Full moon in aquarius: Freedom!

Written by Susan

The full moon in Aquarius focuses on friendship, while making relations between parent and child, that is, between authority and the desire for autonomy, a little tense. But, this is also a very creative moon for artists of any sort, and one that can help you stand out from the masses and show off your inventiveness today.

This atmosphere is anarchistic in nature and won't please the more conventional-minded whatsoever. But, it will be a source of good ideas for those in computer science fields.


This full moon will bolster your social side and your ability to adapt, and so you will be quick to snap up any opportunity to build new and enriching relationships. Today is placed under the sign of communication. If your career depends on this, then this will be the perfect day to put forth your oratory talents and bring up your new ideas, concepts.


This disorienting atmosphere is not for you at all. At work, discussions will be rife, but you are not at all willing to delegate, to listen to others' opinions, or to open yourself up to something new. You are on the defensive, and so your interactions with others will be more tense than harmonious. You have no intention of letting your daily habits get upset or shuffled about, and you can get rather stern and strict.


This full moon will bring you total satisfaction. In fact, when it comes to relationships, today looks to be a hectic one with many enriching exchanges with others in store. Now is the ideal time to share your ideas, rally your friends and family around you, and to build new relations. Your need for communcation will be fully satisfied!


This full moon will hone your sense for relationships and bring you out of your shell. That being said, avoid any partnership that involves vague goals or that is about money. Beware of illusions. Stay open while staying extremely vigilant. The ambiance is unstable, and so this is not a good day for starting up negotiations. Instead, put your energy into having fun with close friends and family.


Under this full moon, avoid showing off or bragging: you could quickly become disillusioned. So, even though the ambiance might make you feel like standing out, don't overdo it. Too much originality on your part won't sit well with everybody. Try to have a little more self-control and tone down your provocative side.


Expect much discussion in your relational and professional worlds. Thanks to your analytical skills and your audacity, nobody can say you don't know your stuff. At work, even if you don't get the results you wanted right away, you'll be able to bring up the ideas, the projects that you care about the most. The atmosphere today favors individualism too much to really hope for any sort of concrete response, however. So, just have patience!


This full moon isn't intended to upset you! On the contrary, this moon will greatly satisfy your need to communicate, to reach out to others, have fun, meet new people. You will meet numerous people that you will be able to work on your image with and brag about your qualities to. Your sociability and your energy are your calling cards.


This full moon will create a restless atmosphere that could totally disorient you and make you make off-the-cuff decisions. You will indeed tend to spread yourself too thin, to waste your energy and your money. You lack any and all objectivity, and your over-the-top, provocative behavior can lead to outrageous consequences. Be careful!


This full moon will open your mind, lighten your heart, and fill you with new ideas. Today looks to be a great day for focusing on your relationships, communicating, joining a humanitarian effort, having fun and going out with friends. This ambiance is based on interacting and sharing ideas with others - So enjoy it!


A gust of lightheartedness will blow into your daily life, bolstering your sociability and honing your sense of humor. The time has come to let go, put aside your seriousness, put off that important decision until later, and to take advantage of this climate to get out of your daily routine and have some good times with others. This will do you the greatest good, so don't feel guilty - just go meet up with your friends.


This full moon is focused on your relationships. Your intellectual abilities, your originality, good ideas, and heartfelt generosity will be highlighted. Today is the ideal day for sharing your goals, your views on life, for bonding with those close to you, and taking care of those who need it.


This full moon invites you to come out of your little bubble and to enjoy enriching interactions with others. You can count on the ambiance of the moment to highlight your ideas and creative talents. But on the other hand, when it comes to your finances, refuse to sign any offer if it seems too vague to you, and put off any sort of negotiation until a later date.

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