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Tuesday, November the 24th
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Pisces, your horoscope 2021 month by month!

  Written by Daisy

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1st decan
Beware of misunderstandings and miscommunications that degenerate into conflicts around the 9th and 12th and lead your exchanges to deadlock (the 13th). Calm your nervousness, your growing impatience, and channel your desire to free yourself from an alienating environment (the 17th, 20th, 23rd, and 26th) so as not to end the month angry.

2nd decan
Inspiring projects will lift you from the ground (the 1st and 8th), and the future will take shape as you see fit. If love comes into play on the 23rd, you will feel like you are in a perfect world, and that's not so common.

3rd decan
You take a close look at a life project that has been mobilizing you for a long time and discuss it with your loved ones. You are trying to rally the votes, and you are spending your energy to make your dream come true (the 14th). You associate some of your loved ones with these perspectives that you wish to unite.

1st decan
You sift through your feelings, observe your loves with a more critical eye, and cool the mood (on the 6th). You aspire to free yourself from a way of functioning that weighs you down or even imprisons you in codes that you want to overturn. This tendency is palpable on the 7th, and you are on the verge of a nervous breakdown on the 17th because you have the feeling that, whatever you try, you must first turn a page to move on to something else finally.

2nd decan
Your words exceed your thoughts, and the tone rises on the 1st. Around the 10th, you think about the scope of your interventions before releasing your uncontrolled emotions. Count on the love that guides your initiatives (the 11th and 13th) to intervene wisely and establish harmony with your entourage (the 14th).
3rd decan
You think a lot, but you keep the result of your reflections secret (the 8th). The New Moon on the 11th recommends that you take a step back from events to avoid letting your emotions disturb debates that take on a contentious turn (the 19th). If you use your offensive communication to carry out an important project, you mark minds and score points (on the 25th).

1st decan
Charm to spare, and a touch of fantasy effects and seduces those around you sensitive to your originality (the 3rd). You pass on your bold messages on the 21st. Use your talents (the 26th) to promote your merits and get rewarded for them.

2nd decan
You are brimming with ideas and putting your prolific mind to work on your plans and strategies (the 5th). You redouble your zeal to change your family's things and use your observation skills to build on solid ground (the 22nd, 30th, and 31st).

3rd decan
Inspired, creative, and guided by an ideal on the 14th. You carry your projects and win the votes of those who help you realize them (the 16th and 18th). You express your expectations, and your interventions make others want to follow you (on the 30th).

1st decan
You pass on your messages smoothly and charm your entourage between the 14th and 22nd. Between April 23rd and May 9th, you deploy your authority in love and business so that you are respected and admired. Don't ask too much of others.

2nd decan
You effectively manage stewardship and obtain the funds needed to improve your living conditions. Use your talent to achieve your goals. If you negotiate with prudence, you can easily watch your back (on the 10th). But be careful how you express your ideas at the end of the month because if your genius traits amuse you (the 23rd, 24th, and 30th), you're not sure that everyone will like them.

3rd decan
You set out a vision of the future that is dear to your heart (the 2nd). But do not impose anything on anyone on the 9th. You are considered authoritarian. Rather, focus on exploiting your potential to win the vote (the 10th) and achieve what you want (the 13th, 15th, and 17th). Your initiatives at home are constructive. Don't be too ambitious to persuade everyone that your choices are the best ones.

1st decan
Until the 9th, there's no question of going unnoticed or letting anything be imposed on you. From the 13th onwards, Jupiter invests in your sign and decan. It restores your morale and allows you to launch a new life project that will take shape in 2022.

2nd decan
The current is not flowing. But you have enough influence on your entourage to communicate successfully on your ideas that are out of the ordinary and on a way of working that you are trying to impose. You will watch your back on the 20th by optimizing your talents and making better money with them.

3rd decan
You expose your projects and present them in such a flattering light that we want to share them (on the 2nd, 6th, 13th, and 17th). Don't exaggerate your possibilities (the 3rd, 8th, and 21st). Tell the truth and don't overestimate your support to train those you love, who will follow in your footsteps (the 31st) if you don't deceive them.

1st decan
There is love in the air on the 3rd: endowed with an irresistible charm, everything seems possible and acquired in advance. At the end of the month, everything succeeds you, and you score points with those who love you or appreciate your talents.

2nd decan
You secure your family bases on the 3rd. The New Moon on the 10th invites you to look after your loved ones' well-being, manage stewardship, and listen to your parents, children, and partners. You seduce whoever you want (on the 13th) by expressing your fantasy and surprising the other. But on the 14th, you find yourself blocked in your urge to broaden your horizons by Saturn, which enjoins you to fix what lingers before embarking on new adventures.

3rd decan
Misunderstandings in the family on the 5th and 13th because you impose what you like. Use dialogue at home (the 11th) to exalt your love and renew complicity. But don't abuse it to (sneakily) get the other person to accept your projects.

1st decan
Eloquent and charming (between the 11th and 18th). You hold the attention of whoever you want. You surprise and seduce your interlocutors who like your sharp mind and sharp humour (the 20th). Please take advantage of this opportunity to turn them into fervent admirers.

2nd decan
Beware of actions and reflections that do not only bring you favours on the 4th and 8th. Don't be too conspicuous, or you'll pay the price. The New Moon on the 10th invites you to express your feelings and develop your talents. Please take advantage of it to charm (the 5th and 20th) and forget your authoritarian tendency. But don't use your assets to influence those around you to your advantage.

3rd decan
You find it difficult to make yourself understood in the family (on the 6th). The debates are confused, but you close ranks on the 15th and renew with a collaboration that delights you. On the 24th, your statements and proposals hit the nail on the head.

1st decan
Until the 14th, you are not giving up anything to keep the advantage in the debates. Venus smooths things over between the 16th and 24th. Use your charm and diplomacy to obtain smoothly what you were trying to win by force. This tactic reassures your interlocutors and helps you watch your back (the 23rd).

2nd decan
Your interventions flop despite your efforts to take a step towards the other (the 3rd). You have difficulty convincing. You are not efficient in daily management. The New Moon on the 8th advises you to serve the community. Your arguments then contribute (the 19th, 20th, and 22nd) to making a mark.

3rd decan
Your approach to others and your charm will be successful in love and elsewhere (the 20th). You leave no one indifferent. Take this opportunity to invite the other to believe you and follow you (the 11th, 23rd, and 26th).

1st decan
You do not lack in arguments or determination (on the 25th) to change things without creating trouble. But make sure that your ambitions are in line with the work that needs to be done to draw a line under the past and turn the page (on the 17th).

2nd decan
The New Moon on the 7th invites you to collaborate. Take advantage of this invitation to share your unusual ideas but nuance your interventions so that they do not harm your ambitions (the 23rd).

3rd decan
Don't impose a vision of the world on others that seems nebulous (the 2nd and 14th), and don't use your charm to influence those who help you realize your projects. Rely on your authority, and certain occult supports to move forward (the 6th, 17th, and 20th). But don't overdo it, or you will be found overconfident.

1st decan
You play your charm between the 7th and 16th: Venus reinforces your radiance. Take advantage of it to sort out your relationships and keep those that hold up. On the other hand, at the end of the month, you affirm your ambitions. Frame them well so that they do not interfere with the obligation to privilege the essential.

2nd decan
The New Moon on the 6th invites you to evolve. You are tempted (on the 8th and 9th) to accelerate the movement by arguing without making too many concessions. You seduce whoever you want on the 17th, your skill and charm work in your favour.

3rd decan
Don't manipulate those around you (the 1st, 17th, and 22nd) to score points. Communicate your desire to progress (the 2nd) and positively influence those who only want to help you (the 4th, 15th, 19th, and 28th).

1st decan
You are enthusiastic about your projects and do not hesitate to promote them (on the 6th). Nuance your approach so that people will follow you because you impose more than you propose. At the end of the month, you will overcome some resistance.

2nd decan
The New Moon on the 4th invites you to express your ambitions and broaden your horizons. But don't confuse those around you who find your ideas too daring (the 4th and 13th). Don't force things (the 17th) and prefer to seduce to make others want to support you by presenting your projects in their best light (the 19th).

3rd decan
Negotiations that had been dragging on since the end of September have resumed since the end of October. Now is the opportunity for you to influence those who support you financially (the 1st) with your enthusiasm. Don't ask for too much (the 2nd, 15th, and 20th) to achieve success.

1st decan
Nothing calms your determination to defend your interests between the 13th and the 27th. Mars gives you offensive energy that helps you get what you want. Starting on the 29th, Jupiter reinvests in your decan. By mid-February 2022, it allows you to open a new page in your personal history.

2nd decan
The New Moon on the 4th illuminates your professional and social activity. You do not lack arguments or audacity to promote your projects (the 20th). However, expect to be slowed down again by an economic situation that requires you to settle your accounts with the past before setting sail or freeing yourself from a heavy entourage.

3rd decan
You defend a project that matters to you and do not hesitate to solicit those who, in the shadows, support your plans (the 11th and 20th). Don't be too ambitious (the 8th) to convince your hierarchy to help you make a dream come true.

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