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The Sign of Gemini
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A gentle spring
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Money and relationships
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Cancer, your social life and well-being in 2019!

  Written by Daisy

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Social Life: Openings!
Since early November and until December 2nd, 2019, Jupiter should offer you, friend Cancer, some great opportunities to change pace, job, get a promotion, and/or blossom more fully within your activity! Some see the emergence this year of new projects, or even another direction of life, others the possibility of opening the hatches from the moment they do not overestimate their strength or capabilities. For many, it will be a question of redefining their relationship with the outside world and others (peers, colleagues, associates), either to better relate to them or to act taking into account the team and common rules so as not to play it too personal and act taking into account the reality of the field as much as their ambitions!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:
A year that should offer you some great opportunities to progress but not without testing your ability to manage your energy, your ambitions, and your relationship! Of course, you are quite capable of doing so, and if you wish, from the end of the year (December), to be able to seal promising associations and, without further delay, turn a decisive corner towards success!


1st decan (June 21st - July 1st): The Future is in Line of Sight!
The last two months of 2018 have undoubtedly allowed you to regain a second wind, recover energy, and chase the possible black ideas away? So you are coming to 2019 in full possession of your means and will need all your precious fuel to launch the new projects that are trotting through your head and to launch the changes that tempt you this year. Be careful, however, not to ask for too much, especially between the end of March and mid-April when your firepower could turn against you and favor inflammatory risks!

2nd decan (July 2nd - July 12th): Beware of Excess!
Certainly, Jupiter strengthens your resources! Certainly, you have, in 2019, many beautiful cartridges to score points on many grounds. But beware, if you spend your energy willy nilly and if you think you are invincible, you risk hitting a snag or worse ... running out of fuel! To keep all your chances of accomplishing feats and moving in the right direction, play caution as much as exuberance (if not more)! The best way to unwind the year without suffering setbacks or suffering from sores. Beware among other things, of an aggression that is not necessarily a good adviser between April 15th and 30th where you would actually be interested... in staying a little dormant!

3rd decan (July 13th - July 22nd): Some Turmoil to Foresee!
Between Uranus that puts you under pressure until March 6th and Pluto ... in the midst of clarifying your relationship with your partner and others, you will often be on the hot seat and on edge! To deal with these necessary challenges and be able to take advantage of Jupiter's opportunities for take-off in the spring and fall, try to step back from the events and keep your emotions under control.

Cancer, your social life and well-being in 2019! - 4 comments
(last message on the 06/05/2019 am31 04:24)

I like it I don't like it
Susan from the site
Posted the 06/05/2019 at 04:24
Cancer Janny, sign for Cancer
Posted the 05/05/2019 at 02:38
Will I be successful with my cleaning business as we have no money and are trying to get more work
Dear Janny, I cannnot answer to your private question on this page of comments. However, you can have a look at your personal astral forecasts :
Your personalized astral forecast offered Have a nice day !
I like it I don't like it
Cancer Janny, sign for Cancer
Posted the 05/05/2019 at 02:38
Will I be successful with my cleaning business as we have no money and are trying to get more work
I like it I don't like it
Cancer Kitty, sign for Cancer
Posted the 01/02/2019 at 21:57
Hi there Cancer
How are you?
I like it I don't like it
Cancer Lesley, sign for Cancer
Posted the 30/12/2018 at 01:30
Money will I win big
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