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Saturday, July the 11th
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2017 horoscope for Gemini

Gemini: Your 2017 love horoscope

The tests are over!
Since 2015, Saturn has obliged you to look at your love-life with a critical eye. This strict planet may have made you question your relation, urging you to go over your interactions with your partner with a fine tooth comb to see if they still correspond to your expectations and if your couple still makes sense. You must not have appreciated this exercise too much, without any romantic flights of fancy, that forced you figure out, Ami Gemini, what is truly essential to you and what isn't in order to find out if you really feel like continuing on together as a couple. You were most likely confronted by doubt or the temptation to flee the pressures that this "great teacher of the zodiac" put on you.

Fortunately, this cloud cover that has been weighing heavy on your relationship, and your morale, since the winter of 2016 will start to dissipate. Saturn could even offer you the ability to sustain your relationship in 2017 or to move onto something else and under the best conditions possible, Ami Gemini. Potential new plans or promising new possibilities at work could breathe some life back into your couple and allow you to get on the same track. It won't all be over so simply, however. Some will still have to fight back tensions, jealousy, grudges, and family debts. Others will have to make decisions concerning their future and convince their partner to believe and follow them. This won't always be done without making a few sparks fly and causing resentment or bitterness. But, 2017 should be a more thrilling and creative year for you that will make you feel like really outdoing yourself, pushing things forward, bringing people closer together, making a commitment, or advancing together with your partner, carried along by a shared dream.

A few delays along the way?
Up until October 10th, you can count on Jupiter to rekindle the flame and heighten your desire to create a home or to expand your family. If you are still moving forward all alone, you won't have an abundance of choices in 2017 when it comes to grabbing the attention of, and seducing, whoever you want. Venus kicked off the merrymaking at the start of the year, giving you the means to turn it up a notch and putting opportunities in your path to take flight together, and yet you will still have to wait a little while longer, Ami Gemini, before you can really invest yourself without holding back and jump into something new. You will be writhing with impatience, just burning to make your exhilarating plans a reality, but you will really only have your chance to fling the hatches wide starting in the summer when nothing should prevent you from reaching your goals anymore.

Skyward, to seventh heaven!
Venus will place control back in your hands between July 5th and 31st, and your irresistible charm will make an impression and win hearts. Make room for dialog and bonding between August 26th and September 30th: you discuss everything with your partner or seek to catch someone else's attention. At the start of all, you will mobilize your loved ones to action and will yearn to improve living conditions for yourself as well as for them between September 20th and October 14th. This autumn will be a hot one, especially between October 14th and November 7th when Venus will boost your libido, endow you with an astounding charm, and, Ami Gemini, will favor sudden romances, love at first sight, and passionate oaths of love. You will end this year delighted with Venus bringing you and your lover ever closer together or even urging some to make a long-term commitment (if they haven't already)!

1st decan (May 21 - 31): A search for something deep!
You've already paid your price and endured Saturn's tireless questioning now for a while (in 2015?)! In 2017, no planet will mess with you, and so you will be able to start this year off unhindered. It will be up to you to deepen your bond while waiting for Saturn to return at the very end of the month to ask you once again to answer for yourself and whether you and your partner's values are still the same, so that each of you can create a situation where you both might express your desires without getting frustrated.

If you are in a relationship,your relationship has already gone through hell and back. In 2017, you will enjoy a well-deserved respite where you can sustain your bond and strengthen your union. This won't exactly be a time of flights of passion, but rather one where you should enjoy some relative immunity from the stars, allowing you to make the most out of your past experiences and tally what accomplishments you have both made throughout these period of upheaval. You will yearn to dream up plans that suit your ideas and will have the chance to. Starting at the beginning of 2017, Venus will place you in the limelight and urge you to use your talents to enchant your partner and those you work with. You will hope to make the most out of this glorious period, starting in the summer, to set new challenges for yourselves. Between July 5th and 14th, you will stop your dilly-dallying and have free range to bring your partner along with you, opening up new possibilities for the future. Between August 26th and September 3rd, you will be dead set on starting up creative discussion and convincing your partner to stick to your ideas. Make room for family between September 20th and 28th and do your utmost to make sure things run smoothly among them. Between October 14th and 22nd, you will be on fire, ready to do anything to take that walk down lovers' lane. You will finish this year on a high note. Between December 1st and 9th, Venus will invite you to reach out to your partner, to really listen to them, and share a delightful bonding time with them.

If you are single,you've had trouble believing in love. If you've been keeping your distance, despite your feelings, out of fear of getting it wrong, then in 2017, when you will be free of any cosmic confusion that might still darken your horizons, you will be reborn out of your ashes and will get once again to enjoy the stars' benevolence and get back on your feet. It will be you standing center stage at the start of the year and could fall for someone who makes you want to go for it with all your heart but won't get any real solutions until the start of summer. Venus will take firm control of your love-life between July 5th and 14th. You will shine bright, winning over hearts left and right. You will seek to have constructive communication with your partner and could meet some interesting new people between August 26th and September 3rd, when communication will indeed be very promising. Keep your eyes, and especially your heart, wide open between October 14th and 22nd: love just might strike. Your irresistible charm could help you hit your target and turn a few heads. The end of the year could see you wishing to hit a new milestone and move in with your partner between December 1st and 9th. All you desire is to float to heaven together, where, if you are still single, you can hope to find your soul mate - and have every chance of doing so.

2nd decan (June 1 - 10): You are reborn!
You suffered in 2016 and constantly felt that love was just beyond your grasp, that your relationships were up in smoke. In 2017, you will give your duo a second shot to make some great discoveries. Not, however, without having to deal with recurring tension (at the end of March, start of August), yet also with the assurance of Jupiter, who, between March 25th and August 20th, will grant you several opportunities to rekindle the flame or to give love a chance.

If you are in a relationship,2016 might have been stormy and you might have felt like your couple was going down the drain. In 2017, not everything will be done and over, and so you will have to avoid arousing your partner's jealousy or resentment and getting on their nerves around March 30th and August 4th. So, count on Jupiter, between March 24th and the end of August, to rekindle the flame, breathe new life into your couple, help you start a household, or expand your family. Venus will favor plans that you came up with together at the start of the year, but you won't necessarily get to see your dreams become a reality right away. From the summer on, you will get to enjoy renewed lightness and recommit to your partner, as well. You can count on Venus between July 14th and 22nd, to arm you with an irresistible charm and put you in tune with your new vision of the future. Between September 3rd and 11th, you will discuss your plans, goals with your partner and engage in constructive debate about them. You will be especially concerned about making sure your loved ones are comfortable between September 28th and October 6th and to heat things up with your partner, who will be positively smitten between October 22nd and 30th. You should have no trouble rekindling your flame... The end of the year looks just as promising. Between December 9th and 17th, you Venus will spoil your couple and give you both the desire for... the same things.

If you are single, you may have felt in 2016 that nobody wanted anything to do with you. Unless nobody caught your eye? Quickly forget all about this dark period and get ready to find your place in the dance in 2017. If you carefully avoid manipulating your partner or playing with their emotions, you should start this year off on a hight note and end it in delightful company. You will show off and strut your stuff at the start of the year to great popularity, but probably won't make a choice before summer and will dilly-dally a bit before deciding definitively who you like. Venus will endow you with a crazy charm that should drive people crazy around July 14th and 22nd. Leave room for dialog, communication, and complicity between September 3rd and 11th. But, it is in the fall that your love-life will reach its zenith, especially between October 22nd and 30th, when no one should be able to resist you. Between your red hot libido and astounding magnetism, you will manage, without difficulty, to make an impression and win hearts. Great moments of bonding await you at the end of the year between December 9th and 17th. If you've found your soul mate, you will whisper sweet nothings to each other, and, if you're still looking for someone, they won't be far. Keep your eyes open...

3rd decan (June 11 - 20): Excellent possibilities ahead!
Winter 2016 put you on the right track, inviting you to throw the hatches open and look to plans and ideas that might strengthen your couple. If you've just broken up, you will throw yourself back in the game, full of enthusiasm and imagination. Count on a peaceful start to the year, and on benevolent Jupiter, to strengthen your romance or start one up that looks to be promising, up until March 24th and between August 20th and October 10th.

If you are in a relationship, you likely rode out the positive energy from this last winter, using it to dream big and plan for the future together. You and your partner will come together around shared plans (a new life, new house, new birth) that will breathe some life back into your relationship and open up new, exciting, enriching, long-term possibilities. You can count on Jupiter to exalt your feelings and help you,up until the end of March and between August 20th and October 10th, make what you are yearning for a reality. If it feels like your plans are getting nowhere at the start of the year, don't hesitate one second to hit that next milestone. Constructive dialog will help you advance together in the right direction between September 11th and 20th, enabling you to lay the foundations for a new life between October 6th and 11th. Between October 30th and November 7th, it will be a time of tender affections and passionate vows, when the temperature should rise a little. The end of the year will offer you the opportunity to sustain your bond and make it permanent and long-lasting, especially around November 11th and between November 17th and 25th.

If you are single, you probably felt the urge, in winter 2016, to jump into romance and put a new, better, face on your couple. Do you now yearn to test your luck, to come out of your shell and get in line with your partner, make a new commitment? You can count on Jupiter up until March 24th, and between August 20th and October 10th, to increase your chances of hitting your mark and turning a few heads. This generous planet will boost your libido and endow you with irresistible charisma. You not only desire to break out of your solitude in 2017, but also to escape the daily grind, look to future possibilities with your partner that could sustain your relationship outside the everyday habits and routines that wear you out and paralyze you, which you will manage to do between now and the end of November. You can count on Venus between July 27th and 31st to throw you into the thick of it without hesitation. Between September 11th and 20th, you will seek to establish constructive dialog with others, forming strong bonds and attracting the right person. Between October 30th and November 7th, it'll be all eyes on you, and, if you are still on a search for you soul mate, you will be able to attract them, blow them away, and keep them by your side. You should close out this year in delightful company and with a head full of ideas to create together. If you are still alone, you can hope to reach out to others, inviting one to stay with you a while, if not a lifetime, between the 17th and 25th.

My advice:

A promising year ahead? You should reach a new milestone, strengthen a new bond, or build one that thrills, in 2017. You will yearn to look to a radiant future, one that will slowly take shape and could, in 2018, take you far and wide - as one.

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