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2017 horoscope for Capricorn

Capricorn: Your 2017 love horoscope

A step towards maturity!
You had dark thoughts in 2016 and felt stuck in a past that is difficult to process and held back by behaviors or ways of being and thinking. In 2017, Saturn will keep your back up against the wall and force you to get down to work figuring out what is well and truly important, essential to you. You will slowly learn lessons from your past but might not be quite yet ready to make the drastic changes that will soon deepen, if not totally restructure, your entire personality so that you can eventually open up a new chapter in your life. You won't need to completely revolutionize your life but rather take your life back into your own hands, Ami Capricorn, and understand once and for all that the only true master is yourself. You will no longer be the victim, or the executioner, but someone who takes full responsibility for their actions and therefore their growth.

Peace, not war...?
Until this time comes (at the end of the year), you will enjoy a more productive cosmic climate in 2017 than you did in 2016 and will try to take advantage of these more peaceful conditions to start pushing things forward on many grounds. Though you might be more caught up in elevating your professional or social status, don't forget, however, to take care of those close to you (family, siblings, cousins...) while trying, at the same time, to define, or redefine, the conditions for you to live in harmony with your loved ones. You will yearn to find that special spot where you can put down roots or gather your loved ones, and those who understand you, around you. You will start off this year determined to get your message through tactfully. No more shaking up your little world. Instead, find common ground in your relationships with others so that you can all grow up and move forward. And so, you will kick off this first half of the year with the firm intention of smoothing things out, building your own little nest, and bringing together all those who are truly important to your world. Up until the start of June, Venus will be your go-between, telling you just what to say, and do, to make a splash and win hearts. You will have all you need to improve your living situation and build harmonious bonds with those who matter to you, Ami Capricorn, and widen your social circle even further. Your charm should work its magic on everyone.

Your love-life recovers!
In June, Venus will take it upon itself to give your love-life a boost. More in touch and in tune with yourself and the environment around you, you will consider yourself first more, Ami Capricorn, and get busy rekindling the flame or lighting it in the first place in the heart (and body) of whoever you have your eye on. You magnetic aura could bring you veneration from your lover, or from someone who is about to be. This summer (between July 31st and August 26th), you will open up and listen to your partner and understand that it might be time to commit, or recommit, and, no matter what, to stop going it alone. This fall (between the September 20th and October 14th), you can expect to move your relationship in the right direction, set sail for love, or find that special someone. You will be demanding and not really willing to just settle.

The future's in sight
Starting on October 10th, Jupiter, who has been focused on boosting your career since September, will enter the area of your sign dedicated to the future (and will remain there until November 2018), strongly encouraging your projects. You won't hesitate to dream up big plans for the future and should benefit from support from your friends or family in making them a reality, Ami Capricorn. Venus will continue this excellent trend between November 7th and December 1st, when this planet will invite couples to both look in the same direction. If you are still alone, hang out with your friends, who could put you back on the right track. In December, it will be time to take a step back and look over the past year to figure out what is really worth your time and what is not, holding onto the best and implanting those things into 2018.

First decan (December 22 - January 2): Your path is clear!
Nothing should stand in the way of your growth in 2017, when any celestial turmoil should pass you over, inviting you to take back the reins of your fate. Between now and the end of the year, you will have to totally get rid of any baggage that might be holding you back. From December 20th, 2017 on, you will be intent on starting up the next step of your personal construction, more mature and determined to get down to basics.

If you are in a relationship,you've likely made drastic changes in your life these past few years and made choices that have slowly separated from your past and all that every needlessly made life harder. In 2017, you will be dead set on getting closer to your loved ones and improving your living conditions so that they truly meet your expectations, which Venus will urge you to in January (between the 3rd and 12th), when it will favor interaction with those close to you and enable you to tactfully get your message across. From February on, you will put your talent to good use at home. This might mean moving homes, bringing people closer together, and building bonds that will bring you reassurance and give you the desire to invest yourself in a relationship, allowing you to thrive. Starting at the beginning of June, your love-life will be reborn. Between the 6th and 16th, Venus will give you wings, and the desire to rekindle the flame. You will freely express your emotions and might wish to build a home or expand your family. So, this summer (between July 31st and August 9th), open up and listen to your partner, who won't be unfazed by your attention. You will enter this autumn season with the firm desire to move your relationship in the right direction and expand your horizons as a couple. Jupiter will give prominence to your plans from October 10th onwards, when this benevolent planet will invite you to dream big together. Venus will perpetuate this thrilling trend between November 7th and 15th. Between December 1st and 9th, you will, without a doubt, gain some perspective on the past year and get ready to bounce back on Christmas, ready to love fully and to be loved in return. From December 20th on, Saturn will be in your sign, and decan, for one year. So, you can count on this "great teacher of the zodiac" to help you figure out what really matters to you and what doesn't (anymore).

If you are single,you will possess numerous advantages in 2017 to help you build your own world, one that will once again make you look forward to life. First off, you will desire to get closer to those who understand and love you. No more toxic, harmful relationships. Instead, create your own little universe, one that favors romantic fulfillment. Up until June, you will work ardently at this task and will do everything in your power to accomplish it. You will know just how to effectively communicate how you feel and get your messages across to your family, who will unite around you. Starting in June, you will regain your thirst for strong emotion and set off on a search for your soul mate. Up until June 16th, your heart will beat even stronger, and, between July 31st and August 9th, you won't pass up any occasion to get closer to whoever you have your eye on. No more going it alone: take the plunge into romance. This second half of the year looks to be romantic and promising. You will yearn to find that special someone, and, if you've already found them, will take a stroll down lovers' lane, hand in hand. Do you desire to your make a shared ideal a reality? From October 10th on, Jupiter will urge you forward in this endeavor, making your plans for the future the topic of discussion up until November 25th. You can count on Venus, between November 7th and 15th, to help you share your dreams with others. If you are still alone, get out and mingle! You've got a good chance of meeting the love of your life, perhaps at a dinner with friends? Though you may decide to take a short time-out to mull over your experiences from the past, and present, between December 1st and 9th, you will be determined to get back on your feet and head to the front lines on Christmas, when there will be stars in more than just the sky!

Second decan (January 3 - 11) Back on your feet - and in the spotlight!
In 2016, you lost hope of ever being understood. Your communication seemed burdened by your past, which you had trouble processing and moving past. In 2017, if things still haven't been cleared up and you have to put up with complex and destabilizing power struggles around the end of March and at the start of August, you will still be dead set on making progress, moving forward, and positively transforming yourself so that you can thrive without wasting any time.

If you are in a relationship,disputes and misunderstandings may have pulled you away from those you are close to in 2016. In 2017, you should get to make some essential choices that will enable you to look to the future in a different way. You still won't be totally free and liberated but will have more hope for the future than before. Starting at the beginning of the year (from February 19th on), you will do everything in your power to bring those who matter to you closer together, get closer to your family, and help others understand you while tactfully getting your message across. If, at the beginning of March, you feel like discussions are dragging on and that you are having trouble getting what you truly wish for, don't lose hope, but rather throw yourself, body and soul, into standing strong, without giving in or backing down. From mid-April on, communication will become a little more free-flowing, and discussions started in mid-May should give way to unanimous agreements, which will assure balance and harmony in your family life. In June, love will make its return. Between June 16th and 25th, you will rekindle the flame and fully enjoy the present moment with your partner. Between August 9th and 17th, you will open up and listen to your partner, ready and willing to follow them to the end of the world. You just might get the chance to, between September 28th and October 6th, when Venus will make you want to take your relationship to the next level and expand your horizons together. Use this autumn to make the plans that really matter to you a reality, supported by Venus, between November 15th and 23rd, and, starting on the 25th, by Jupiter, who between now and mid-January will greatly favor your plans. You will conclude this productive year by gaining some much-needed perspective and seeing how far you've come in 2017 and how far you have yet to go in 2018 at the height of your game!

If you are single, you will suffer from you isolation in 2016 and struggled to make yourself heard or understood by those around you. In 2017, not everything will be done and dusted and you might, around the end of March and beginning of August, have to put up with power struggles that will no doubt be difficult to handle (perhaps more so in your professional life than in your private one). Starting in January, you will seek to bring harmony to your interactions with your loved ones and to bring your family closer together. Between now and the end of May, your interactions with your family (or those that matter for you) will call you to step into action. You will do everything in your power to improve your living conditions and maybe even get closer to a certain member of your family. Whatever choice you make, it should enable you to appease recurring conflicts, rid yourself of debt, and regain peace and bonding that have been missing lately at home. You will feel freer to love, to head out on a personal quest for sensual and romantic satisfaction starting in mid-June, when Venus will endow you with a charm to die for. Between August 17th and 19th, you may desire to commit more fully to a recent romance or use your seductive powers to win over and enchant whoever you please. This second half of the year, you will see your romantic ambitions rise. No more simply settling. Go out and look for that special someone, perhaps somewhere else... You will look enthusiastically towards the future between November 15th and 23rd, encouraged by Jupiter to dream big, starting on the 25th. Between December 9th and 17th, you might want to take a break, taking the time to think about what you really want and head to the front lines - and the spotlight in January!

Third decan (January 12 - 20) Love at the end of the road!
Since 2016, you've benefited from an atmosphere than favors your family life's evolution and growth. It's up to you, then, to take advantage of this heavenly protection to push things forward in your family life. Learn from your past and use your new-found maturity to make the changes that must be made and thrive without having to constantly make concessions that leave you on the losing side.

If you are in a relationship, you've been able to ride out currents of protection that enabled you to transform your family life as you see fit since December 2016. No more continuing on as you did in the past, locking you into old ways of thinking that you can't stand anymore. In 2017, it will be time to take your destiny back into your hands and, for some, to make decisions for the future that might a little controversial. Whether it's moving houses, breaking the chains that have been holding you back, or making a new life change, you will have the chance to change things up, as you see fit, but without neglecting plans for the future or protecting your assets. Starting at the beginning of the year, you will get down to work, taking action all year long to make the transformations and changes that need to be made in your family. Rely on dialog to achieve your ends, and, if discussions seem to be dragging on forever in March, don't hesitate to start them back up and lift them up. You should manage to come out on top and put in place rules that please you between now and the start of June. From June 25th on, Venus will give you the eye and invite you to bring love, and your libido, to the forefront. You won't need to be asked twice to go along with this plan and have some fun. Between August 17th and 28th, you will pay ever more attention to your partner and will seek, between October 6th and 14th, to move your bond forward and enrich your relationship. Make room for thrilling plans between November 23rd and December 1st. You will bring this year to an end happy with yourself and what you've accomplished in your family life, in your romantic life, and will take a step back and look over what has happened so far, between December 17th and 25th. This way, you can start off 2018 as best as possible!

If you are single, you will start this year on the same wavelength as you finished 2016 on. You will possess the skills needed to transform your daily life and especially to come out from any sort of supervision that might have been holding you back from really thriving and settling down as you see fit. No more giving into your thirst for autonomy, which has been eating away at you. Learn to live with it, instead. Between the end of January and the start of June, the focus will be on your freedom to do as you please (and to love). You will be dead set on making sure you are heard and understood by your loved ones and to get your message through, with tact if possible. If you feel like taking off, getting away from your family or breaking free from them in some way, you can count on your communication skills to bring their shifting needs into agreement with each other, yet without giving up your own goal. Though discussions may seem to be going nowhere in March, don't give up on them and do everything in your power to move them along. You will see results here, and in reaching your goal, between now and June, when you will get to fully dedicate to your love-life. Your charm will be at its height, and you can expect to meet some new people, perhaps even falling in love. If you fail to hit your mark between June 25th and July 5th, take advantage of Venus' good graces between August 17th and 26th to make a splash and win hearts. You will be craving strong emotion between September 9th and 20th and will be ready and willing to take off, and in excellent company, between October 6th and 10th. You will get back in touch with your friends between November 23rd and December 1st, when your sensual plans will have pride of place. You will finish off this constructive year by temporarily withdrawing into yourself (between December 17th and 25th), just long enough to look over your past, to see how far you've already come and how far you are eager to go, starting in January 2018. Happy New Year!

My advice:

This year, you will start to emerge, slowly but surely, from your delving into the past to learn what precious lessons you can, which, starting in 2017, will help you slough off your old skin and be reborn, getting back into touch with yourself and then love!

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