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Let's take a leap into the past, to the prime of your life, when we all played naturally, as part of our very natures. The first video game console, foosball, building sandcastles, or Parcheesi - all of this is stored away in its own compartment in our minds. As we grew up, life sent different and more serious challenges our way. And yet, Greco-roman culture advised their children to keep playing until the age of 12 years before starting their studies. What if play were well and truly good for your health? What games is best for each sign? Let's look at each one:


Truth or dare
Dull games made for wimps and lightweights bore you and get under your skin. If you want to play, it had better be for keeps and involve some risk or danger. You are an individual made for action and so expect only dares that require you to leap three chairs stacked on top of each other or to blurt out whatever is on your heart at the moment. And so, before asking you to play by these rules, others will think twice: they know you do nothing by halves.


Get to the heart of the matter
Trying to form words gives you the time to ruminate and think while making fooling your adversaries look like a breeze. Drawing random letters and placing them on the Scrabble board is just you luck: you like to give form to the intangible, such as a group of sounds. Your down-to-earth side likes to burst others bubbles but only so that they can become concrete and brought into reality.


Guess who
Role-playing games awaken your imagination. You are gifted at slipping into other people's skin, most likely because you get tired of anything that starts to hang around too long. You'll have a field day with your friends, since, to you, nothing is more thrilling than becoming someone else. It's like falling into the Fountain of Youth!


Play ecologically friendly
You will return to your childhood state when playing with your own kids, but will play smart: instilling in them an ecological conscience and buying them what they want - but in an earth-friendly version. The firetruck will be made of recyclable cardboard, the spinning top will have a wooden string, and, in keeping with this theme, you will take them to the plant gardens for a breath of fresh air.


Time's up
A good party game is right up your alley! Anything that has to do with guessing famous persons, either with words or by mime. You love history and stories, and so any of these should let you have a great time. Anything that has to do with different attitudes or roles is great, too, since you love nothing more than exaggerating to amuse your friends and family.


Lay your cards on the table
Games that require patience are right up your alley. Success really gets your juices flowing. Others might look at you like you're from another planet, but, during the game, you will get time to really think and, above all, to have fun in good company. Once you've stacked your cards into four piles in ascending order, you'll feel like you are in a sort of meditative trance that you can find nowhere else.


Neither yes nor no
You are known in the zodiac for having trouble making decisions, for picking one thing over another. In short: your reputation for indecision is already solidly cemented. So, go to any sort of yes-or-no oracle site where you can ask your question and have a medium answer with a yes or no. You're sure to have some fun! If you are still not convinced, play the Yes or No game with your friends. This game really must have been invented by a Libra!


A game with lights and sound
Any game like roulette or black jack fascinates you - anything with excitement, like in a casino. They not only call to your instincts and your ability to force fate's hand, but there is also some sweet cash to be made. And money is part of your power, since its neutral energy matches your sentiments. Anything that stimulates you at your core is a passion that will never leave you bored.


Exquisite corpse
Do you know the game Exquisite Corpse, invented by the surrealists? The lover of all sorts of liberty that you are, this group game will rouse your independent and fantastical spirit. You start by writing one sentence down on a piece of paper, then folding it so that what you wrote is covered. Then, you pass it around the circle of players. The next player adds a sentence, and so on and so forth with the other players. Once everyone has written something down, the paper is unfolded and a wild tail is read aloud.


Good drink and mystery
There's nothing better for awakening your inner wine expert (or boozehound) than bringing all your friend's together to play a game of "guess what's in the bottle". You are always down for having a few laughs, and your ability to guess at hidden things enthralls you, too. Be careful, however, not to forget to set a few limits so that you're not hung over the next day...


A born gamer
You know all about new technologies. What's more, when a video game can be played online with other people, you're off in search of your own personal victory and glory, proving your true worth as a virtuoso for all the world to see. And since you don't like to simply rest on your laurels, you will find numerous new ways to relive the experience differently.


Do your tarot
Your favorite game might just be tarot. It lets you understand what tomorrow will be like and, what's more, to use cards that are neither positive nor negative but include both complementary polarities in each symbol. Your mystic side will earn you a few points with others, who will help you build the future and let you open up new paths for them.

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