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The Egyptians were interested in astronomy and astrology in 2000 years BC! The ancient gods symbolize the signs of the Egyptian zodiac. There is a correlation between the legends surrounding the god and the sign's personality. Like ours, the Egyptian zodiac is divided into 12 constellations of 30 degrees each. The zodiac is based on the idea that the stars and planets of the solar system are the deities that govern our destinies.

The practice of astrology was limited to priests who studied natural phenomena such as eclipses. The ancient Egyptians believed that each moment of the year has a patron god who influences our destiny, our qualities, and our defects.

They used the gods to customize the horoscopes according to the characteristics of each god and the compatibility between him and the other gods. They could distinguish the five planets visible to the naked eye: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, and Saturn. The Egyptian gods are half-man, half-god, and influence human behaviour. Egyptian astrology is composed of 12 signs.

The Nile is the sign of those born between 1st - 7th January, 19th - 28th June, 1st - 7th September, and 18th - 26th November: The Nile is tolerant and highly pragmatic. People of this sign like to establish peace, and do not provoke conflict. They are impulsive, and capable of tenderness and maternal love.

Osiris is the sign of those born between 1st - 10th March, and 27th November - 18th December. Osiris gives people of this sign a generous and highly creative personality. They are spirited people, but who are also extremely fragile and sensitive, and who need to battle before they can act.

Toth is the sign of those born between 1st - 19th April, and 8th - 17th November. Toth is an enthusiastic being who likes to go forward. People of this sign are able to commit themselves to big projects. Their taste for risk enables them to make some great achievements.

Horus is the sign of those born between 20th April - 8th May, and 12th - 19th August. People of this sign are sensitive, with an impatient nature that sometimes leaves them feeling dissatisfied. They need movement and change. These are brilliant people, gifted with a sharpness of mind that is quite rare.

Amon-Ra is the sign of those born between 8th - 21st January, and 1st - 11th February. People of this sign are generous, and shine brightly. They light up every place they go.

Geb is the sign of those born between 12th - 28th February, and 20th - 31st August. Geb is the guardian of nature. People of this sign give without expecting anything in return.

Anubis is the sign of those born between 9th - 27th May, and 29th June - 13th July. People of this sign are often pessimistic, and consumed by their inner demons. Their courage and conscience help them to free themselves.

Sekhmett is the sign of those born between 29th July - 11th August, and 30th October - 7th November. People of this sign are moral, and know how to command respect. They are often found working in roles that involve managing or governing.

Isis is the sign of those born between 11th - 31st March, 18th - 29th October, and 19th - 31st December. People of this sign are not blind; they see the unhappiness of others. They like solidarity and union. They know how to bring people together to make things better.

Bastet is the sign of those born between 14th - 28th July, 23rd - 27th September, and 3rd - 17th October. People of this sign will often protect others. Their lives are given meaning through contact with others. Their anxious nature means that they are not always the most serene of people.

Seth is the sign of those born between 28th May - 18th June, and 28th - 2nd October. People of this sign are perfectionists, who need to do things well. They are very demanding with themselves, and rarely satisfied.

Mout is the sign of those born between 22nd - 31st January, and 8th - 22nd September. People of this sign are shy and withdrawn, who always dwell on the past. They have trouble making the most of the present. That said, they know how to get to the point with others, and hate wasting time.

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