Monkey: your 2021 Chinese Horoscope

Written by Alison

With the Ox, work becomes hard, and patience becomes perseverance. Although these values are suitable for some, you will go about it differently to get your fortune. Not that you refuse to roll up your sleeves, but if you can do without it, you're not doing any worse! To achieve your ambitions, you can count on your legendary ingenuity. Also, your humor and your sense of adaptation will be of excellent service to you by creating connections with people who have power. They will appreciate your charming, skillful, and devoted nature, and it is undoubtedly for these reasons that they will save you from having to prove yourself like the others.

Monkey: your Romantic life

With the Ox, great passion is relegated to the background. Love is reasonable and devoid of romanticism. On the other hand, it thrives in a happy and comfortable home. In this atmosphere, you will find time long, and you get bored. Since you are not as solid as the Rock of Gibraltar, your cheerful and attractive nature will manage in its own way. Maybe you are not going to be a role model or an example to follow, but conservative minds will have a hard time demonstrating and proving it.

Tips from Free Horoscope.com for the Monkey: In case of intense gloom, trust your innate tendency to find solutions. If, by chance, the situation gets complicated, juggle your gift for cleverness. It'll get you out of trouble.

Group of friends for the Monkey

With the Ox, the atmosphere is monotonous. As a result, your friends will often call or invite you out because they can count on your energetic nature and your enthusiasm. Even in hard times, they can count on you to help them see things differently. If you think these exchanges are a one-way street, rest assured. Your friends will remember to return the favor when you need it.

To know:Your mind is lively, ingenious, and subtle. So please don't blame your friends for asking you to find solutions to their problems.

Monkey: your Spiritual life

It is moderation that you need to tame this year, as you could quickly move to the dark side of the force. To avoid this, use your skill and sense of accommodation, but always wisely. Please do not use them to serve interests that would be disreputable. To do this, when you gain a victory, savor it and take a break while taking stock of your conscience.

Our advice : Tame moderation and you will be pleasantly surprised by the reactions of those who tend to put you aside without explanation.

Well-being for the Monkey

Contrary to what you think, your vitality is not inexhaustible. From time to time, you can go through periods of unusual fatigue that would trigger this pessimism and these worries that silently overwhelm you. Avoid overwork. When you feel you are on the brink, rest. If you can, spend some time in the countryside. Although you find it boring, it will rejuvenate you.

Tip-Off : If you are overwhelmed by intense worries, this is a sign that you have crossed the limit and that you must ease off.

Monkey: your Family life

With the Ox, this sector takes on its full dimension. His joys are amplified and also his constraints. Your family can count on you to organize very happy family reunions, as soon as the opportunity arises. On the other hand, you may find tricks to avoid certain obligations. Some will work wonderfully, while others will not work at all. Under these circumstances, do not insist.

To meditate : If constraints take precedence, you can find tips to avoid them, provided that they are real and not from your imagination.

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