still listen to the other, do not generate tensions, misunderstandings and serve the common cause.

October 2022

The current goes well. You strengthen your alliances of all kinds. If you take a step towards the other, you can only congratulate yourself. Venus invites you to collaborate, to associate, perhaps to marry.

November 2022

Do not be too demanding to avoid unpleasant frustrations. Rely on dialogue to convince without constraining. You favor love affairs that push you to surpass yourself.

December 2022

Your charm and humor will win hearts, and you will end the year in style. If your ambitions are legitimate, Jupiter opens a royal way for you. You aspire to live intense love affairs and realize all your dreams.


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