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Descendant Scorpio and Ascendant Taurus
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2019 horoscope for Scorpio

Scorpio: Your 2019 love horoscope

Love: Discern the Essential!
Until January 7, 2019, you receive the influence of Venus, who since September 2018 promotes the evolution of your exchanges with your partner. More attentive to their needs (and your own), bet that you have taken advantage of this insistent but, hopefully, benevolent presence to narrow the ranks or find a way of expression that is respectful of everyone, or to make inspiring encounters! In 2019, you will probably be interested in clarifying your way of expression vis-à-vis an entourage that you find can weigh you down or where, Ami Scorpio, you feel misunderstood. If you manage to control your emotions and not be overwhelmed by a thirst for pleasure and desire that could mislead you and generate some tension in the relationship, you should finally stabilize and even deepen your exchanges!

Some will, however, need to bring a touch of novelty and freshness to their relationship, in order not to sink into the routine! Try to identify your needs so you do not let yourself become overwhelmed by doubt and some moods that are likely to disturb the game in love! If you want to be able to reconnect with a lightness that you lacked, from the beginning of December 2019, and why not widen your circle of intimate ones Ami Scorpio then sort between those who deserve your love and those who end up tarnishing the picture of your relationships a little too often! Choices to make and/or an enthusiasm to find in 2019, prepare to know where you are and dispel some illusions (temptations sometimes dangerous) and resume with authority and a wisdom that puts you in control of your loves!

1st decan (October 24th - November 3rd): Another Way to Find and Take?
Saturn could have weighed on your morale in 2018 and darkened a little (a lot) your outlook on the world and especially regarding your entourage! If Venus, since September 2018, invited you to pay attention to the needs and desires of your partner and listen to try and narrow the ranks and get closer to the partner, we bet that from the beginning of March 2019, you will have to deal with a thirst for something else that you may have already felt (especially those native to the very beginning of the decan) between mid-May and early November 2018! No more being lazy, letting go, or dealing with relationships that bother you or no longer evolve. If you feel that your duo is disintegrating or that you are sacrificing too much to the routine then expect, in one way or another, to be jostled by external events (by the spouse) or to be overtaken by a serious desire to move the lines! If you are looking for a soulmate, you will undoubtedly seek (even if you are not totally aware of it) someone who contrasts with your previous choices and who challenges you! In 2019 it will be about opening a new path to the relationship and trying everything to experience exchanges that are out of the ordinary and put a little rumba in the air. Venus will invite you, however, to smooth things over in family between March 1st and 10th! This delicious planet will boost your desire to love and be loved between March 26th and April 4th and will make you want to weld your union through dialogue between the 15th and 23rd of May. Projects to start together between August 21st and 29th and an irresistible charm that will ensure your radiance that should not bother anyone between the 8th and 16th of October. At the end of the year (between December 20th and 28th), you will be determined to close ranks with your loved ones and establish (restore) a lasting harmony within the clan. Note that from December 2nd, Jupiter will boost your morale and brighten your relationship with perspective (around December 15th) and the opportunity to give your couple some sense and spice by, perhaps, opening you to a new conception of living together!

2nd decan (November 4th - November 13th): Favor Solidity!
Since last December, Saturn tends to weigh on your thoughts a little, to make you think about the content of the relationships that you have with your familiar entourage. If this austere planet undoubtedly invites you to dig more into possible subjects that may sometimes hinder your communication with your partner and others, it will, however, be a precious help in 2019 where you might be tempted to let your hair down at the risk of putting your loves in danger a little around January 13th, June 16th, and September 21st. A tendency to throw money out the window or be tempted to exercise your charms elsewhere? Indeed, Jupiter will, until February 14th and also between June 6th and October 13th, exacerbate your desires and make you want everything! Then count on Saturn to bring you back down to earth and make you prefer the essential over the superfluous and the charms of a stable relationship to drifts and seduction that is a little risky around January 31st, June 18th and November 9th! Venus will allow you to smuggle your messages home between March 10th and 18th, shine with all your fires, and dazzle whoever you want between April 4th and 12th. Count on her presence in the area of your theme dedicated to bonds between May 23rd and May 31st to get closer to your partner or exercise, without reserve, your power of seduction on whomever you like! You will thirst for a future that inspires you between August 29th and September 6th. Charismatic, magnetic, and irresistible between the 16th and 24th of October, you aspire, a priori, at the end of the year to close ranks with your entourage. Enough to wait, preferably, well surrounded for Jupiter who, as of mid-January 2020, will boost your exchanges, promote meetings and lift your spirits!

3rd decan (November 14th - November 22nd): Questions on the Merits!
Pluto puts you in the presence of personalities who destabilize you in your close circle and force you to think about the nature of your relationships. It is a question of digging into the subjects which are constantly put back on the carpet and probably divide you! This is not the time to skip over what is stuck and angry but to look at what, one day or another will need to be decided (in 2020)! Try to identify how you can be at the root of the issues that arise in family to closely identify what emanates from your partner and from others! The best way to finally know where you are, what you want and who you are! Count on Jupiter between February 14th and June 6th but also between October 13th and December 2nd to boost your desire to have a good time, strengthen your self-esteem but also to push you to spend too much and demand too much at the risk of causing some additional tensions in your exchanges! Venus will encourage you to soothe the spirits and give of yourself to pacify your relationships at home between March 18th and 26th! Between April 12th and April 20th, there is room for exalted feelings, passionate impulses, and alluring encounters! Listen to your partner without too much reserve between May 31st and June 9th and enjoy a daring Venus between September 6th and 14th to build tender castles in the sky! You will literally radiate and leave no one indifferent between October 24th and November 1st and rely on a smooth communication between December 12th and 20th. Enough to prepare the ground for January 2020 where essential decisions will have to be taken certainly to make a necessary sorting in your relationship universe!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

A year where one way or another you will all be led to reflect on the nature of your exchanges with each other and more generally your entourage! It's about understanding your priorities in love, channeling desires that overwhelm you (and sometimes overflow) and having a good time without putting the exciting structures at risk too much but without sacrificing your need to be respected and loved ... as you are! Let us bet that you will be able to put order in your ideas and your relationships, and for some a brake on their expenses and their desire that is a little too urgent to satisfy a frenzy of pleasures of all kinds! Enough to take up the challenges that 2019 throws at you and go through the year without a hitch and to conclude it well decided to make the necessary decisions ... in 2020!

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