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Libra, your horoscope 2019 month by month!

  Written by Daisy

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1st decan:
Between the 7th and 16th, Venus promotes exchanges and meetings that are as useful as they are pleasant. Bet on this delicious planet to try to smooth things over (the 8th) and more generally until the 15th when a controversial Mars tends to pollute the exchanges between you and others. Avoid as much as possible to provoke anyone! Especially in the family where, if you are not polite the discussions could turn sour!

2nd decan:
Additional responsibilities weigh on your shoulders since the end of December and at the beginning of the month (the 2nd and 13th) and you are looking to improve the atmosphere within the clan (the 4th)! However, be careful not to overshoot and embellish reality because your optimism could miss its target and disrupt the frequency between you and your loved ones around the 13th! It is in fact only by accepting to deal with reality and the burdens that fall upon you that you will be able to calm your mind and manage the stewardship (the 31st)!

3rd decan:
You manage to communicate with each other, to pass your messages and move the lines creatively at the beginning of the month (the 4th) but do not skip the questions that annoy and the problems that you have solved in relation to the past (the 11th and 18th)! Be careful, around the 19th, not to provoke the other, otherwise it's at the risk of seeing some exchanges degenerate into clashes that are more or less violent! Ditto around the 23rd where the current will definitely have trouble passing between you and your partner!

1st decan:
Between the 3rd and the 12th, Venus exalts your thirst for intimacy with your loved ones and puts you at the service of their well-being. From March 14th to March 1st, you will fight tooth and nail to boost your money and defend your financial interests or gain more power. If you are in conflict with someone, there is no doubt that you will not easily cut some slack and you will work on a daily basis to manage the stewardship so that you are able to win some well-deserved success at the end of the month (around the 28th)!

2nd decan:
An enchanted beginning of the month where love is inviting in your exchanges and where exhilarating meetings are on the program (the 3rd and 8th). Complicity is also assured within your couple! Around the 17th, you have the art and the way of making everyone agree and you work with love and kindness to improve the lives of everyone at home! You take your support role very seriously (the 18th) but will know (the 19th and 20th) how to find the right answers to any problems that arise!

3rd decan:
The exchanges at home are tense? Especially with a partner who will not let go on the 2nd. Unless you do not have to bear their aggression! Then on that same day bet on your outstanding charm to try and narrow the ranks! You will then be more a master of the game and ready to do anything (and especially to seduce) to appease the spirits (the 8th and 9th) and keep the dialogue open! Beware of clashes on the 13th and put the odds on your side to beguile the other by shining with all your fires (the 18th)!

1st decan:
Until the 10th, count on Venus to exalt your charm and your power of seduction. Now is the moment to leave your reserve, try your luck in love, and find that special someone or rekindle the flame. From the 6th, Uranus will also push your decan out of its entrenchments. Whether it's your professional or sentimental associations, expect them to evolve ... It's going to be about testing them to see if they keep their promises and are able to resist certain power struggles or pressures related to a somewhat questionable financial situation. You will know a priori how to make the best of it at the end of the month (the 27th)!

2nd decan:
The new moon of the 6th invites you to serve the community. Whether it is work to be done in the office or missions to accomplish at home, you will mobilize your body, heart and soul so that the situation evolves as smoothly as possible (the 7th, 9th, 10th, 14th and 20th)!

3rd decan:
Show yourself accommodating with your family if you do not want to provoke squabbles or even a crisis (the 1st)! If you feel that day-to-day management is going around in a circle starting on the 5th, do not try to speed up the movement (the 14th and 15th). Meanwhile, do your best, keep getting involved and listen to what's going on inside you and within the clan. Discussions will resume by themselves from the 28th!

1st decan:
Until the 15th, you will spend a lot of energy to widen your horizons, surpass yourself, and carry your ambitions. Since the beginning of last month, Uranus undoubtedly pushes you to claim more power or to evolve your relationships whether professional or private. No question, a priori, to let things go but to try to direct the operations. Bet on Venus between the 20th and the 28th to help you (at least a little) listen to your partner and others. This will probably not prevent you at the end of the month (the 22nd) from coming across areas of turbulence that are a little destabilizing or make for some radical decisions!

2nd decan:
Inspired (the 2nd) and dedicated, you will act a priori for the good of everyone (the 10th). Moreover, the new moon on the 5th, which influences the month overall, invites you to take a step towards your partner, listen to them and take care to answer as much as possible their needs and expectations! This will not prevent you from defending your personal ideals between the 15th and the 30th! Be careful at the end of the month that your thirst for power does not interfere too much with the commitment you have made, to serve a cause that is beyond you. At the risk then of disappointing your entourage who counts on you and your disinterestedness!

3rd decan:
This month you should be successful in ending family discussions (regarding the management of stewardship?) around the 7th! But caution is strongly recommended in your exchanges on the 10th when disputes could resurge if you show yourself too rigid! You are probably confronted (on the 13th) with old problems that go back to the surface and need to be analyzed closely so that you can eventually overcome them! Bet on your optimism and your ability to widen your horizons (the 14th) to break the impasse and why not make new and charming encounters!

1st decan:
Your relationship and more generally your relationship evolve! Sometimes through disputes that arise and reveal tensions hitherto buried. It seems time to move the lines. Whether it is from you or from outside events that are going to push you into your entrenchments, around the 8th and 18th, you may well, somehow or other, face the obligation to change!

2nd decan:
The new moon on the 4th, highlights your power of transformation and the potential that sleeps in you. It's time to reveal them and maybe use them, in May, to do what you like. In particular improve the ordinary thanks to your intuition and the sharp perception that you have paths that must be taken in order to move things to your advantage (the 9th, 16th, 30th, and 31st)!

3rd decan:
If you know what method to use to run your business and impose your methods and ideas in the office, not sure that the current in family will pass as well on the 1st and 2nd. Focus on openness and tolerance (the 3rd) to try to smooth things over but expect that conflicts or old wounds are decidedly disrupting the frequency (the 7th and 9th)! Try to adapt and remain flexible (the 11th and 14th) if you wish that your exchanges lead to constructive conclusions (the 16th and 18th)!

1st decan:
You do not lack any eloquence or arguments to put forward your ideas and projects in society this month where you will have the (good) ways to influence your entourage to your advantage (the 7th and 27th)! Between the 9th and 17th, count on Venus to boost your desire to reach an ideal in business but also in love where you should not leave anyone indifferent!

2nd decan:
The new moon on the 3rd invites you to push the boundaries of the possible and openly express your ambitions! However, take care in June and especially around the 9th and 16th, not to take off without a belt. You might, indeed, be tempted to lose sight of the reality around you and certain insurmountable limits, even ... not to cross so that your daring remains bold and does not become reckless, even blind! Fortunately, Saturn sets the record straight and keeps your little feet on Earth from the 18th where we take care to remind you that a project is being built!

3rd decan:
You manage to control your emotions and it enlightens you on certain interior turmoil that agitates you (on the 3rd). The full moon on the 17th invites you to communicate with your entourage. Be careful on the 18th, 19th, and 20th, in the office, an authoritarianism and a willingness to direct the operations and perhaps everyone, does not serve you and do not rub off on your family life and then cause some clashes that could weaken you, reinforce a form of insecurity that perhaps, currently destabilizes you deeply.

1st decan:
Projects and negotiations will drag on a little longer from the 7th! You can not hope to restart the debate before early August! Do not try at all costs to force things (the 8th) and prefer to use your power of seduction to influence your surroundings rather than riding on your high horse! This is why, if you ignore certain warnings and limits (financial?), you will be in danger of suddenly being called to order. Ditto at the end of the month when your wishes will not necessarily be orders for everyone!

2nd decan:
The new moon on the 2nd places you in the spotlight and invites you to work to maintain or improve your professional status! If some family issues seem to want to keep you docked (the 9th and 17th), do not neglect your responsibilities at the office! Then bet on your ability to listen and use your intuition ( the 11th and 18th) to finally finish the month in full acceleration and a master of time and movement (the 25th)!

3rd decan:
Try to take a little (a lot) perspective on your emotions and a family atmosphere that is a little questionable (the 14th, 16th, and 21st) and dedicate yourself, this month, to boosting your career plan! Certainly, your concerns and your questions about the merits are legitimate and useful but do not deprive yourself of shining as much as you can in the office. Try, from time to time, to dissociate your private life from your public life. Enough, maybe, to find pleasure (the 25th)!

1st decan:
The new moon on the 1st favors your projects and makes you want to go forward. Mercury resumes his live race and releases the exchanges? Enough to regain control if you do not show yourself too greedy on the 2nd where despite an indisputable charm, you will not manage to guide the debates to your advantage if you ask too much! Ditto around the 16th where you will be well inspired to lower your tone and reduce the wind in your sails if you want to eventually win. You step back (on the 26th, 28th, and 30th) and manage to diplomatically and intelligently win the game.

2nd decan:
A nice summer month where everything succeeds for you? Inspiring projects, active support, infectious enthusiasm, and a top popularity rating (the 7th, 8th, and 21st)? Nothing and no one should be able to disturb your mind, in August, nor your happiness!

3rd decan:
Looking to the future with a head and a heart full of projects (24th). You will strive to try to realize them as soon as possible. The full moon on the 15th illuminates your loves, boosts your creativity, and exalts your charm. Take advantage of these assets to have a good time and close ranks in love, as well as friendship!

1st decan:
Sharpen your plans in the shadows (the 1st) and count your blessings without bragging too much (the 2nd), in order to be able to return to the foreground from the 23rd where you start a new cycle of expansion (from your birthday)!

2nd decan:
You examine your universe and family background by channeling your emotions correctly (the 1st)? Avoid, if possible, talking too much or intervening (the 2nd) without being sure that you master the situation (the 23rf)! If you feel a certain difficulty in managing the daily routine, do not rush anything this fall, it could encourage misunderstandings and regrettable errors (the 4th, 6th, 7th, 8th, 12th, and 21st)!

3rd decan:
It is by taking altitude and retreating from your emotions and your private life (the 7th and 9th) that you will be able to probe your heart and what agitates your mind and your unconscious at the moment! Take the time to think deeply and calm things down (your inner fire) on the 13th. Enough to act and develop (in the shadows?) Strategies on the 19th pay off, where you will perhaps not be far from understanding what constantly upsets you and pulls you back!

1st decan:
Until the 19th, you will be animated by an unstoppable striking force and therefore act with unfailing determination to open and trace the road to your idea! However, be careful not to exceed the limits on the 7th and 12th and at the end of the month where, even if your gifts and potentials are obvious, this will not be a reason to ask for more than we currently seem willing to grant you.

2nd decan:
You run into family expenses that could weigh you down (the 7th) and curb your thirst for expansion! Fortunately, you will likely benefit from supports and active help around the 14th, 15th, 20th, and 21st, where you will highlight talents and merits that could pay off big time and make it easier for you to manage worries and stewardship!

3rd decan:
The current has a little trouble passing between you and your loved ones on the 1st. You are perhaps prey to some moods that are not easy to explain and even less to understand? Fortunately, you will benefit from the support of Jupiter (the 13th?) Which endows you with a brilliant eloquence and a contagious enthusiasm. Interesting and pleasant encounters in sight, horizons that are widening, and your morale returns and skyrockets? Use this fall month to discover and optimize your potentials and put them at the service of better communication within the clan and a better approach to your torments and internal questions! The result? A 3rd decan who feels better in their shoes!

1st decan:
Until the 9th, Venus invites you and allows you to pass your messages smoothly and influence your entourage favorably. It would then be a pity to short-circuit such a beautiful frequency by imposing certain requirements that would not necessarily have the gift of pleasing everyone around the 24th, where the best will be the enemy of good and where your authority will not be unanimously appreciated. Fortunately, Venus (again), takes care of smoothing things over at the end of the month and helps you convince your relatives of the relevance of your ideas and proposals ... provided you do it politely (the 28th)!

2nd decan:
Your actions are effective, your flair and your intuitions are valuable when it comes to managing stewardship and building in family on solid ground (the 5th, 8th, 9th, and 13th)! We should trust you and you will have, a priori, the art and the way of exposing the problems and reassuring your entourage. From the 20th, discussions can really move in the right direction! An end of the month that promises to be rather harmonious because balanced in the path of wisdom and sensitivity, with a controlled intuition that is put at service of your intentions and achievements (the 28th and 30th)!

3rd decan:
Beware of family frictions and clashes (the 5th) if you impose your vision of the world and listen to no one but yourself! Prefer to open the hatches and debates and use your beautiful offensive energy to argue and convince (the 12th). Success is a priori ensured on the 24th, where you could do well, and why not, hit the bull's eye! Charismatic, inspired, and radiant, you should have no trouble seducing all over!

1st decan:
You mobilize at the beginning of the month to obtain the means to improve your living conditions (the 3rd). So you do not hesitate to claim your due ( a raise, a promotion) and develop your potentials to achieve your goals Count, from the 2nd, on Jupiter's support that should greatly help you achieve your goals and promote your family development. Most of the time through an evolution of the structures (internal or external) likely to broaden your horizons and transform what should be to fulfill your wishes and bring a well-being to everyone (starting with you)!

2nd decan:
If you have trouble making yourself understood on the 8th and 20th, do everything to smooth things over rather than trying to be right about everything! You will not be unemployed in December and will do everything in your power to increase your income in order to better manage the stewardship (13th) and cope with some family expenses on the 19th.

3rd decan:
You ask yourself the right questions at the beginning of the month! Those that could (on the 3rd) lead to a better understanding of yourself and what prevents you from opening up on the private front. Do not hesitate (the 22nd) to use your new discoveries to move the lines in family. Wait for the month of January when some may have important decisions (sometimes radical) to make!

Libra, your horoscope 2019 month by month! - 2 comments
(last message on the 07/08/2019 pm31 14:41)

I like it I don't like it
Susan from the site
Posted the 07/08/2019 at 14:41
Libra oxygen, sign for Libra
Posted the 07/08/2019 at 11:00
Will I get back together with my ex?
Hello Oxygen! We cannot answer such a personal question as this one. However, you can read your personalized astral forecasts here: Your personalized astral forecast offered
I like it I don't like it
Libra oxygen, sign for Libra
Posted the 07/08/2019 at 11:00
Will I get back together with my ex?
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