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Saturday, July the 11th
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2017 horoscope for Taurus

Taurus: Your 2017 love horoscope

Momentum restored!
In 2016, you felt like you were moving backwards, having to constantly put up with a smokescreen that prevented you from fulfilling your desires. You were in contact with frustration that was difficult to shake off. In 2016, you definitely didn't appreciate the roadblocks and setbacks that held you back from loving or freely expressing your feelings and seemed like all they wanted to do was destroy your love-life from the inside. In 2017, and more precisely, at the end of winter 2016, you should notice a clear improvement of your private life and see yourself make considerable growth, Ami Taurus, in how you conceive, and perceive, relationships. Saturn has most likely forced you to dig deep through your past, and present, romances. You've learned that you have to give up your idyllic, and probably childish, view of relationships that no longer makes sense and most certainly didn't take into account the progress you've made and experience you've gained over time. So, you re-evaluated your emotional needs and now feel ready to reach a new milestone.

Back on your feet!
In 2017, you will enjoy a climate that will favor your growth in general and, more particularly, your emotional nature, which should itself enjoy these rather harmonious celestial influences. They will push you to look even deeper within yourself, Ami Taurus, for what enlightens and guides you, what draws you deeper in. No more settling for the idea of romance or for relationships that don't meet up to your expectations for meaning in life. All year long, you will remain in touch with your intuition and a subtle understanding of your inner world, of your deepest desires. You will be less afraid to love and will dare to reach out to others, to test your luck and dream of constructing, or reconstructing, a life on foundations that are more solid than before as you are more in contact with what is essential.

A slow start!
At the very start of the year, and up until the beginning of February, Venus will invite you to take flight, make plans, and look together in the same direction. Count on your friends to help move your exciting plans forward, even if will likely have to go through a preparation period that seems like its holding you back from making your hopes and dreams a reality. As such, from February 3rd until the start of June, you will be led to fine-tune your strategies in love and take a step back to look at your current situation, Ami Taurus, so that you can learn the reasoning behind it. Some will find that the whole process is taking much too long and will be tempted to dwell or ruminate. Fortunately, starting in June, the pace will pick up. More sure of yourself, of your ability to determine what is good for you, and endowed with an irresistible charm, you will get back on your feet and back into the game of love. You will have all the time in the world to come out of your retreat between June 6th and July 5th. Count on your dialog, sense of humor, and powers of seduction (at their height) to make an impression and steal a few hearts on July 31st and August 26th.

A thrilling second half of the year
Between August 26th and September 20th, you will dedicate yourself mostly to improving interactions with those close to you and taking care of things at home. Your love-life will return to the fore starting on September 20th and up until mid-October, when your emotional life could fulfill your greatest wishes: meeting that special someone, romance, a newborn. In November, you will listen to your partner to learn, and fulfill, their expectations, bring you two closer together, or to meet great new people. You should close out this promising year on a high note, carried away by a voluptuous Venus that will exalt your libido in December and, starting on the 25th (Merry Christmas!) will offer you a trip down lovers' lane, a chance to take flight and move forward your recent romances as well as the new. Take note that, starting on October 10th, Jupiter will favor, and give you every chance of concluding, collaborations, marriages, and commitments of every sort up until November 2018.

1st decan (April 21 - May 1): A decisive second half of the year!
In 2017, you will grow and evolve underneath rather neutral skies that should allow you to see your recent or previous romances through to the end. Nothing is stopping you from making these romances long-term or from slowly but surely seeing them move forward. Starting on October 10th, it will the be time (now or never) to make your relationship official, reach a new milestone, get closer to others, or to take the plunge and go for it - for good.

If you are in a relationship,you will start off the year determined to make your plans a reality and to push things forward and give some oomph to your relationship. But, you will have to wait awhile before your ambitions become reality and take some time out to think, which could exasperate you at times. It will, however, be important moving forward and will allow you, starting at the beginning of June, to take back the reins of your own fate and kick things up a notch. And so, between June 6th and 16th, you will advance forward at the top of your game and will use your seductive powers to convince your love to believe in you and follow you. Between July 31st and August 9th, you will know how to persuade and will start up constructive dialog with those around you. At the end of the summer, you will do everything in your power to improve living conditions for yourself and those close to you. You will enter this fall with the possibility of satisfaction and of reaching seventh heaven. Venus (between September 20th and 28th) will exalt your charm, give you the desire to rekindle the flame, to expand your family. From October 10th on, Jupiter will bend over backwards to help you get tenderly back in touch with people, making you wish to commit, recommit, or, for some, to break away from the past, turn the page, and kick off a stage of life where you can shine in all your glory - and in love! Up until November 25th, expect to welcomed among the angels and enjoy great moments of passion with a partner that is on the same page of you and ready to satisfy you. The end of the year will continue this respite and should allow you to close out 2017 bonded tighter together than ever.

If you are single,there'll be no point in 2017 in continuing down this path alone! You will start of this stage of growth with your head and heart full of dreams that you are just burning to make a reality. You will, however, have to wait a bit before achieving any exploits as your plans could be put through the test of time starting on February 3rd. You will feel a little awkward or uncomfortable and in a hurry to go over your recent romances through with a fine-tooth comb or to look over your past to learn from those experiences. It is really from June onwards that you can hope to shine bright and jump into the future - no safety net required. You will no longer be afraid to express your feelings or to head out onto a quest for your soulmate, who you should have no trouble finding. Between June 6th and 16th, you will successfully use your irresistible charm. You will make an impression and win hearts between July 31st and August 9th and will get closer to your family between August 26th and September 3rd, when your loved ones will be open to this show of kindness. You will kick off the fall with a spectacular start: between September 20th and 28th, your heart could go boom. Some will desire to make a commitment, so you can count on Jupiter (between October 10th and November 25th) to help you reach this milestone. This generous planet will favor all types of commitments, and Venus (between November 7th and 15th) will continue this excellent tendance. You will close out this promising year on a high note, ready to take flight for the land of love in excellent company between December 25th and January 2nd.

Second decan (May 2 - 11): A very promising second half of the year!
You felt, in 2016, that your desires were being checked and so had to constantly put up with setbacks and frustrations that will end up clipping your wings and sapping your morale. In 2017, if you weren't exactly given free range before mid-August, you should benefit from positive, Venusian energy that could, between now and the end of the year, successfully top off your love-life.

If you are in a relationship,you will start off this year enthusiastic and ready to do anything to make your dearest plans a reality but will have to take a detailed look at the past. It will always be an enchanting look, but one that will enable you to making a necessary separation between what is essential and what isn't. You will hesitate to jump right in at the beginning of March with more questions than answers in your head. Wait for mid-April, or mid-June, to restart even better off and so start a new stage of growth at the top of your game. You will be without equal in August when it comes to getting your ideas across and drumming up support from those around you. You will do everything in your power in September to bring your family closer together and maybe even move somewhere else and set up a home in better conditions. You can count on your charm to rekindle the flame and even found a home or expand your family between September 28th and October 6th. In November, Venus will invite you to make a commitment and hit an important milestone for your emotional life. This trend will be nicely reinforced starting on November 25th by Jupiter who will help you reach a decision and put them in stone. This year, 2017, will be one that will allow you to mend your broken heart or put some oomph back into your love-life and thrive at last without too much difficulty. About time!

If you are single,you advanced blindly ahead in 2016, constantly held back by a social climate that will considerably slow down your progress. In 2017, you will yearn to make up for lost time and start off this year impatient to make your wildest dreams a reality. You will be overflowing with imagination and desire in January, but you will be forced to study them very closely after. In fact, Venus will subject you to a detailed examination of your intentions and will invite you to learn from your past. Agree to think over (not dwell on) your past loves or a more recent romance that demands reflection, without making too much of a fuss. Things will become clearer at the start of April, and you will be determined to take the plunge without turning back, obsessing, or being filled with regret. Between June 16th and 25th, you will shine in all your glory and will be determined to make an impression and steal some hearts. Between August 9th and 17th, you will rely on dialog and open-mindedness to hit your mark. Rely on your irresistible charm between September 28th and October 6th, to find that special someone and start up a romance that is worthy of the name, one that you might desire to quickly make official as soon as Jupiter gets involved in boosting commitments from November 25th to January 21st and from April 25th to September 19th 2018.

Third decan (May 12 - 20): On the right track!
In the winter of 2016, you were probably able open up the hatches a bit, to get in touch with your intuition and hidden strength so you can emerge, come out of the darkness and meet with the angels. In 2017, you will continue upon this excellent trend and will perhaps be able to see your horizons expand, making your dreams a reality, and building a world that comes as close as possible to your ideal. This year, you will work through the final step of your potentially costly evolution, which may force you to break with the past. But you should, in 2017, also reap the fruit of your efforts and lay the foundations of a future that meets your expectations.

If you are in a relationship,Jupiter will favor deep commitments in 2018, and, in 2017, you won't pass up any chance to give some oomph (back?) to your love-life. Especially between January 23rd and February 3rd, you will be overflowing with ideas to give your daily life a boost. You will still have to bide your time awhile longer still, however. Venus is hanging back in your sign sector and as it stands now, won't make your ambitions a reality until the end of spring. It's at the start of the summer that this delightful planet will put you back on the right track and put the reins in your hands. No more turning back to look at the past. Instead, forge right on ahead, doing everything in your power to make your dearest plans a reality. And so, between June 25th and July 5th, you will have no equal when it comes to enchanting your partner, who shouldn't resist your charm too much. Take advantage of this new stage of growth to expand your horizons and use your enthusiasm to carry your partner along with you. Moreover, you will lack none of the reasoning you need to convince between the 17th and 28th: discussion will turn out to be very productive. Take the time (between September 11th and 20th) to take special care of the household and to bring your loved ones closer together. Between October 6th and 14th, it'll be all eyes on you. With an aura and a magnetic charm to die for, you will rekindle the flame with passion and will consider expanding your family, too. The end of the year looks to be just as promising. So, in November, you won't hesitate to listen to other people, satisfy their desires, and might just be able to close out this year headed for seventh heaven, until Jupiter arrives in 2018 to once and for all cement your union or help you recommit to your lover.

If you are single,you've been riding along on nurturing energy that pushes you to build, to get in touch with your intuition and feelings so that you can improve your life and better understand how you, and the world around you, function. The start of the year could, however, be a little upsetting for you. Though you may have started the year off, in January, with a flourish, supported by plans that make you happy and enthusiastic, you will probably be forced to wait awhile before seeing them become a reality and expressing your lust for life unhindered. Not a big deal, but it will force you to once again look over your past to see how far you've come and how far you have to go before you take that leap of faith. You will regain your freedom to move as you please this summer: Venus, between June 25th and July 5th, will enable you to exert your irresistible charm, kickstarting your love-life and breathing life back into a recent romance. Between August 17th and August 28th, you won't attempt to open dialog to strengthen your harmony and the bond that is growing between you two. But, it is during the fall that you will crank it up a notch and desire to create a household or find that special someone. Keep your eyes, and heart, open on the October 6th and 14th. If you haven't already found them yet, you come across your soulmate. You will increase your enthusiasm and attention between November 23rd and December 1st in order to close out this year on a high note with someone by your side, or soon to be. That is, until 2018, when Jupiter (starting at the end of January) should give your desire to take a walk down the aisle a boost or will at last put you on the path to finding the right person.

My advice:

This is a year that will start off calm and gentle, keeping you in standby mode up until June, so be patient, because, from the start of spring on, only the best is yet to come. You can, in fact, count on a second half to the year that should greatly make up, for some, for this lackluster start of the year.

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