Summer wardrobe and tanning

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Finally, the beautiful days are here! It's time to pull out his summer wardrobe, sunscreen and hat. But what are our strategies for the sun? On the one hand, we are not all equal in this area, because everything depends on our natural skin tone. But also, and this is the most fun, on our zodiac sign, which can dictate our behavior, and our chances of departure. Yes, yes, be careful! So, white as a lily, tanned, red like a lobster or pruny, we will quickly know ...


Her: It is true that you are often tanned, but in a rather irregular way. Because nothing makes you happier than a fake tan, which you sometimes do for hours. Not even asleep! But do not we say that we brown better just by being in motion? However, make the effort to put sunscreen on your nose, shoulders and chest. Or, go ahead, make the most beautiful tan and take up arms accordingly, including self tanner.
Him: In general, an Aries who tans does not do it on purpose! A lover of outdoor activities, it is more their beach volleyball matches or surfing time that will give the Aries a beautiful color, not always uniform indeed because this sign lacks patience to expose all their body parts at once. By the way, you have so little patience that you'll end your vacation as a red as a lobster if you're not disciplined enough to smear yourself with sunscreen... unless you let yourself be smeared by someone else?


Her: Partisan of the natural, you like to tan nicely, for example by looking after your roses in the garden or during a walk in the countryside. On the product side, you are looking for plant care too, if possible organic. And you know how to take your time, especially not to burn ... which would make you see red. At this time of year, you also start your collection of straw hats, beach covers or panama's, class required.
Him: It is the blessed period of vacation and relaxation after months of work and greyness. It is quite possible that you already have a nice natural tan, by dint of preferring nature and flowers to the bustle of the city centers, you could get some color in the first days. In any case, your patient and persevering temperament encourages you to tan smartly, without excess and without imprudence. Your proverbial sensuality may push you to solicit delicate hands to apply your sunscreen...


Her: The tan? The subject interests you, insofar as it is a phenomenon of society, which you observe with curiosity. If possible on the terrace, hidden behind your ultra-trendy black glasses. Always running from one place to another, you bet on tubes of cream, which slip at the last minute into your bag. And you do not spend hours spreading it on yourself. A spray light as air, it will be perfect for you.
Him: You are not the type to bother to try and get a uniform tan, maybe you took advantage of the first beautiful days to mow the lawn or water flowers in a tank top, which then earned you a nice pre-tan . Anyway, you are constantly moving and rarely lying, amorphous, on a beach. Opt for a spray! Two or three pschitt, pschitt on the shoulders, the back and the torso and you should be ready to embark on your many outdoor activities!


Her: The sun: friend or foe? You are divided. On the one hand, you love to make like a lizard as soon as the sky clears. But it's more sleepy and enjoying the warmth you like rather than the business of tanning. Because despite everything, the sun makes you a little scared: you do not want to burn, let alone risk your health. So bet on a high UV protection and wear a big white hat!
Him: Often, Cancer loves the sun ... in the shade! This sign likes the heat, relaxation, even immobilism when they can afford it but they fear sunburn and sunstroke. If you really prefer to stay in the shade, start by using an umbrella. If, despite everything, you decide to get some color, buy a hat, a sunscreen with a very high protection factor, such as sunscreen for a baby and set an alarm on your smartphone: you are the type to doze and if so, sunscreen or not, you risk indeed getting sunstroke!


Her: This is the season that is looming just for you! No matter what you say, you believe that everyone wins when they have tanned skin. Your smile will be brighter and you love the effect on your bare legs. Moreover, you do not skimp on the panoply of shock: you target the best creams, the best brand of course, and you do not hesitate to put shimmer or a pearly gel on your shoulders.
Him: Leo is very attentive to the effect they have on others. You may have chosen to prepare your skin with a few UV sessions or you choose a quality self-tanner so that you don't end up beet red on the beach. Anyway, between a nice brand of sunglasses, protective cream and the most trendy bermuda shorts on the coast, you will certainly be a sensation. It is quite possible, however, that charming, benevolent hands help you to coat your athlete's body. For Leo, summer is the season of dreams...


Her: The sun? Woah there, watch out. With everything you've read in medical or specialty journals, you know that you do not expose yourself like that without taking risks. So you go carefully. You avoid the hottest hours and you have decrypted the ingredients of each cream you buy. You may not be the brownest this summer, but certainly the smartest! Enjoy the indirect sun, especially at the end of the day.
Him: Virgos prefer to do things moderately, it is not a sign tempted by excesses or imprudences. But you are also a simple man so, you will probably choose to walk around and explore after protecting your skin with sunscreen, if possible a kind that is ecological, herbal and respectful of nature. But you also like to stroll, you have trouble staying still roasting under the sun, so you will go to the local market to buy a straw hat and you will not fail to protect yourself with a t-shirt.


Her: In summer, you know how to brown in all subtlety. As if, instinctively, you find the perfect shade that goes with your nature, your hair color and your eyes. A great art! And even if you seem to face the elements nonchalantly, there is work behind it! Preparative capsules, different creams for all areas of the body and face, an after-sun and an extender. Neither seen nor known!
Him: It does not look like it but you're quite clothes-conscious, you want to bring refinement in all that fashion can offer and your tan will, as usual, be perfectly natural. You do not skimp on the quality of your sunscreen and you have an unsurpassed talent to discreetly coordinate your flip flops with your sunglasses. It is possible that you have prepared the ground with some pre-tanning sessions at a beautician but in any case, you manage your sunny image with great elegance.


Her: Brown as beautiful mestizo or white as a Victorian, you choose your side and you do not get stuck on the details. Because what you like is to get noticed since you are different from others. In the sun, you meet the challenge sometimes unprotected: it's bad but too bad! Or, you do not leave the shadows and you watch the others burn with a bit of sadism ...
Him: You are rather insensitive to the rules of fashion but very determined to satisfy your own desires. Either you run away from the sun in Adam's family mode, or you challenge it with all the strategic sense we know you to have. You hydrate, you wear a minimum protection but effective sunscreen no less, you will never be surprised, your senses are constantly awake and alert you if you are too hot or out too long ... Between those who stay in their cave and those who do not protect themselves at all, the Scorpio usually wins


Her: Hush, we only reveal your tip in private, on this site: your beautiful tan is the memory of a distant trip in the tropics. By crossing the planet, you find a place where you romp in the open air. So you tan without paying attention, with strange demarcations. And even if you do not have a big trip planned this summer, which would be surprising, you will find the way to maintain this tan permanently thanks to your walks in nature.
Him: You are so active, constantly moving, traveling, journeying that you may be tanned all year, and naturally tanned at that. Your taste for travel may have allowed you to test the effects of the sun and heat on your body but you remain so spontaneous, so often casual, willingly distracted or inconsistent that your good resolutions (because you still have them) do not always give lasting results. You are overflowing with good will but you are imprudent and you are potentially subject to a monstrous sunburn, sunstroke and/or tan lines!


Her: A priori, tanning is a subject far too frivolous to interest you. You do not hide your contempt for those who catch sunburns because they have been careless and in a hurry. Suffice to say that your complexion remains very clear even in the heart of summer, or at least, distinguished. The girl who stays in the office for a long time becomes too serious. When the time comes, plan a total application of sunscreen for the first few days, only after you can let go a little.
Him: You are wary of the sun but you are not very attracted to creams, tubes and sprays either. When it comes to holidays in the sun, you hesitate between the undeniable protection of the permanent shade and the purchase of the most powerful protection on the market. In any case, you do not care about what is trendy, you only want to please yourself. So you can, according to your activities, finish the season, white as a ghost, burned to the 3rd degree on your shoulders, or perfectly tanned. You do not care what we say...


Her: Tanning is a reflection of your activities, so it does not follow any rules, but not at all. Besides, it's a bit too stubborn for you to follow the wise recommendations of specialists and dermatologists. Yet you do it in two ways. One, you rely on your friends to lend you their sunscreen and their advice. Two, you are always ready to test new revolutionary formulas.
Him: Holidays? Yes! The tan? Yes, well, finally, maybe, if you have the time and the desire. Because only your expectations matter: you do not care about the opinion of others and you are too rebellious to follow the advice of magazines. Especially since you tend to know everything about yourself, so you do not need advice or even protection. As a result, it is you who are likely to have the most showy brands but they are all equal to you as long as you have fun!


Her: The tan? This is a subject that enchants you, because this activity requires no effort. You just have to lie down and oh, there you go. Ah yes, you must spread the sunscreen all over even if you do it with a little distraction. If you end up getting too much sun, do not panic: you love refreshing products with exotic virtues, seaweed, cocoa butter and mango. Yum!
Him: Your indolent nature basks in the mood of a sunny summer and you are potentially one of the most exposed to the problems inherent in prolonged sunbathing. Because you are the type to fall asleep under an aggressive midday sun having forgotten to coat yourself in sunscreen. You have every interest in finding a good soul for the duration of your vacation. Whether it's your partner, your best friend or your smartphone: you have to discipline yourself a bit to avoid big problems like sunstroke or severe burns.

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