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Tuesday, November the 24th
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Monthly Horoscope
The Sign of Sagittarius
The Sign of Sagittarius
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Sagittarius, your horoscope 2021 month by month!

  Written by Daisy

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1st decan
On the 9th, you need to ease the tension in your exchanges by avoiding giving orders to everyone. Beware of blockages induced (on the 10th) by a rigid attitude that turns against you (on the 12th and 13th). Your desire for independence is blocked by your relatives who ask you to take account. You are disheartened (the 17th, 20th, 23rd, 24th, and 26th) when faced with a situation that horrifies you.

2nd decan
You have sufficient means to improve your living conditions and start the year in osmosis with your loved ones (the 1st and 8th). At the end of the month, facilities are granted to you and allow you to realize a dream, invest, and settle down.

3rd decan
You regulate your material life or exploit your potentials, and you are careful not to leave anything to chance on the 5th, 14th, and 28th. You will invest in yourself to develop your business and get out of a possible deadlock.

1st decan
You smooth things over and warm up the atmosphere with your family on the 6th, but you come up against differences of opinion about managing daily life (the 7th). You do not escape certain responsibilities that fall to you on the 17th: you find yourself blocked by events and forced to face them.

2nd decan
Your proposals come up against a vehement response from those who are close to you on the 1st. Do not provoke anyone on the 10th so that the exchanges do not turn into a confrontation. Count on your open-mindedness and your good mood to convince your loved ones to believe you and follow you. You will have no trouble making an impression (on the 11th, 13th, and 14th).

3rd decan
Your eloquence charms your interlocutors (the 8th). The New Moon on the 11th invites you to communicate, make new contacts, and open a creative dialogue with your loved ones. But don't trigger unnecessary controversy on the 19th because you disagree on managing your daily life with those around you. Fortunately, on the 25th, your determination to use your resources allows you to take control.

1st decan
You change things with your family on the 3rd and 21st. You lighten your daily life by managing it more flexibly. There is love in the air on the 26th. Your charm leaves no one indifferent. The Full Moon on the 28th favours the blossoming of projects with your loved ones.

2nd decan
Joyful, creative, and verbose, you attract attention on the 5th. Your determination convinces those close to you that you are acting in the interest of all on the 22nd. But on the 24th, don't abuse your authority as a family because you will be openly criticized. At the end of the month, you manage to put your loved ones in your pocket smoothly.

3rd decan
You aim for a family ideal, and on the 11th and 14th, a climate of harmony reigns at home. You obtain the necessary means to move, start a home or expand the family (on the 16th and 18th). You think about it (on the 30th).

1st decan
You will serve the community between the 14th and 22nd. Whether at work or home, we can count on you. Starting on the 23rd, you will develop your exchanges within your associations to meet your expectations.

2nd decan
Passionate exchanges (the 6th), and you make your entourage aware of your desires and needs. You establish a constructive dialogue with your loved ones. At the end of the month, you aspire to more fantasy in a gloomy daily life. You spice up the routine (the 24th and 30th), which ends up tiring you out. But don't upset anyone by going overboard.

3rd decan
You feel understood and discuss sensitive issues as a family (on the 2nd). But do not impose your wishes on those around you. You are sowing seeds of doubt (on the 9th). Use your charm on the 10th to close ranks and have a good time. Don't subject the other person to aspirations that only concern you, at the risk of tarnishing the atmosphere. You have lively discussions on the 13th. Optimism and faith come back on the 15th, and you have the opportunity to make a difference. Your optimism wins the vote.

1st decan
Count on Venus between the 9th and 17th to engage in tender exchanges with your lover. Whether it's your partner or a crush, you attract and retain by listening. From the 13th, Jupiter invests in your family life and improves your living conditions to blossom, surrounded by your loved ones.

2nd decan
Beware of the misunderstandings that plague daily life if you opt for a rigid position (the 3rd). Change things on the 12th by taking into account the opinion of your loved ones. Listen to those around you and give up making decisions on your own to close ranks as a family and engage in constructive discussions.

3rd decan
On the 2nd, you are working to change a questionable professional or financial situation. However, avoid being flippant in your stewardship and keep the conversation open (on the 13th and 17th). Don't put your partner to sleep with the promise of unrealistic plans.

1st decan
You proceed with skill and charm (the 3rd) to improve your environment and make your loved ones happy. At the end of the month, you make your home a haven of peace, love, and happiness.

2nd decan
The current passes between you and your loved ones (the 3rd). The New Moon on the 10th advises you to take a step towards the other. You maneuver without pushing everyone around (the 13th) to spice up your daily life or free yourself from heavy loads. But don't hope to avoid the responsibilities that arise on the 14th: Saturn reminds you of order and moderation. Frustration to be approached with an open mind and with self-confidence.

3rd decan
Misunderstandings in the family on the 5th and 13th and financial pressures lead to a lack of exchange or division. Stay tuned for dialogue and strategies that can make a difference in the family (on the 21st), but don't cross the line.

1st decan
Until the 5th, Venus raises your level of ambition in love. You want to attract that special someone or make the relationship evolve if you are in a couple. You are effective on the 12th to improve the atmosphere at home and swim in happiness. Between July 22nd and 30th, use your charm to attract attention while focusing on your family life. Otherwise, it will remind you of your duties.

2nd decan
Avoid forcing your way through (on the 1st), or you may get caught (the 4th and 8th). Prefer to weave and use strategy (the 5th and 20th) rather than rebelling. Even if your seduction attempts are met with resistance (the 7th).
3rd decan
Confusing exchanges (on the 6th) but intuition and a sense of strategy that bear fruit on the 15th and 24th: you steer your family life in the right direction. But don't impose anything on anyone without consultation, especially when it comes to finances.

1st decan
Until mid-August, it is difficult at work and putting the professional pressures that obsess you into perspective. Rely on dialogue to explain your ambitions without giving your superior the feeling you want to take their place. Between the 16th and 24th, count on Venus to rally the votes around attractive projects if they are based on solid reasoning and foundations.

2nd decan
You think big but consider the limits that hinder your ambitions (the 1st and 2nd). Don't think that your popularity allows you to free yourself from your duties (the 4th and 6th). The New Moon encourages you to push yourself, but don't go overboard. Use dialogue to convey your ideas and a strong expression of your demands (the 22nd) to make a lasting impression.

3rd decan
You exercise your charm in society and put it at the service of your objectives. Nobody will complain, but do not neglect your family and friends who are offended that you remain at the professional level without devoting yourself to them. Decide to go on vacation together, for example.

1st decan
You make those around you aware of projects that they find realistic (the 5th) but do not express feelings that could worry your loved ones in a hidden way. It will make them doubt your plans (the 17th). It is by demonstrating a determination to go all the way that you will best rally the votes (the 25th and 29th).

2nd decan
The New Moon on the 7th gets you noticed at work. You take the opportunity to express your desire to manage your tasks more autonomously, but avoid trying to woo your entourage on the 23rd, and just do the job.

3rd decan
Divided between the will to impose your methods and the desire to improve communication between you and your loved ones (the 2nd and 14th). You invest yourself in developing your potential and strengthening your finances (the 6th and 17th) to achieve projects unanimously supported by your loved ones (the 6th and 20th). Avoid overestimating your possibilities (the 22nd).

1st decan
Venus magnifies your aura between the 7th and 16th. It's the occasion for you to shine and establish deep bonds with your loved ones (the 13th). On the 30th, take a step back from the events. Think before expressing yourself as a family because your words are not welcomed without criticism.

2nd decan
The New Moon on the 6th invites you to do projects and expose them. You play with your charm to make your partners and interlocutors want to believe you and follow you (the 17th).

3rd decan
Your projects face financial limitations (the 1st, 17th, and 22nd). You act discreetly to soften those in power on the 2nd, and you engage in a constructive dialogue on the 4th. On the 15th, 19th, and 28th, your vision of the world makes an impression and is enthusiastically adopted by those around you.

1st decan
You develop your talents, ask for a raise, and use your charm to achieve it. But do not trigger distrust from those around you who do not appreciate your manners and let you know (the 10th). Beware of misunderstandings that darken your exchanges with those close to you. At the end of the month, communication is back on the agenda (29th). Your arguments will make discussions more fluid.

2nd decan
The New Moon on the 4th invites you to take stock of the past year and prepare for a new cycle of expansion that will begin on your birthday. Avoid disrupting daily life (the 4th and 13th) and don't try anything to pollute the atmosphere. On the other hand, use your talents (and charm) on the 19th to make a difference without making a mess.

3rd decan
Your projects excite the crowds on the 1st but a little less on the 2nd because you realize that they do not fit the complicated financial reality. You pursue your dream (on the 12th, 18th, 29th, and 30th) and think about obtaining the necessary funds (on the 16th and 21st).

1st decan
You don't give up between December 13th and 27th: Mars increases your determination to chart the course as you see fit. From the 29th, Jupiter reinvests in your family universe. By mid-February 2022, you could settle elsewhere (abroad?), and, in any case, you have a favourable context for your emotional development.

2nd decan
The New Moon on the 4th puts you in the spotlight. You launch new projects, and you adopt an approach to life-based on conclusions drawn upstream. You have solid arguments to change your pace, lighten your schedule, and find other sources of inspiration (the 20th) but unsure you'll be allowed to say and do it on the 24th. You've come up against a dead-end, but you're not giving up (the 30th), and you're right to persevere.

3rd decan
You work in the shadows (the 6th) to strengthen your income and develop your potential. Don't confuse your family: your speeches go badly (the 7th and 12th), especially if you try to manipulate those around you (the 8th). Use your talents to win your case and win the vote (the 11th, 20th, 25th, 26th, 29th, and 30th).

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