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Wednesday, September the 18th
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2019 horoscope for Pisces: your love-life

  Written by Daisy

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Love: Other Priorities?
Your future concerns you and worries you,friend Pisces, and not necessarily exclusively your emotional future? It would seem that you spend more time, in 2019, building castles in the sky than trying to identify and program the general direction you want to give your existence and sow your wild oats? The cosmos urges you to define a plan of action likely to lay the groundwork for what, more or less, long term will decide your daily life and more widely your future! It should, therefore, be primarily this year that you seize the opportunities, which you will undoubtedly be offered to expand your horizons, or even to move on!

You will not get enough of your emotional, family, or social circle when it comes to advising you and accompanying your choices. However, bet that you will spend a little more time managing what comes and what will decide the result rather than searching for your soulmate or rekindling or maintaining the flame. No matter what? One does not prevent the other and you can count on Venus throughout the year to spice up your course a little and then give you excellent reasons (and opportunities?) friend Pisces, to project yourself well accompanied!

1st decan (February 19th - February 28th): In Search of Something Else, Otherwise?
Saturn tends to slow down the pace and sometimes freeze your projects but also forces you to build them on solid ground! No doubt you have benefited, last fall (between November and December), from some great opportunities to broaden your horizons on the social or professional level. Now that Saturn has moved away and the milestones of important projects likely to decide your future may be set up, you will benefit from the Uranian spirit that has already affected your decan between mid-May and early November 2018 (if you belong to the very beginning of the decan)! This year, it could invite you to renew your environment, shake up a little (a lot) your environment, and give you some new ideas that are perhaps a little surprising, shocking, or even revolutionary to approach the future from another angle. Some friends are gone, the context in which you evolve is changing? So expect to see new faces in your universe that will have the merit of opening you to other perspectives and coloring a little (a lot) the daily grind! Venus will accompany your desire to lead those you love in the adventure between February 3rd and 12th and endow you with a stunning charisma between March 26th and April 4th! You will give all your attention to the family circle and your loved ones between the 9th and the 17th of June, but you will devote yourself exclusively to your love and your quest for gratifications of all kinds between the 3rd and the 11th of July where your irresistible charm should make some willing victims! Between August 21st and 29th, there is room for tender exchanges and constructive dialogue. At the end of the year (between November 26th and December 4th) your future prospects will return to the center of the debate! Especially since December 2nd, Jupiter confirms this trend and could then offer you, from the 15th of the month, some great opportunities to take off, open the hatches, and open the future at your leisure!

2nd decan (March 1st - March 10th): The Future to be Assured!
Since the end of December, Saturn expressly invites you to dig the foundations of your long-term future. It's a question of determining what you want to live from now and starting to lay the groundwork for projects that will take you far and away on solid ground. Not too much frolicking in sight by 2019, a year that asks you to take the reasonable measures that are necessary to ensure your future and perhaps that of those who accompany you. Count on Jupiter to open up prospects and offer you opportunities to change course (or even your life) until February 14th but also between June 6th and October 13th, when this giant planet of the zodiac could make things easier! But be careful, do not pass up a sure thing and think before taking the plunge. When deciding about one life project over another think carefully about the ins and outs of your decisions. Be particularly careful and cautious around January 13th, June 16th, and September 21st when you may be tempted to take unnecessary risks. Before opting for any major life changes wait for Saturn to channel your intuitions and guide you to the wisest path (around January 31st, June 18th, and November 9th)! The best way to avoid errors in your aim that could be detrimental to your future and by extension for some ... that of their loved ones! Venus will present the future in its best light between February 12th and 22nd, boosting your radiance (and your power of seduction) between April 4th and 12th. You will be dedicated to the family cause or aspire to improve your living environment between June 17th and 25th, while between July 11th and 19th, you will have no other ambition than to love and be loved! There is no question of going alone between August 29th and September 6th when dialogue will be in the spotlight. At the end of the year (between December 4th and 12th), you will not be able to do anything or project anything without your friends, your loves, and your circle of faithful ones. You will wait together until mid-January 2020 when the future will open up wide!

3rd decan (March 11th - March 20th): Important Background Movements!
In 2019 Pluto will disrupt your future prospects. It is, a priori, time for you to review your priorities! Whether it's the direction you want to give to your life, the relationships you have with your followers, or the projects that go on in your head, there is no longer a question of skipping over what stalls or keeps you from reaching a future in adequacy with who you really are! Expect, perhaps, that some (friendly) bonds will break and others will replace them. Not necessarily with your loved ones but because they will have had their time and they will tend to pull you back! If someone enters your life now and challenges you, forces you to revisit your perspectives, ideas and worldview, prepare for that link to take up space! It will not necessarily be love (no matter) but more certainly a relationship that is supposed to make you evolve! Whether it is pleasant or difficult, you question the fundamentals or facilitate your life (or the two successively) you can not escape. Unless it's a major project that does not change the course of your life. Jupiter may provide you with some opportunities to change lanes or your life between February 14th and June 6th and between October 13th and December 2nd. Waiting for 2020 (and starting in January) where essential choices are likely to be made! Venus will provide support for your friends and loves between February 21st and March 1st, he will exalt your aura and your radiance between April 12th and April 20th. You will pay great attention to your loved ones and aspire to live in harmony with your entourage (especially your family) between June 25th and July 3rd! There is room for the vertigo of love, possible loves, love at first sight, and a return of an old flame between July 19th and 28th! You will unreservedly listen to the needs and desires of your partner between September 6th and 14th and end the year mobilized by tender projects (between December 12th and 20th)!

Advice from FREE Horoscope:

A year where the future is on! It will therefore be important for you to define a horizon that can guide your destiny in the long term more probably than to devote yourself exclusively to your loves. But in fact, as a good sentimental fish that you are, it is probably to install the best possible conditions for your development that you will work heart and soul in 2019! You will benefit, this year, from great opportunities and a cosmic climate favorable to the emergence of promising openings. Do not let them pass!


2019 horoscope for Pisces: your love-life - 7 comments
(last message on the 05/08/2019 pm31 12:03)

I like it I don't like it
Susan from the site
Posted the 05/08/2019 at 12:03
Pisces Pumpkin, sign for Pisces
Posted the 03/08/2019 at 14:42
Will I get out of all debts this month or the next. Can u give me a four-digit Michigan lottery number.
Hello Pumpkin! Please keep an eye on your monthly horoscope: monthly horoscope. We cannot give you numbers to play... but we wish you luck
I like it I don't like it
Pisces Pumpkin, sign for Pisces
Posted the 03/08/2019 at 14:42
Will I get out of all debts this month or the next. Can u give me a four-digit Michigan lottery number.
I like it I don't like it
Susan from the site
Posted the 26/04/2019 at 04:27
Pisces Cynt., sign for Pisces
Posted the 25/04/2019 at 09:29
Will everything be alright for my future ?
Dear Cynt., thanks for your comment ! You should have a look at your astral forecast by following this link :
Your personalized astral forecast offered Have a nice day !
I like it I don't like it
Pisces Cynt., sign for Pisces
Posted the 25/04/2019 at 09:29
Will everything be alright for my future ?
I like it I don't like it
Susan from the site
Posted the 01/04/2019 at 06:48
Pisces Scoots, sign for Pisces
Posted the 29/03/2019 at 10:30
Will i be coming into money in April 2019?
Dear Scoots, thanks for your commetn. You shuold have a look at your April horoscope, here is the link : monthly horoscope Have anice day !
I like it I don't like it
Pisces Scoots, sign for Pisces
Posted the 29/03/2019 at 10:30
Will i be coming into money in April 2019?
I like it I don't like it
Pisces Laughing boy, sign for Pisces
Posted the 17/12/2018 at 07:27
Will I'm become rich
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