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Saturday, October the 24th
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Monthly Horoscope
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The Sign of Scorpio
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Every age has their quirks
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2021 horoscope for Pisces

Pisces: Introduction for 2021

This year, you remain on the same track as last year. Your projects are still in progress. So you've got some work to do. To help you with this task, you receive the help and protection of influential and experienced people. However, with Neptune in your sign, it is your intuition that guides you and makes the final decision. In January, March in Taurus sets the tone for this year, which is efficient, productive, insightful and consistent. Between June and July, Jupiter makes a stop in your sign and in his baggage, a happy and providential chance.

Pisces: Love for 2021

This year, you are increasingly affirming yourself. Your determination finds its support on your intuition. You take your autonomy. The roles are redistributed. You dare to take control of your existence. At the beginning of the year, Venus sets the tone by multiplying exchanges and possibilities. A crush, why not? But deep down in your soul, you aim higher, for you know that you deserve it. In June, Venus in Cancer evokes everlasting love, this is what you should count on with Jupiter in your sign, everything is possible even the impossible.

Pisces: Social Life for 2021

This area is still under the high protection of Pluto, Uranus and Neptune. As of January, Mars in Taurus comes in as reinforcement! With this arsenal of strong, effective and far-seeing influxes, you advance your way with order and method. This year, you are dedicated to the realization of the projects in progress and your ambitions. Between July and August, think twice before signing a contract to find out if this is really what you want. In the autumn, with Mars in Scorpio, your ambitions and your projects take on a different dimension. They can even cross borders.

Pisces: Well-being for 2021

You attack the year with a mind of steel. You are unshakeable. You control your emotions. You do not let yourself be overcome by the sorrows and hassles of others. Although you have projects on fire and a busy life, nothing prevents you from taking care of yourself. Regular gym time will keep your silhouette in top shape. Relaxing breaks will re-energize your tone.

Pisces: My Advice for 2021:

Use your intuition, because it makes you reach the right target at the right time. You want to succeed and reach the peak? Your lucky star is watching over you.

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