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Tuesday, October the 22nd
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Tiger: your 2019 Chinese Horoscope

  Written by Alison

2019 is a very positive year for your socio-professional life. Do not expect great love or an Olympic medal but business will work well and you will have little time to mull over the rest. You will develop your self-confidence, you will refine your methods, and you will finally find a nice job or you will win a promotion. This opportunity should not be missed, focused on the socio-professional field. This great atmosphere will require a lot of energy, so take some breaks.

New: Your Chinese Horoscope for 2020 for the Tiger is now available !

Tiger: your Romantic life

This year your love life depends on your situation. Are you in a relationship? Then adjustments and even questioning are on the agenda. However, you can now fix some snags from the past to install a new way of loving, without guilt and with a forward-looking mind. Are you single? Then this year's meetings are particularly promising because everything indicates that they will make you change course towards more rewarding and stronger relationships. Love could also arise in your circle of friends: a relationship can change color and take you toward a promising tomorrow!

Tips from Free for the Tiger: Flexibility and open-mindedness are essential this year, whether to confirm an existing relationship or start a new story, full of the unforeseen!

Group of friends for the Tiger

Your social life promises great developments this year: between joint projects and new partnerships, you will be spoiled for choice in your activities and you will have little time or opportunity to remain alone. You are loved for your personal qualities so do not be lazy or casual: put your assets at the service of others and they will repay you a hundredfold! It could be a year of great ideas that will take shape in 2020 if you can inject enough practicality and realism into your small group.

To know: To keep pace with this year full of pleasures and projects, do not be overwhelmed by doubt or laziness and consider situations from a global perspective.

Tiger: your Spiritual life

Stop fantasizing and think about your future! This year of the Pig seals 12 years of evolution and induces audits, not projections. Stay grounded and think about your next personal challenge. The biggest job, this year, is to make peace with all the harmful elements of your past: get rid of toxic people, prefer clear situations to the unspoken or flattery, put your relationship into question if it is necessary, in short, put a little order in your life!

Our advice : Do not be distracted by details, take a step back to consider the last few years as a whole and draw the right conclusions.

Well-being for the Tiger

This year, which ends a cycle of 12 years, leaves you perhaps on your knees with the feeling that the least activity represents a mountain to climb. Do not try to force things, you will have plenty of time to launch new business in 2020. Now, it's about decompressing to see more clearly, to do a check-up but also to put a certain distance between your too demanding friends and your personal expectations that you need to think about.

Tip-Off : Rest and relaxation do not mean idleness. In order to maintain morale and therefore well-being, it is important to take good care of yourself with a rest when fatigue surfaces

Tiger: your Family life

As a family, you need to take stock and make new decisions. But before you start, take a step back and consider your entire situation. You should also have an interest in taking advice or taking into account the opinion of older people who are full of experience. Your adjustments at home are likely to generate more radical ideas of change but do not rush: first put family in order before deciding on new lines of action: the year is not really favorable to launching projects. These must first be carefully prepared and discussed with the family, so as to suit everyone …

To meditate : In 2019, do not get in trouble and make impossible promises, your credibility depends on it.

2020 Chinese Horoscope for the Tiger

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