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2019 horoscope for Capricorn

Capricorn: Your 2019 love horoscope

Love: Pressures but Also Resources!
Heaven has been asking a lot of you for awhile (since 2008) and in particular that you draw a line on the past, assimilate previous experiences, and learn from them! Since December 2017, Saturn has reinforced this trend and invited you to take a step towards more maturity, even if you have to pay the price! What is it? A feeling of loneliness that pervades you even if your entourage does not change and in the eyes of others Ami Capricorn you might even seem well accompanied! Thus, the certainty may be that it is time to grow, even giving up some fantasies and illusions that you pursue and that definitely do not hold the road!

In 2019, if indeed the period of change continues, you will benefit from the support of Jupiter who, lurking in the shadow of your sign seems to want to prepare (for the end of the year) a rebirth announced and programmed. Count on this giant planet of the zodiac to feed your imagination and make you want to shoot through roof or at least flourish more at your ease and help you determine the orientation of life (love, social) which you’d like and one that especially suits you! While you wait for December 2019, when Jupiter will invest in your sign and invite you to present to everyone a renewed personality and life choices for some decisive ones!

1st decan (December 22nd - January 2nd) : It Shakes a Little (a lot?) at the Edges!
Saturn visited you in 2019? And you had to endure his recommendations, which may have made you more insecure than connecting to the world around you? But at the same time some (born at the very beginning of the decan) were able to feel the need to free themselves from an emotional approach that tended to lock them in a mold, beliefs, attitudes and habits that no longer suited them! Indeed, between mid-May and early November 2018, Uranus was able to electrify your emotional life, making you want to change everything or spice up your loves! From March 6, 2019, this electric planet returns to the charge and will then exercise more broadly its stripping influence on this decan! To predict? Different aspirations, the desire to blow up some locks and things that are banned and more generally a vision of love that is more uninhibited and more eager for strong emotions but also freedom. You could ask the other to surprise you or surprise yourself by making different requests, trying to put a little more rumba in the air! If you are single, you will be looking for something else, somewhere else or otherwise! Expect to encounter amazing people that are different from those you usually attract. It is no longer about complying with the usual rules or an operating mode that imprisoned you and restricted your room for maneuver! Venus will boost your power of seduction between February 3rd and 12th and will invite you to send your messages gently between the 20th and 28th of April! A crazy and presumably irresistible charm will allow you to shine and seduce all over the place between May 15th and May 23rd. You will be happy to meet your partner and you will listen to them without reserve between July 3rd and 11th! A head and a heart full of projects between the 8th and 16th of October? Take a break from November 1st to November 9th! Enough to welcome Venus in your sign (between November 26th and December 4th) and especially Jupiter (from December 2nd)! Count, then, on living great moments (meteoric encounters, returns of an old flame, new choices) around December 15th where assuredly you will bloom!

2nd decan (January 3rd - January 11th) : Not Always Easy to Understand?
Since the end of December 2018, Saturn has invested in your decan, expressly inviting you to grow, learn lessons from the past, and try to define and restructure your personality according to the integrated lessons and experiences! It is, therefore, a question of starting a new development cycle as consciously as possible in order to find and circumscribe now the place you want to occupy in the world! But if the climate created by Saturn is not necessarily very pleasing, you still cannot get too much advice from this austere planet when Jupiter occupies the shadow of your decan until February 14th and between June 6th and October 13th. He could make you say and do anything. Indeed, if Jupiter feeds your imagination and gives rise to new cravings, this giant planet of the zodiac does not protect you from extravagant thoughts and concepts around January 13th, June 16th and September 21st! You could then generate misunderstandings with your close entourage if you can not channel or contain your desires and allow yourself to express them without restraint and without filter! Then count on the strict (but fair) nature of Saturn to raise the bar and adjust your remarks around January 31st, June 18th, and November 9th. The opportunity, however, in 2019 to open other tracks that you will develop next year but have the merit of making you dream and prepare the future on the side of dreams and fantasies without losing your sense of direction or your sense of balance! Venus, present in your decan between February 12th and 21st, will allow you to shine with all your fires. Between April 28th and May 7th, this delicious planet will invite you to pay close attention to your loved ones and do everything possible to maintain or restore a warm atmosphere within the clan. Love should be at the rendezvous between May 23rd and May 31st and an open and creative dialogue between July 11th and 19th! You will be looking to the future and developing tender projects between October 16th and October 24th. You are well advised to take a moment to withdraw away from the sounds of the world between November 9th and 17th. To prepare to take center stage between December 4th and December 12th and to welcome Jupiter in your decan, who will invite you to open a new cycle of expansion on all fronts from mid-January 2020.

3rd decan (January 12th - January 20th): En Route… Towards Yourself!
Until March 6th, Uranus continues to keep your family discussions on the hot seat! It's about defining and redefining what kind of connections and rapport you now want to maintain with your loved ones. You aspire to emancipate yourself from rules and guardianship that you consider too alienating? You itch to move the lines, change the atmosphere and reconnect with a sense of freedom and autonomy that you end up lacking (or even to expatriate)? Especially since Pluto, which has invested in your decan since the end of December 2018, invites you on his side expressly to refound your history and your being on what you have understood of yourself and life! Count on this "lord of metamorphoses" to shake you up from the inside and permanently shake up all the structures that do not deserve to be preserved and are decidedly no longer in keeping with your authentic nature that you discover little by little and then claim without reserve or delay! A beginning of the year that is a priori a little "casual" where you will get rid of everything that now delays your walk forward toward finding yourself. Jupiter will fuel your imagination and endow you with a strong appetite for life that will be fully revealed in 2020 but that may well, in 2019, make you want to accelerate the movement of change between February 14th and June 6th and between October 13th and December 2nd. Venus will give you an irresistible aura between February 21st and March 1st and will invite you to clarify, as gently as possible, your family relationships between May 7th and May 15th. There will probably be love in the air and seduction on the program between May 31st and June 9th and harmonious exchanges to maintain between July 19th and 28th! Projects that put you in turmoil between October 24th and November 1st but a pause to respect between November 17th and 26th, where it will be time to return for a moment on the past and the past year! Enough to shine brightly between December 12th and 20th and to be able to make radical decisions in January 2020 about your life orientation!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

The sky is interested in you and presses you to reach a greater autonomy, but also and especially, a greater maturity! No question then of being lazy in 2019 but to accelerate the movement and do what it takes to definitely turn your back on the past, which sometimes means doing some collateral damage. Try to act as conscientiously as possible, to avoid possible slip ups favored by a prescience that the best is waiting for you. Prepare what comes and promises without missing a page or a stanza of your personal evolution to undertake and continue to access a personal and sentimental life respectful of who you have become or are becoming ... follow up!

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