Full moon in Libra: collaboration

Written by Susan

When the moon is in Libra, across from the sun in Aries, this represents a powerful energy that will push all of us to be more individualistic, but only to join together even better.
This confrontation will emphasize impulsive behavior and will bring people together, but rather hectically...


You are too stressed out by your daily life, and so won't be too kind towards those around you and, cruelly, will lack any sort of tact. Expect tension between yourself and your partner, who won't agree at all with how you go about love. Live in the present and choose kindness - it'll do you the most good!


This full moon will help you not to get hung up on the small details and to be more tactful. This way, discussion will go easier, be a little more pleasant. The time has come to get your message across and tell people what you want, but with tact, or even take initiative and call up your close friends and plan a dinner together in order to ease any tension.


This full moon offers you kindness and harmony. This ambiance looks to be a peaceful one. More relaxed, you will take your time enjoying life, letting yourself be carried away by your friends and family and enjoying pleasant interaction with those around you. This is a good day for having fun, taking care of yourself, going shopping, or going to a concert or art expo. It's up to you - choose what you like!


This moon is somewhat destabilizing and will push you to totally clam up and turn molehills into mountains. On this day, all discussion should be avoided: you're not exactly willing to communicate or use tact. Until the storm blows over, allow yourself to relax and pamper yourself, too. It'll do you good!


This moon will breathe a little tact into you and score you some points at work, where your humanistic qualities will earn you appreciation from others. Today is a good day for doubling your chances to get your ideas across, to take initiative and build new bonds. The ambiance is also ideal for having fun and hanging out with friends.


Under this full moon, you are prepared to tone down your criticisms and to give up your social activities in favor of well-being and fun. Today is favorable for relaxing, getting a make-over, going to a spa, catch a flick, or go to an art expo. It's your choice!


Whether in love, at work, or in your relations with others in general, you will reach out to others for some truly harmonious interaction. This full moon will push you to take care of yourself, to be around people who share your points of view, and to spend time relaxing. If you're planning a night-out, you've got a good chance of meeting some interesting people.


Need peace and tranquility? What luck! This full moon will offer you the serenity you've been looking for. At last, you can unplug, ease your stress, reduce tension, and recharge. This is the ideal day, then, to grant yourself a moment of rest, perhaps with a little well-being package.


Under this full moon, your ability to smooth out the rough patches will ease any tension in the air, calm things down, and re-establish harmony in your relationships with others. This wonderful atmosphere will pique your curiosity, stimulate your creative urges, and give you the means to make your ideas a reality. This is a good day, too, to get out, to move, to take your time, and to party!


Under this full moon, you will be flexible in your professional life, but, in private, your mood swings will throw your close friends and family off balance. Communication will be far from cheery, and you'll prefer to take refuge in your own little world, at the risk of cutting yourself off from those that love you. Take a few moments to relax if you want to ease some tension.


Whether with friends or with your lover, today would be a good day to share your feelings and make yourself available to those you cherish most. The atmosphere relaxed. You will be able to strike a balance between your work and social life, and you will have harmonious and enriching exchanges with others. So, enjoy this good streak and spend some quality time with those who are close to you.


This is the ideal day for letting your creativity flow and starting up some sort of new activity. As for your relationships, you have a good chance of meeting people who appreciate your talents. Social life will be emphasized, so don't hesitate to move, to get out of the house - it would be a real pity not to enjoy these positive influences.

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