Mercury in Sagittarius

Written by Daisy

Everything related to contacts, exchanges, travel, relationships, whether loving, friendly or social and finally to finance, leaves Scorpio to enter the exuberant sign of Sagittarius. This induces an enhancement of the joy of life, of optimism and the spirit of initiative. A thirst for learning, grandiose projects and high ideals color mentalities and intellectual aspirations. This influence will be welcomed by the various signs, each according to its character and we will try to determine here what color these few weeks tinged with Mercury in Sagittarius will be.


You who adore when things move, you will be served! Mercury in the friendly sign of Sagittarius, promises you very rewarding exchanges and fulfilling emotional encounters for a few weeks. Your relationships will be freed from some heavy constraints on your activities, whatever they may be. Over the weeks, you will see the horizon of opportunities open up and you will go through this freer, more enterprising, more active, more autonomous and, for some, better accompanied!


Enjoy the influence of Mercury to open your mind, become more tolerant and relax. The changes will be beneficial to you, you will have more strings on your bow and you will be able to amass lots of very interesting information. Meeting different people, foreigners or those from different backgrounds are far from worrying to you and should be worth a lot of unexpected opportunities. You will also have the opportunity during this transit to deepen your knowledge, it is a good influence to study or to pass an exam.


What a wonderful time for most Gemini! Anticipate a growing agitation with the arrival of Mercury in your complementary sign. Your daily life will be illuminated with meetings and various exchanges that can lead you to a love as well as a happy or beautiful trip ... Between rewarding communications, worthwhile work and beneficial travel, it's a complicit sky, which spices up these next few weeks.


Your daily life will lose some of its immobility, you will have more independence in your exchanges and freedom in your movements. You will go through a pleasant routine, without any particular fights and without specific problems. This is an excellent opportunity to relax and calmly consider the future. You'll have the freedom to organize a bold schedule and think of a better lifestyle. You can do this and concoct some great moments until the daily routine is re-animated in a few weeks.


The passage of Mercury in Sagittarius will bring to Leo many opportunities over the next few weeks. Indeed, this transit brings an excellent dynamic in your contacts, your meetings, your relationships, your travels and all your activities. The sleepy or limiting routine of recent weeks will give way to novelties, surprises, opportunities to undertake new activities or to acquire a real autonomy. The areas of love, pleasure and associations will be particularly privileged and you may be worth a new love or a wedding project?


Much nervous tension is to be feared during this transit of Mercury in Sagittarius. Indeed, the passage in this sign to your excessive and casual eyes may cause multiple situations of misunderstanding, errors, distractions or controversies. Knowing this, it will be good to relativize your exchanges and your loves so as not to worry unnecessarily. Stop blocking on details and do not take things personally. Often, this kind of concern in trade and relationships stems from a misunderstanding between people and does not mean that we do not appreciate you.


After a period full of frustrations and constraints, your sky lights up with Mercury emerging from the shadows to make you see the country, encourage you to move, meet people and expand your knowledge. This influence could unlock all kinds of fixed situations and allow you to find interesting activities in freedom and autonomy. This nice transit will keep you for a few weeks in a good mood, renewed projects and relationships as diverse as fulfilling.


Your routine calms down while leaving you, Mercury stops influencing your daily life directly, leaving you the choice and the responsibility of your meetings, your exchanges and your behaviors. You will encounter less complicity but more freedom in your various relationships. However, this influence may also hinder your activities or affect your optimism. You must adapt to certain novelties that will not always be to your taste, which can induce dissatisfaction and sometimes rebellion. Relax yourself a bit, you could pull good ideas out of all this turmoil.


Great atmosphere for Sagittarians! With Mercury in your sign, you can count on positive travel, rewarding contacts, worthwhile exchanges, fulfilling relationships and diverse affection. Your routine is thawed and opens up to higher aspirations, deeper knowledge and, most importantly, projects that are gaining ground. This influence frees you from certain shackles, giving you a great freedom of action and thought as well as a new potential to move towards greater autonomy.


The arrival of Mercury in Sagittarius takes you out of your shell a little in recent weeks and brings novelty or exoticism in your exchanges, relationships and affections. After a period of intense reflection and, for some, important personal discoveries, the routine will become somewhat animated and, even if some insouciance hovers, it distracts you from a kind of chronic gloom. You will be attracted by meditation and solitude, it will rejuvenate you but do not neglect the opportunities learn new things, it will be useful soon!


Nice period for the Aquarians who will see their daily soften and light up over the days. On leaving Scorpio, Mercury frees you from nervous and emotional tensions, brings a breath of fresh air to your relationships, your movements and even your thoughts. A little morose or tired lately, you will again come across a lot of opportunities in your meetings, exchanges, contacts and loves. This transit will also provide you with excellent ideas in original or alternative fields. This beautiful mental energy will positively influence your morale and keep you fit.


A great agitation is looming on the horizon for the next days. Mercury's entry into Sagittarius will tear you away from the arms of Morpheus, Cupid or Buddha to propel you into a thunderous and often casual routine. It's time to wake up, expand your horizons, multiply meetings and travel to reduce nervous tension but also renew your goals, your ideals or simply your expectations in life. To isolate yourself would only increase your discomfort, attack existence head on!

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