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2018 horoscope for Libra

Libra: Your 2018 love horoscope

Love : One step more… toward each other!!
Under the tutelage of Jupiter present in your sign between the end of summer 2016 and the fall of 2017, you have certainly, in one way or another, started a new chapter of your life! This giant planet of the zodiac pushed you forward, turning a page and opening another, thus accessing a new cycle of expansion. In 2018, you will be keen to make the most of your potential, to make the most of this openness, which, let's face it, has asked us to invest ourselves, face many challenges and seize the opportunities it offered us! In 2018, it's family and nature of your interpersonal relationships with the clan that will mobilize you full time. Whatever your decan, Ami Libra, you must understand how you work with your loved ones in order to change them if you feel that they disrupt your evolution and keep you docked.

It's time to think about what role you play and what you might want to give up, but also about the conditioning of childhood that still impacts (and not necessarily for the better) your adult life! An intense and deeply transformative year is coming up and will invite you to move the lines, to transform what needs to be and to feel more in tune with yourself, sometimes even leaving a mark on the past! At the end of the year (beginning of November 2018) Jupiter will invite you to broaden your usual circle, to make other contacts, to make inspiring encounters and to flourish at your ease probably rid of (or about to be) some torments that still polluted your inner world!

1st decan (September 23rd - October 3rd) : The End and Beginning of a New Cycle !
If in 2017, you had evolved a little sheltered (except for your personal theme of course) from the upheavals that affected the other two decans, you have just received (since December 20th, 2017) Saturn, who has invested in the area of your theme dedicated to your family universe. Let's bet that this austere planet may have begun to darken your horizons a little, sometimes by means of a test or by making you take responsibility for something that weighs on you heavily ... in Libra! No question then this year of escaping your responsibilities that Saturn will probably make you take on more than usual. It is time to look back to see if all parts of your story have been enlightened, understood and digested. Saturn invites you to confront your memories (family secrets, unresolved conflicts, poorly experienced early conditioning ...) to finally settle what needs to be and then continue your journey more consciously and calmly! Count on Uranus from mid-May (until early November) to accelerate events and changes to be undertaken sometimes by force. It is no longer a question of procrastinating but of accepting the transformations that are necessary because under the pressure of Uranus, it is better to follow the movement than to put on the brakes! Be particularly open to metamorphosis this summer where Uranus will ally with Saturn to offer you positive issues and promote the release of old tensions.Venus will also play by your side in January (between the 18th and the 26th) where it will reinforce your power of seduction, in February (between the 10th and the 18th) where your good will to serve the collective cause will help you close the ranks in family. This delicious planet will invite you to listen (and stay listening) to your loved ones in March (between the 6th and 15th) and will make you want to go beyond, expand your horizons and access a more broad vision of the world and your destiny between April 24th and May 2nd! Tender projects will be in the spotlight between the 13th and the 22nd of June. In August (between the 6th and the 17th) Venus will enlighten your decan, giving you the desire to shine with all your fire. You will take advantage of this beautiful disposition to openly express your desires and develop other facets of yourself and other talents between the 9th and the 29th of September, but will probably have to wait until the beginning of December to really exploit them. In the meantime, Jupiter (from November 8th, 2018) will have invested in the field of your theme devoted to communication and will then promote your evolution, your expansion and ultimately your social and emotional fulfillment!

In a Relationship, since the end of December 2017, you do not necessarily appreciate the atmosphere in which you maintain the daily routine. Increased responsibilities and the impression of heaviness and even sadness lowers your morale a little and cuts your wings. Whatever the nature of the ordeal you are going through, you will have to hold on in 2018 and face what comes without resisting or being tempted to flee. It is apparently time to clean up the place, to settle your accounts with the past, to deal with what is coming. At the same time there is an opportunity to grow by incorporating some lessons that were sometimes a little difficult to swallow. However, between mid-May and early November, you will benefit from the support of Uranus, which should facilitate the transition and offer you some means of liberation (not always smoothly)! Be particularly attentive to the summer when the situation could precipitate the movement and the changes to be undertaken. If Venus supports you and helps you to soften the lines, it is at the end of the year that you will have the opportunity to appreciate the progress made? Especially at the end of December when Saturn cleans things up and Jupiter ensures, from November 8th, a nice relay and then urges you to change lead into gold!

Single, since last December 20th, the least we can say is that winter is finally here. Concerns related to your loved ones, the past that goes back and asks to be tackled head-on. You will not appreciate the climate that will prevail and will leave you little choice in 2018! Avoid zapping what is stuck and attack without further delay the obstacles that arise and do not reject the responsibilities that come your way. If you are willing to take on the challenges of life and settle what has to be settled in family (often for a long time, you will get through the ordeal and then be able to approach the future more consciously, more maturely and then more able to steer your future in the right direction. Bet on Uranus to speed up the movement and offer you (especially this summer) opportunities to change behavior and maybe ... change the record. Venus will often put some balm on your heart and will offer you some great opportunities to lighten the load and have a good time but do not hope to renew with a certain lightness before the beginning of November when Jupiter gives you wings and invites you to take off!

2nd decan (October 4th - October 14th) : The Paths are Cleared!
You have probably been a little shaken up in 2017 where a new page of your life has opened but not always without some turmoil to handle and tensions to bear. In 2018 (and in fact since the beginning of December 2017) the influxes harmonize and should prove to be carriers that help you find harmony in everyday life and express and fulfill some of your most cherished desires. The sky will encourage your company and will give you many opportunities to change things ... for the better and orient some family situations in the right direction that are sometimes a little complex. You will enjoy, throughout the year, promising celestial influences that will allow you to accomplish a lot and ... for the better. Then open yourself unreservedly to those positive cosmic currents that will work for your development (especially in family) in January (around the 9th and 16th), in May (around the 25th), in August (around the 19th) and in September! Count on more resources and the ability to more fully express your potential to masterfully manage the clan, direct your life to your idea, and take advantage of the lessons learned and digested.This year you should get closer to an ideal and enjoy the progress often made by the strength of your own efforts and hold on for dear life! Venus will be your accomplice in January (a blessed month to tighten ranks with the family), between January 26th and February 2nd, where you will not lack charm or arguments to seduce, in March (between the 15th and 23rd) where you will be pampered and listening to each other, in May (between the 2nd and the 11th) where you will make every effort to change the relationship and expand your horizons and between June 22nd and July 1st where you will not hesitate to build tender castles in the sky! Between the 17th and the 27th of August, Venus increases your magnetism and your desire to love and to be loved! You will aspire, from September 29th to show what you are capable of, to express your obvious potentials but will however have to hold your horses from October 5th and wait undoubtedly until December before taking action and blossoming on all fronts!

In a Relationship, in 2018 you will have the freedom to act, to undertake what you missed in 2017. Family issues too often short-circuited your desire to live and have a good time! In 2018, you benefit from the favors of heaven that should allow you to flourish as you see fit ... or almost! Count on some nice openings (financial or related to exciting new means of expression) in January, May, August and September to carry on your family business, develop a personal know-how and then guide your destiny according to your wishes. Venus will often provide tender relay and you should then run the year in style, regain self-confidence and your ability to live happily in the clan! You will have all the luck on your side, in 2018, to harmonize your links with loved ones and to address the arrival of Saturn, which from the end of December will begin to exert pressure. Just enough to test the strength of what you have previously laid out!

Single, if 2017 has exposed you to interference (especially on a personal and family level) last year, you then however, rushed into a new life cycle that you have certainly been able to manage and optimize whether you liked it or not. In 2018 (and in fact since last December), you benefit from the graces of the cosmos that could offer you a great launching pad to realize certain desires that are close to your heart. If you want to express your talents more widely but also to improve your family relationships, this is the ideal year to achieve your goals. In January, May, August and September, you will be able to count on golden opportunities to harmonize your links and create a daily atmosphere that matches your innate desire for peace! There will certainly be arrangements and changes to be made to achieve your ends but you will have the means and should cross the year supported by a sky decidedly complicit with your aspirations. It is therefore time to move forward, to undertake and mobilize to optimize a situation that could allow you, in 2018, to transform what must be (and sometimes for a while) to access a lifestyle in phase with yourself and with your dreams!

3rd decan (October 15th - October 23rd) : Challenges to Overcome and Opportunities to Seize!
In 2017, despite obvious tensions within the couple and more generally in your world of relationships, you have certainly managed to find the way to a constructive dialogue that can revive your story or identify issues likely to respect the thirst for freedom and the desires of everyone. In 2018, Uranus continues more or less its celestial race. It's up to you to define the rules on which you want to build, rebuild or terminate the bond. The only imperative? You flourish without being more compelled to make unacceptable concessions or to evolve in a context that knocks you down. Also prepare this year to count on Pluto who, between February 6th and mid-July, will certainly cause some turmoil in the family. It is no longer a question then of zapping what is stuck, what does not work or what does not work anymore. It's time to question the principles you've always been involved in, and to question yourself in depth about habits that need to be scrutinized in order to determine if they really promote your progress. If you feel this warning as an additional pressure that is a little destabilizing, you will however benefit in 2018 and in particular in April (around the 14th) from celestial supports that help you to manage the eventual turbulence in a productive way and to extract the best. A vision of the clan and yourself likely to reprogram the future in the right direction, that of a common fulfillment. If you must do everything in January to smooth the edges (the 13th?) then Venus will offer you some delicious breaks in February (between the 3rd and the 10th) where she will exalt your power of seduction, in March (between the 23rd and the 31st), where she will facilitate the dialogue and will push you to take a step towards each other, in May (between the 11th and the 19th) where she will accentuate your thirst for conquest and your desire to embark for the land of love and in July (between the 1st and the 10th) where you will not stop building tender castles in the sky! Between August 28th and September 9th, Venus will strengthen your charisma and put you in the limelight. The opportunity to do what you like even if it is really from mid-November that you will actually have the opportunity to realize your expectations!

In a Relationship, in 2017, you aspire to establish with your partner an egalitarian relationship where you have the opportunity to express who you really are! You've certainly found a common path to help you tighten the ranks and define rules that are more in line with your personal progression. A new expansion cycle has opened and should enable you in 2018 to improve your world. You are more aware of your qualities and potential and you use it to transform what needs to be and move the lines in family in the right direction, especially in April, when all conditions will be met (around the 14th) to facilitate positive developments! Venus will make life easier and will open tender perspectives several times until Jupiter (from mid-February 2019) definitely boosts your morale and multiplies the contact with your entourage and the world!

Single, in 2017 you were tested on your ability to be and stay in touch with each other. Between the thirst to express yourself fully on a personal level and to make a lasting connection, you have certainly oscillated and hesitated! However, let's bet that the often restless and sometimes stressful situation of the past year has tested your nerves but could open a new path and then allow you to consider the possibility of a respectful relationship with each other and yourself! In 2018, you continue this momentum but will also have to deal with the obligation to review some family patterns that have certainly had their time. It is no longer a question of zapping the questions that annoy or evade the problems but to use what you have learned, understood and integrated to constructively consider the changes to be made in order to improve your exchanges within the clan. You will be particularly gifted by this exercise in April where a dynamic celestial situation should help you identify the right means that will allow you to bring the right answers! Venus will often wink at you (see dates above) and you will be well inspired to surf on these delicious invitations to have a good time and perhaps to test your progress in this matter and in particular your new capacity to welcome the other without ever denying yourself!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

A year in which family responsibilities and inner transformations to operate will perhaps obscure your desires and amorous aspirations, but should eventually lead you to understandings that will soothe your mind and open you to new, more fulfilling prospects, free from ghosts and residue from the past. Perhaps finally reconciled in one way or another with your story and aware that it is through (and thanks to) it that today you have the opportunity to grow and to cross an important milestone on the personal, spiritual and relationship front...

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