Mercury in Gemini: Emotion!

Written by Daisy

Since Mercury is the master of Gemini, its transit in this sign influences, on a large scale, the events of our daily lives, its impact on the other signs brings a little instability to our moods, causing repercussions in the family, social and / or professional environment. The role of Mercury is to intellectually manage our emotions. During this transit, our perceptions and our emotions will be sometimes jostled or even unbalanced for no apparent reason. The positive effect of Mercury is reflected in our way of communicating, our way of acting and our adaptability. Let's see what impact Mercury's transit into Gemini will have for each sign in the coming weeks, in order to anticipate and interpret certain events.


The sharp spirit of Aries, their courage and the dynamic side that represents them, makes them unique but also a volunteer ready to take down mountains for their emotional, professional and personal world, even if they want to crush all those who lie in their path. Mercury in Gemini will bring them a greater openness and a desire to communicate much more. Listening to others is surely the greatest advantage that Mercury offers by entering into the sign of these natives.


In search of happiness Taurus deploys a lot of energy in his quest for easy effort, even if their tranquility is priceless, being safe from need is part of the primary concerns of a Taurus. Always reliable in their relationships, a Taurus takes care of their entourage, Mercury has a way of destabilizing them, teasing them and leaving them no respite in terms of vitality, it is perhaps the weakness of a Taurus, not to control the upheavals Mercury in Gemini makes them undergo.


For a Gemini the duality that represents them does not make their lives easy, they do not take up this almost daily fight. In spite of everything, the Gemini is someone who tries to be positive, even in the darkest periods. Very sensitive to everything that happens around them, they establish quality relationships. At the moment when Mercury enters into its sign, the Gemini regains confidence. They are less disturbed by the negative effects of it's sign, Mercury facilitates the task by allowing them to fight against their own demons, to find areas of interest, without being invaded by doubt. They are obliged to have positive exchanges with the people around them. Their endearing and surprising personality makes, it feel like, at this very moment, they are flying!


Very family-oriented a Cancer is always willing to help, they are concerned about their family, they watch over their loved ones like no other sign. Hypersensitive, Cancer tries to flee from conflict and risks being walked all over if they do not protect themselves. For them, the passage of Mercury will allow them to adapt more easily to all situations, to keep a young spirit but also to protect themselves from external aggressions that they could meet. Very insightful, they will do well.


Intellectually brilliant, a Leo also shines through their pride, playing with fire they could burn themselves, power represents them, they cannot stand failure or mediocrity. The Leo has an unfortunate tendency to want to attract all eyes on them. Ambitious instinct rarely plays tricks on them. For them Mercury in Gemini will help reorganize their days, at least by focusing only on their priorities. On the other hand the Leo will remain inconsistent in their emotional relationships, it's a pity, a little effort is required!


A perpetual neat-freak, Virgos are full of energy and vitality. Gifted in relationships with others, the wise Virgo and the mad Virgo are one. Making good choices is a quality of the Virgo, who often comes out of perilous situations, unscathed. These natives are great idealists and their human qualities are recognized, Mercury in Gemini allows them to earn points by flourishing in relationships of all kinds.


A love for judging everything and endowed with a great faculty for discovering everyone's feelings, the Libra does not care about what is happening around them, they can be reproached for their selfishness but they continue their way. Always a step ahead of others, their energy is beautiful to see, the appearance of Libra is always the first thing that we notice. Mercury comes to their aid and allows them to make choices or make decisions that they would otherwise have trouble making ...


To know the true feelings of a Scorpio is mission impossible, this native knows perfectly how to hide what they feel, they do not let anything filter. They maintain the secret, they prefer to watch than to be watched, their attitude disconcerts more than one. The Scorpio seems hard on themselves and with others, so Mercury's action helps them to be less rigid and more docile. Spiritual research promotes their growth, so they are more relaxed than usual.


A responsible personality and an authoritarian character, a Sagittarius knows where they want to go, they control their emotions to perfection, this native prefers to exist only by themselves. In Sagittarius nothing is done at random everything is calculated, they manage their lives with a master hand not accepting the orders that we want to give them, independence suits them very well. When Mercury enters the Sagittarius sign the Sagittarius has the opportunity to protect themselves and to choose more easily the direction they have set without any outside help.


The tendency for a Capricorn to be pessimistic prevents them from carrying out their desires, in perpetual search of well-being these natives do not give themselves the means to become happy, less tortured people. Unconfident, the fear of failure destabilizes you yet your human qualities and your desire to evolve are interesting and ambitious projects do not scare you! This is where Mercury comes in, giving you the luxury of showing who you are ... generous people!


Often elusive Aquarius seeks and flees responsibilities, preferring to live. Your friends could want to let you down because your detachment brings home questioning. Fortunately, Mercury manifests itself in your sign and finds a compromise with your social entourage, removing the doubts and the misunderstandings, everyone finds their account, the Aquarians are reassured through the love and attention one brings them.


Not a realist, Pisces has a personality that varies according to their moods and for this we could blame their behavior a bit. However, so many other qualities put them forward, intuition is their most reliable weapon, a Pisces prefers it to reasoning. Their shyness is lacking, they give free rein to their dreams and this is what Mercury invites them to do during his entry into your sign, it requires Pisces to be more down to earth and when difficulties arise, to focus on their dreams second.

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