Which Christmas decoration to choose

Written by Mary

Christmas is coming very soon, which kinds of decorations you will use this year? Rustic, traditional, girly, brilliant? According to your sense of the Nativity and the way you set your feast, we suggest ideas in agreement with your astrological sign to start the festivities well. Let's go!


The Most Festive Christmas Tree: Your thing is to make the most beautiful Christmas tree that anyone can dream of. For starters, you'll dress it with bright stars and ornaments for a hot red look. Then, you will decorate it with pastries of all styles such as macaroons, rolls, or cupcakes to make it the most gluttonous Christmas tree in the world. You will not forget to add white snow to evoke a magic touch. For sure, you do the whole package!


A Magic Table: You will put a lot on the table, the focal point of your eve. Indeed, you will be inspired to put pretty cutlery and towels but also to customize the corks on your bottles! On the other hand, you will put balls on a ribbon along your table, which will not fail to draw a table runner more original and user-friendly. Finally, you can install in the center of this table a cup of water dotted with floating candles and pink petals with a red color theme.


Graphic Style: It's not far fetched for you to run right and left for the perfect Christmas atmosphere, you opt for the decoration kit that will allow you to dress your traditional Christmas tree with garlands, ornaments, and all the trimmings. For the rest, you unpack the old elements from the past years. You add some inflatable balloons in a metallic color to add sparkle and make a nice and festive atmosphere that marks the occasion. In the end, if children ask you, you will have fun creating your own wall decorations, but only if you have the time!


Cozy Decorations: With you, everything must remind you how magical Christmas is. You shape your interior with warm colors and cozy elements. Faux fur, plaid, red, and orange candles. And light-up garlands suggest guests should be cozy. Even if there is no fireplace with a fire, your decor warms the iciest minds, and you outline a generous Santa Clause. Your illuminated garlands are also enchanting statements that remind one of childhood.


Flashy Style: You thoroughly love the pageantry of Christmas: it must be flashy and shine! Light up garlands have been created especially for you. You put decorations on the tree, but you don't stop there: you also put them on the door frames, windows, and even on the trees outside. Whether multicolored or unique, flashing, or fixed, you will be pleased to illuminate your interior festively. Gold and silver colors parade around for your happiness but also for that of your guests and dear darlings.


Eco-Friendly Decorations: Your decoration style is rather natural as you like it. The green trend tempts you, and you reject plastic. You collect pine cones and dead leaves to sprinkle throughout the living room. When nature is invited in your home, you set a clear and inviting table covered with a tablecloth in natural tones, with a well-placed branch of holly and faux fur on the seats. This warm atmosphere is successful!


Under the Sign of the Reindeer: The reindeer, but of course! Not only is it cute, but the kids love it too. Moreover, it reflects the idea of an exquisite and benevolent winter. So you can decorate the tablecloth, towels, and of course, the tree using reindeer. This graceful beast is best presented in 3D rather than tempered on a wall. And with this new fashion called "masking tape", you can pick up the right adhesive to cut your string of reindeer and let them invade your environment!


The Tree of Your Life: You do not mind building your own Christmas tree out of wood. Your sense of perfection or your manic fussiness (it depends) pushes you to question yourself... but you especially like that it saves you from the messy pine needles in all your rooms. First, you will paint your tree in a deep soft green on a canvas frame. Then you will attach ornaments and hearts on your magic tree so that it appears to you more real than nature. Magic, no?


Art Deco Style : The Art Deco style suits you very well. Your nature is stylish and warm, what better than the nostalgia of the years 1920-1930 but you do not stop there: you breathe a bit of renewal into traditional Christmas decor. You dress your room with dark and intense shades using midnight blue, wine, or deep black. For Christmas ornaments, you choose geometric or snowflakes. For gift wrap, you use your flirtatious side by adorning them with pretty satin ribbons. In short, you reinvent this holiday like no other.


Trendy Chalet Style: You are at your ease in assuming a Mountain Chalet style that combines warmth and simplicity. A blend of wood and white, with linen or mohair tissue paper and plaids on the cushions and carpets. You create a Christmas atmosphere perfectly suited to the winter theme: dynamic and alive. And then to complete it all, fake snow on your tree to give it a frosty but not cold look thanks to its gold and bronze tones.


Decorations with a Personal Touch: Aim for Christmas decorations that are unique and original; in other words, in your image! Take out your DIY box and make your own creations. Your imagination is on fire when you plot your course: you are quite capable of designing your snowflakes and paper Christmas balls, even wrapping the gifts in handmade paper. Here and there, you add shiny metallic hues to give a futuristic touch that reminds you just how much you are the astrological sign of the future.


The Perfect Decorations to Receive: With you, the Christmas decor will be perfect for making this holiday a memorable one. First, you will find a prime location to position your tree so that everyone will see it, but it won't block the flow of your guests. That done, you will move the furniture to make the most space to receive everyone. Some empty surfaces will be arranged to put apperos and appetizers. And your personal touch? Your table decoration transformed into a floral center, illuminating your entire living room and guests.

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