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So, you would like to spend this Valentine's Day in the best conditions, with that special someone, the one that suits you, the person who is sure to make you bloom? Then discover, without waiting, the tips and tricks to get know them better, to learn how to seduce them, and to figure out what kind of relationship you can hope for. We even thought to advise you on a personalized gift that will hit the mark every time. Finally, for each sign, we give you romantic date ideas for the evening, whether intimate, festive, or crazy according to the sign that made your heart beat. Armed with a wealth of information, no doubt you will spend an unforgettable evening. Long live love!


What to expect from an Aries? Goodwill and enthusiasm, but also impatience and self-centredness…
How to win over an Aries? The Aries woman is temperamental and has a great deal of energy she isn't always able to handle. To win her over, you need to be strong and impassive. The best way of finding out her viewpoint is to be direct and simply ask her the question. She will more readily spend time with those who have initiative and can stand on their own two feet. The Aries man is energetic and spontaneous. To win him over, pull out all the stops: clothes, fragrance, hairstyle; anything that will attract his attention is worth considering. However, when he has noticed you, you will need to be gentle and sincere. He will be attracted to those with a strong personality, but not too extravert.
What kind of relationship to expect from an Aries? Arieses have very varied relationships. They choose their friends and lovers on instinct, on appeal or on a whim. The people around them are straightforward and open, as Arieses cannot stand hypocrisy or manipulative behaviour. With a calm, thoughtful person at their sides, they will be able to delegate anything that needs to be handled with subtlety, to avoid conflict and tension. They will encourage you when you feel lacking in motivation.
An ideal gift for an Aries: For a woman: lessons in martial arts. For a man, bungee-jumping.
The ideal Valentine's Day for an Aries: You need to improvise on the place to eat, depending on what appeals to them most on the spur of the moment. To spice up the end of the evening, a spin on a motorbike or a trip to the fun-fair would be a pleasant surprise for them. You shouldn't be afraid of being your natural self, as powerful and unexpected emotions will go down the best with them.


What to expect from a Taurus? Determination and sensuality, but also possessiveness and jealousy…
How to win over a Taurus? The Taurean woman is jovial and serene. She needs gentleness and security. For her to set her heart on you, you will need to be stable and patient. If you change your mind too often, she won't be able to keep up with you and will soon lose interest. Being very proactive will be the best way of attracting her attention to positive effect. The Taurean man is enterprising and stubborn. It's practically impossible to change his mind. To win his heart, you will need to be exclusive and loyal, with an open mind. He will be looking for a partner who will look after the home and his daily comforts. You will need to be gentle and patient to share his life, as any form of upheaval would create tension.
What kind of relationship to expect from a Taurus? Taureans get on well with most people, but they mainly stay in contact with those who share the same lifestyle. They don't adapt very much, so those who want to share their life will often need to make concessions. The advantage is that they are never unfaithful and you can trust them completely. If the person sharing their life is flexible enough, they will feel less frustrated.
An ideal gift for a Taurus: For a woman, a lovely pot-plant. For a man, an assortment of his favourite delicacies.
The ideal Valentine's Day for a Taurus: A good meal in warmth and comfort will be very welcome. Certain details could make this evening unforgettable: a box of superior chocolates, a log fire in the grate or sunset with beautiful scenery for a backdrop. It's quality rather than quantity that is important.


What to expect from a Gemini? An open mind and flexibility, but also criticism and inconsistency…
How to win over a Gemini? The Gemini woman is easy to live with and doesn't necessarily seek stability. To win her over, you will need to talk to her and keep her amused. Don't be too serious or too quick to commit, as she needs a light-hearted approach in the first instance. Any form of rigid-thinking or pessimism won't be welcome. The Gemini man is amusing. He is talkative and likes meeting people. To win over his heart, it is enough to be there for him, but don't force him to do the same. He needs to be allowed to get on with his life and for you to get on with yours while sharing it with him, so avoid being clingy. Take regular time to discuss things together.
What kind of relationship to expect from a Gemini? Geminis know an enormous number of people, but they rarely keep up with relationships they have established. To be part of their lives long-term, you will need to maintain a presence on a regular basis and over a long period. Geminis are more likely to follow up the relationships they have forged, or the enterprises they have started upon, when sharing their life with someone who is less volatile and more serious-minded. With regard to communication and human relationships, they manage very well on their own.
An ideal gift for a Gemini: For a woman, a camera or cine-camera. For a man, a concert ticket.
The ideal Valentine's Day for a Gemini: Geminis don't like formalities and for them, a successful Valentine's Day needs to be original. So, avoid chocolates, flowers and jewellery. Better to go for a meal in exotic surroundings, followed by a nocturnal spin in an unusual location. A touch of adrenaline will be a bonus. Above all, avoid anything clichéd, or your Gemini could soon disappear.


What to expect from a Cancerian? Subtlety and creative flair, but also sensitivity and mood swings…
How to win over a Cancerian? The Cancerian woman is probably the most romantic of all. To win her over, you will need to behave like a gentleman and bring out the poetical side of life. Classic chivalry will be the most effective way of getting her to succumb. You will need to avoid vanity and self-centredness, if you don't want to wipe the smile from her face. The Cancerian man is sensitive and affectionate underneath his boorish appearance. He doesn't want to reveal his sensitivity and that's why you will need to win him over in public, if you don't want to start on a relationship that will lead nowhere. He will feel secure if you are gentle and serious.
What kind of relationship to expect from a Cancerian? Cancerians aren't very sociable and don't often go out. That's why they tend to have a large family and not many friends. To join those close to them, you will need to have established a strong connection through important events in life. You need to be absolutely certain before sharing your life with a Cancerian. Their family is the most important to them and they will suffer a great deal if a loved-one abandons them.
An ideal gift for a Cancerian: For a woman, a rare or ancient book. For a man, a particularly comfortable pair of slippers.
The ideal Valentine's Day for a Cancerian: A delicious, substantial candle-lit dinner, followed by moonlit walk alongside water will be perfect. To make this evening truly magical, you will need to be poetical and romantic in a classic way. There's no point in being innovative or this could create unexpected complications.


What to expect from a Leo? Expansiveness and ambition, but also pride and a domineering nature…
How to win over a Leo? The Leo woman is radiant and strong-willed. To win her over, you will need presence and style, as she will need to feel pride in your company. Don't hesitate to give her a challenge, as you will have a struggle to win her heart. Avoid being less than open, as she would probably never forgive you. The Leo man is friendly, loyal and generous. To win him over, you need to be charming and devoted. You will need to have a good reputation and take care of your appearance. You will attract his attention with looks and smiles. If you are too discreet, he won't notice you, or won't dare approach you for fear of rejection.
What kind of relationship to expect from a Leo? Leos have very prominent personalities, and their generosity and loyalty earn them the respect of a large number of people. They are very warm-hearted, but unfortunately can sometimes seem full of themselves and are too proud to justify their behaviour. If they were in the company of someone who knows how to explain things with insight and humility, their life would be much easier.
An ideal gift for a Leo: For a woman, a nice ornament. For a man, some bling.
The ideal Valentine's Day for a Leo: They will be pleasantly surprised if you take them to the theatre or opera, after dinner in a fashionable restaurant. They also like presents that enhance their image. Give them all your attention and be dynamic, smiling and enthusiastic. Show them that you are proud to be at their side and this will be an unforgettable Valentine's Day.


What to expect from a Virgo? Calm and efficiency, but also a demanding, fussy nature.
How to win over a Virgo? The Virgoan woman is well-organised and discreet, but this doesn't stop her from using a certain authority with her loved-ones. To win her over, take your time, and be sensual and enigmatic. If you are confident in yourself, she will be more at ease, but avoid contradicting her too often or she will quickly get annoyed. The Virgoan man is motivated and hard-working. He likes order and discipline. To win him over, you will need to be serious-minded, active and enterprising. He hates vulgarity, so be discreet and use simple, convincing strategies, such as closeness, to attract his attention.
What kind of relationship to expect from a Virgo? Virgos have those who are close to them and acquaintances, whom they class in one category or the other, depending on their preferences and demands. Every step they undertake is regulated according to the details of everyday life. If they are in the company of someone who is bolder and more relaxed, Virgos will be able to devote themselves to their priorities and find the stability they are looking for. People who are too impulsive frighten them off, as they arouse feelings of insecurity within them.
An ideal gift for a Virgo: For a woman, a spa treatment. For a man, a subscription to a sports club.
The ideal Valentine's Day for a Virgo: The preparations could take you some time. The evening will need to be well organised for a Virgo to get the most out of Valentine's Day this time. So, avoid the unexpected and hitting the wrong note, such as being late, a stain on your clothes or making an unpleasant remark. Don't forget that Virgos have an eye for detail. They will notice your slightest mistake, but also all the effort you put in.


What to expect from a Libran? Charm and diplomacy, but also indecision and a superficial outlook…
How to win over a Libran? The Libran woman like to please others but she will be determined to be discreet about the way she goes about this. To win her over, you will need to compliment and pamper her. She cannot stand boredom, so plan activities that she will like, from great discussion to frenzied dancing. The essential thing will be to make her feel valued and thus put her at ease. The Libran man needs to feel desired to feel alive. To win him over, you will need to be delightfully charming and attentive. This man finds it very hard to make simple decisions in his everyday life, so help him, whether this involves doing his shopping list or helping him to choose the colour of an item of clothing.
What kind of relationship to expect from a Libran? Librans aren't at all distrustful and they need contact with others. That's why they are always surrounded by lots of people, for whom their good humour is infectious. Unfortunately, it's difficult for them to differentiate between people they can trust and those who are a bad influence. They can therefore end up in the wrong company. With a more astute person at their side, Librans will be less vulnerable to problems in their relationships.
An ideal gift for a Libran: For a woman, perfume or lingerie. For a man, a watch or an elegant item of clothing.
The ideal Valentine's Day for a Libran: A romantic dinner for two in a smart restaurant will be perfect for Valentine's Day, if you make sure you include the following three details: flowers at the table, sophisticated food and champagne. If you then add good music and the perfect outfit, you can't go wrong with your evening.


What to expect from a Scorpio? Forcefulness and passion, but also suspicion and destructiveness…
How to win over a Scorpio? The Scorpio woman is ambitious and secretive. To please her, you need to be intelligent and subtle. Your major assets will be refinement and all absence of crudeness if you are to attract her attention. You will rapidly need to develop a closeness, which won't be noticeable to anyone except you and her. Avoid showing off, as she would make you regret it. The Scorpio man needs to be able to trust his loved-ones. To win him over, be discreet but strong. You will also need to be sincere and avoid betrayal of any kind, or the consequences will be disastrous. A good, healthy lifestyle will also be an asset in attracting his attention.
What kind of relationship to expect from a Scorpio? Scorpios know lots of people and the degree of intimacy is different for each one of their relationships. They need others to move forward and solitude soon weighs them down, but they don't like pride and prefer the company of people who are modest. If they are with someone who is stable and methodical, they will find it easier to manage their thoughts, and their actions as a result.
An ideal gift for a Scorpio: For a woman, a mind puzzle. For a man, an exciting thriller.
The ideal Valentine's Day for a Scorpio: A spicy, sensual evening will be perfect and delight any Scorpio. Do anything you wouldn't normally allow, even if that means doing it to excess. Take him or her by surprise with uncharacteristic behaviour, which won't go down badly. Never fear, things will return to normal when you have enjoyed this Valentine's Day to the hilt. The memory of the evening will live on in your thoughts.


What to expect from a Sagittarian? Good humour and energy, but also chaos and upheaval…
How to win over a Sagittarian? The Sagittarian woman is enthusiastic and spontaneous. To get closer to her, you will need to be determined and honest with everyone. It's your behaviour towards others that will determine your personality in her eyes. She is particularly attracted by natural charm and a lively mind. Don't be too complex in your explanations and come quickly to the point. The Sagittarian man is optimistic and expansive. To win him over, you will need to share his enthusiasm and passion in a very dynamic way. You can talk about your ambitions, if your convictions are in line with his judgement. To stay with him long-term, you will need to invest yourself fully and see the bigger picture. Avoid standing still, as this will inhibit him in his movements.
What kind of relationship to expect from a Sagittarian: Sagittarians prefer all relationships that enable them to make progress and excel. They mainly surround themselves with people who are loyal and have integrity. They cannot stand a lack of openness or injustice, even coming from perfect strangers. With someone who is intuitive and diplomatic, they will have an opportunity to give of their best in all areas of life.
An ideal gift for a Sagittarian: For a woman, horse-riding lessons. For a man, a bike.
The ideal Valentine's Day for a Sagittarian: A simple but substantial meal will be enough to satisfy any self-respecting Sagittarian. However, to make the evening really special, you will need to find an amusing way of burning off your energy after the meal. Plan to go dancing or a trip to the ice rink, depending on their preferences. Sagittarians have no patience whatsoever, so avoid queuing or traffic jams, as this would spoil everything.


What to expect from a Capricorn? A serious mind and ambition, but also a cold, austere outlook…
How to win over a Capricorn? The Capricorn woman is distant but sincere. She is looking for stability and openness, but doesn't do things on a whim. To win her over, you will need to be armed with patience and understanding, but also avoid mood swings, which would make her wary. With tenacity, intuition and subtlety, your approach would be more successful. The Capricorn man is calm and reserved. He doesn't like rushing things or a lack of organisation. To win him over, you will need to be enterprising and thoughtful, as any abrupt behaviour would frighten him off for good. He will be searching for someone who is original, but not exuberant, so don't overdo it either.
What kind of relationship to expect from a Capricorn? Capricorns aren't very sociable and their wariness makes them avoid numerous encounters. Any hint of betrayal and a Capricorn will be off. Their relationships are mainly made up of people who are stable and serious in intent. However, they need originality to brighten up their routine and that's why creative and enterprising people, who feel at ease with themselves, would be ideal for sharing their everyday existence and improving their lives.
An ideal gift for a Capricorn: For a woman, a watch. For a man, a board game.
The ideal Valentine's Day for Capricorns: A romantic evening at home, carefully organised by you, would probably suit them. Whatever else, avoid surprises other than the gift itself. An evening without organisation could make them feel unsettled and this Valentine's Day would be less enjoyable. Make sure they fully relax by distracting them with games or amusing stories.


What to expect from an Aquarian? Innovation and intelligence, but also insensitivity and a lack of discipline…
How to win over an Aquarian? The Aquarian woman is enigmatic and independent. To win her over, you need to be dynamic and have an open mind, as she will be looking for a partner who won't restrain her enthusiasm. Try not to persist if she doesn't give way to your demands, but wait instead until she changes her mind of her own volition. This is important. The Aquarian man is inventive and original. He constantly needs to be occupied, so, to win him over, the simplest thing is to ask him for a favour. In coming to your aid, he could realise he likes you. He will be searching for a person without taboos, so say what you think and don't be shocked by his suggestions, if you want him to show an interest in you.
What kind of relationship to expect with an Aquarian? Aquarians follow incomprehensible criteria when choosing their friends. They have their own take on things, but rarely make a mistake. Being close to an Aquarian is an honour, because they are capable of living their life on their own and therefore surround themselves with others out of choice, rather than obligation. To feel they are in good company, they need a dynamic and spiritual person, who operates from instinct and conviction.
An ideal gift for an Aquarian: For a woman, a wacky ornament. For a man, an original item to do with new technology.
The ideal Valentine's Day for an Aquarian: Aquarians aren't particular fans of Valentine's Day, which they see as a consumer-led invention. Every day of the year is an opportunity for showing them your love. To spend an enjoyable evening, rebel together against customs and traditional morality. You will probably enjoy yourselves more than in a dreary restaurant.


What to expect from a Piscean? Kindness and imagination, but also laxness and a lack of initiative…
How to win over a Piscean? The Piscean woman is gentle and creative. She needs to be looked after, so if you want to win her heart, be there for her and be persistent. She needs a serious-minded person at her sides to bring some stability to her everyday life. Give her space for her ideas and imagination, as she needs this and you could be pleasantly surprised. The Piscean man is nice and intuitive. He always manages to get out of awkward situations. To win him over, be natural and straightforward. He will particularly appreciate someone who will look after his home with pleasure and determination. He is also keen on philosophical discussion, so don't hesitate to start the conversation.
What kind of relationship can you expect from a Piscean? Pisceans have changing relationships. They adapt to different people and their desires, but they always avoid conflicts that wouldn't go in their favour. They need to let themselves be guided by their intuition and not by reasoning when choosing friends or lovers. With an ambitious and resolute person at their side, Pisceans will have fewer obstacles to overcome and more time to devote to their loved-ones.
An ideal present for a Piscean: For a woman, an original and amusing object. For a man, the means to create a work of art.
The ideal Valentine's Day for a Piscean: Booking a suite in a 5-star hotel would be ideal for giving them a pleasant surprise. Comfort and luxury will plunge any Piscean into a new universe, which they won't want to leave. Avoid planning everything, but let the evening develop according to chance. Any obligations or prohibitions are to be avoided at all costs.


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