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Friday, September the 20th
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Mercury in Aquarius: Discoveries!

  Written by Daisy

Mercury enters Aquarius and ideas will arise in many people and a very dynamic intellectual atmosphere is set up for a few weeks. We will speak of innovations, discoveries, change of thought and the rejuvenation of mentalities. This atmosphere will be variously appreciated, supported and profitable according to the signs. But for everyone, it is as much adapting to this exuberant and communicative atmosphere as it is opening to new concepts. It's a good way to progress.

Aries: After a few weeks full of restraints, brakes, constraints or obligations, the locks finally fall away! An atmosphere much more conducive to your studies, your exchanges and your meetings will tint the daily routine of these next weeks with good surprises and inventiveness. It is very likely that you will make new, original and fraternal friends. Discussions may be held, in order to put a new project in a friendly and caring context. It's a great time to make appointments, look for work, meet new people and evolve towards more humanism.

Gemini: The universe of your exchanges will wake up and you will multiply meetings, discussions and discoveries. The atmosphere becomes much more communicative and will give you many opportunities to have fun or to educate yourself. The danger lies precisely in the abundance of opportunities, which could distract you and scatter your activities, without ever ending. The novelty is good. Consistency too ... Know how to take advantage of this very beneficial climate for your intellect without falling into rebel or intolerant ways, maintain your flexibility of mind, you have everything to gain.

Leo: The climate will be rebellious against any abuse of authority. Your relational and intellectual world will wake up and stimulate your eagerness to communicate. You can make great progress and exciting encounters if you stay humble and take the trouble to listen to your interlocutors. Some, more authoritarian than others, may speak out, without always grasping what is beneficial or profitable to take in the good ideas of others. It is in the news that you will find the best opportunities and with new people you will form the most inventive and innovative teams.

Virgo: Your meetings and your exchanges will evolve towards novelty and surprises on a daily basis. You will have a lot to sort through, analyze and store in the drawers of your intellect, for a broader and more comprehensive view of what the routine can bring you. Be very attentive to the people you meet: their ideas, even unusual, are to be considered and a wind of freshness would be welcome in your daily routine that is often sober, not to say strict. With positive reactions and more open exchanges, it is as much your affections as your activities that can be illuminated under this mercurial influence.

Scorpio: After a deep maturing, the time has come to confront new concepts, new ways of working or unusual encounters. You do not like surprises because you want to control everything, all the time. However, it will be necessary to adapt or suffer because the surprises will rain down for a few weeks. Rather than resist uselessly, maintain sterile conflicts or mope in solitude, know how to use this influence to open your mind to new ideas, listen to what people have to say and discover unsuspected paths. You have everything to gain.

Capricorn: Mercury leaves you to enter your neighbor's home where he will bring a lot of animation for a few weeks. This is an excellent extension to your reflection of recent times: after having stabilized your intellectual achievements and set up solid bases of exchanges, you can now turn to all that the sky will propose to you again, new or even unusual things. A lot of meetings and exciting discussions are on the agenda and for some, this influence could prove financially fruitful because even if you invent little, you are perfectly able to make the ideas of others into a reality.

Aquarius: With the entrance of Mercury in your sign, it is the promise of a boosted intellect for a few weeks, between lively discussions, ideas adopted by all or massive rejection at other times. In any case, nothing tepid in your exchanges and your travels. On the other hand, all this boiling is exciting and leads to real changes of substance in the future. And what else but change to reinvigorate yourself and get back to a new foundation? Save time for new encounters, even new affections: it is indeed a blessed period to make yourself heard and understood and even for some, to make yourself loved.
Taurus: With Mercury in Aquarius, it is a sometimes challenging fortnight that awaits you. The atmosphere of the exchanges of recent times suited you but it will change with this transit. You will have to manage a lot of news, you will be forced to change methods and adapt to a less traditional communication, more surprising or even eccentric. Even if you hate to be jostled in this way, it's in your interest to get on the bandwagon and do your best to meet the expectations of the people you will meet. You are in the middle of luck, it would be a shame not to take advantage of opportunities because of stubbornness or lack of flexibility ...

Cancer: Your meetings, your travels and your exchanges will evolve towards more openness, mobility and exciting news. Your ideas and reflections find new ways to explore, and you can make great strides in implementing new methods or meeting different people who will bring other perspectives to the opinions you thought you had. This passage from Mercury to Aquarius should give everyone the opportunity to change their minds and exploit unusual discoveries, which will not fail to pleasantly distract those who are otherwise faced with worries.

Libra: In recent weeks, you have had the feeling of being stuck in your exchanges and your travels, it is even possible that you have been copiously bored. This changes with this transit, for a much more friendly, fun and rewarding atmosphere. Although some still have to suffer a lot of celestial woes, this passage should still bring you fresh air in your various meetings and bring a lot of fun and discovery to your travels. So be sure to enjoy the truces that the sky offers you and savor this intellectual sparkle.

Sagittarius: Your relationships will light up with the passage from Mercury to Aquarius: after a short period of hibernation, contacts, exchanges and travel will be on the rise for a few weeks. This is an opportunity for you to get out of your reserve, to meet new people, to express yourself freely, to undertake a journey or any change, in short to move towards a much more fulfilling routine through carrying new challenges to light in a fraternal atmosphere. You will be well influenced and all should benefit from this great breath of fresh air on a daily routine that is sometimes gloomy.

Pisces: After a few weeks of introspection and stabilization of your ideas, here is a period that will disrupt your intellectual achievements to incorporate new data. With the entry of Mercury in Aquarius, the communication will become more surprising, whimsical and meetings will often have an unusual character which will amuse you very much. It's a great time to come up with new ideas, to change the way you work or to make unexpected trips. Nothing in the current sky should slow down your progress and this breath of fresh air on communication should make you get off your little cloud to catch all the opportunities that are sure to arise.

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