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Calculate your Lunar Nodes and discover their teachings.

  Written by Alison

The lunar nodes are the points of the orbit where the moon crosses the ecliptic, the path of the sun in the sky. The north node and the south node are always opposite on a map of the sky. Astrologically, the nodes form a synthesis between the sun and the moon. Where do I come from, where am I going? It is one of the first existential questions of the human being. Depending on the school, the lunar nodes are connected with karma or terrestrial evolution of a person. In the karmic version, the south node symbolizes our previous life and the north node the goal, the purpose of our present incarnation.

In a more modern vision, the south node represents our heritage (genetic, cultural, spiritual) and the north node the path of our personal evolution. The North node represents our "duty" on this earth: armed with our achievements, we must consolidate, understand and retain them to move forward, to move towards our northern node, although this path is often perceived as difficult or demanding.

The sign in which the node is located indicates how we should go about it and the house tells us in which area we must act to evolve spiritually.

What are the secrets of your Lunar Nodes ?

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