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2019 horoscope for Aquarius

Aquarius: Your 2019 love horoscope

Love: In Search of Elsewhere and/or Otherwise?
Since December 2017, Saturn, which has slipped into the shadow of your sign, is sounding the death knell of a past which has tasked you, Ami Aquarius, with closely examining and exploring it, in order to learn the uplifting lessons, with the least amount of grey zones. A task that many will do well with since it seems unavoidable and inevitable to gradually cross the line between yesterday, today and tomorrow! We bet that in 2019, this austere planet will still force some to look at their personal lives, enough to eliminate the elements (situations, people) that no longer hold the road. For others, this year will be about actually breaking with a circle (family) or a close entourage that now curbs their evolution to rebuild elsewhere or otherwise!

For all, Jupiter will promote (and promotes since November 2018) new impulses and sizeable projects whether they are emotional or professional, friendly or social. You aspire to open the hatches and embark on new adventures. No more limiting yourself and living in conditions that seem mediocre. Instead it is about spreading your wings and expanding, without further delay, your horizons! The opportunity then in 2019 to meet new people, make new friends, and count on the support of your faithful ones to go ahead!

1st decan (January 21st - January 31st): Turn a Corner!
In 2018, you have no doubt been led, in one way or another, to mourn a past that constantly pulled you back. Whether it's an understanding of your repetitive and harmful ways of working, a social or private circle that limits you, or simply fears, doubts, beliefs, complexes or guilt that undermine you and have prevented you from moving forward for too long, the work is, a priori, done! It will now be about taking action and turning a corner to act out what you have understood and integrated but not yet necessarily implemented concretely. Some of you (born at the beginning of the decan) may have already had a little idea of what awaits them between mid-May and early November 2018 when Uranus has already played with their nerves and confronted them with the need to break from the moorings in one way or another! In 2019 (from the beginning of March), Uranus will address more widely your decan and push you out of your entrenchments! It will be a question of changing what should be in family or in your private life, to shake up habits, move the lines, and even to break the codes or to move away from people who have too much of a tendency to keep you stuck in a status quo that stifles you! You will not hesitate (anymore) to claim your autonomy or make every effort to change your environment so that it corresponds more to what you want to live personally and together! Let's bet that Jupiter (between November and December 2018) has already brought water to your mill and opened the tracks! Venus will favor decisions and projects of a friendly or emotional order between the 7th and the 16th of January (be careful on the 8th not to speak words that would exceed your thoughts)! Between the 1st and the 10th of March, you will start a new cycle of your emotional life and you can then count on Venus to accentuate your influence! You will have it at heart (between May 15th and 23rd) to take care of your loved ones!There is room for love between the 9th and 16th of June where endowed with an irresistible charm you will rush to make sparks in love. Between July 28th and August 5th, you will listen to the desires of your partner! Plus, you have projects by the armful and the desire to open the future at your leisure between the 1st and 11th of November? At the very end of the year, Venus (between December 20th and 28th) exalts your power of seduction while a cosmic background favorable to your expansion seems to want to facilitate decisions and changes at home around the 15th!

2nd decan (February 1st - February 10th): Projects… to Channel!
Since the end of last December, Saturn has been involved in precipitating the necessary awareness of your evolution. It is time to understand and change the way we work, to turn our backs on the past, and sort out the essentials from the superfluous to free ourselves from the beliefs and fears that muzzled us and enslave us to habits and attitudes that are not really constructive! Are you gradually discovering new potentials in yourself or do you want to explore some of them more fully? Count on Jupiter, in 2019, to open up prospects, push you forward, and perhaps help you move on. Notably until February 14th and between June 6th and October 13th, when this giant planet of the zodiac will favor your expansion and could well give birth to some large projects likely to precipitate your blossoming on all fronts! Still it will be necessary to moderate your enthusiasm around January 13th, June 16th, and September 21st when you tend to see everything big, even too big and believe that everything is now possible! Why not if you are thinking of reducing the wind in your sail a little. This is exactly where Saturn will bring you back down to earth and bring you back (at least a little) to reason at the end of January (the 31st), on the 18th of June and around the 9th of November when you you will be well aware that it is better to build on solid than in the wind! It's up to you, in 2019, to find your balance between crazy projects and masterful achievements, but which remain within your reach! Venus will encourage your plans between the 16th and 26th of January and exalt your charm between the 10th and 18th of March and will invite you to take care of your loved ones but also to improve your conditions and living environments between May 23rd and 31st!You will shine with all your fires, radiate and seduce in all directions between June 17th and 25th and, without reserve, you will worry about the happiness of your partner between August 5th and 13th! Between November 9th and 17th, Venus will inspire you and your partner with tender projects. You should complete this exciting year endowed with an aura magnified by Venus that will then allow you to finish the year and approach the next (between the 28th December and January 5, 2020) in beauty!

3rd decan (February 11th - February 18th): Above All You’re In Search… of Yourself!
Pluto lurking in the shadow of your decan, urges you to fundamental questions, to probe your soul but also your impulses, compulsions, possible neuroses and your whole inner life to begin to traverse the turmoil (which unconsciously shakes you up) with energy and fuel that can help you evolve and shed light on what, sometimes since childhood, sleeps in the dark and tends to maintain modes of functioning that are not necessarily positive nor constructive! Saturn will help you sort out and get rid of (at least partially) residue from the past between April 4th and May 25th. However, it is, a priori, in 2020 (and as early as January) that you will probably make choices based on recent understandings that will be necessary from the inside but will also have an impact on the outside! In the meantime, and in 2019, you finish cleansing your environment and enjoy the influence of Uranus on your surroundings to communicate differently but more authentically with your loved ones. Between February 14th and June 6th, Jupiter could open up other perspectives, help you sort out sincere friends from toxic relationships, and place people and opportunities on your path that can help you broaden your horizons and guide you in the future in the right direction; that of expansion on all fronts. Venus will ensure the support of your faithful ones and boost your desire for something else, elsewhere or otherwise between January 26th and February 3rd. She will exalt your personal radiance between March 18th and 26th and will encourage you to restore or maintain harmony at home between May 31st and June 9th! Love and seduction will resume their rights between July 19th and 28th and the dialogue and tender exchanges will mobilize you body, heart, and soul between August 13th and 21st! Between November 17th and 26th, you will return to the desire to project yourself into a future and loves that inspire you. While you wait for 2020 and its options to define and directions to take!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
No question, in 2019, of skipping over the internal work to do to detach yourself permanently from a past that sticks to your skin but has undoubtedly had its day! This year, Jupiter will help blow a fresh wind on your projects and allow you to build castles in the sky! It's up to you to be mature enough to make the right choices, those that will steer your destiny in the right direction! Which? That which will combine your inner quest with fulfillment on all levels, the lessons learned from the past and a willingness to evolve in the way you function, and reason with a grain of madness! Challenges that are not necessarily always easy to meet but a mission that is quite possible to accomplish if you keep on course and especially your eye fixed on your inner compass!

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