Mercury in Capricorn: Structure!

Written by Daisy

Mercury will leave Sagittarius where he just passed, to give dynamism and openness to each of us. The transit in Capricorn perfectly represents wisdom, calm, depth of spirit, discipline and the personal ambition of this sign. Mercury entering it will structure our thoughts, reflections and exchanges. Mature reasoning should bring us to the right conclusions, in order to positively exploit the creativity and renewal of Mercury in Aquarius in a few weeks.


This transit suggests great agitation in Aries, subject to all sorts of conflicting and exhausting experiences. The return to rigor, measurement and discernment should, however, do you the greatest good. The sky has been nice by offering you a lot of exchanges, meetings or successful trips in recent weeks. Now it's up to you to make positive use of this harvest by putting order in your planning, your contacts and your finances. You too must accept limits, deadlines and necessary and useful constraints. This transit only lasts a few weeks! Soon, circumstances, luck and fate will open many new doors for you.


Some of you have struggled with the excitement and casualness of recent weeks. The arrival of Mercury in Capricorn will bring you a few weeks of intellectual tranquility. The atmosphere is conducive to reflection, the exchanges are perhaps less numerous but deeper and more durable. For those who have major concerns to manage elsewhere, this transit will help them a lot. It is a positive transit that will boost your energy, keep you healthy, motivate you to work more concretely on your aspirations, your projects and your ambitions and offers you a more serene relationship.


For you, Mercury in Capricorn is the return to discipline, bonds and a much more sober atmosphere. However, this transit is not negative for you and it will be up to you to make the most of this opportunity of a few weeks to: tidy up your papers, carry out the necessary administrative procedures, send in your CV, write your cover letter, in short return to activities less fun but more profitable. Only a few weeks of discipline and rigor, this is the price to pay, in order to fully enjoy the exciting new products that will soon accompany the entry of Mercury in Aquarius.


The passage from Mercury to Capricorn, for Cancer, corresponds to a resumption of intellectual activity after a long period of laziness or spiritual dispersion. What's at stake for these few weeks, which are a little stressful, is potentially important: Mercury is here to help you structure your ideas, to better manage your relationships, to share things without passion or whims and to learn excellent lessons for the future. A little self-discipline in your reflections and consistency in your opinions should positively change your situation. But it still requires a personal effort to extricate yourself from your immobility.


Often sailing between excessiveness and rebellion, you especially need to be calmed. Mercury will appease all Leos and give them, for a few weeks, the opportunity to reflect on themselves, their expectations and the methods to put in place in order to move forward, but also the intellectual means of turning a good idea into a concrete indisputable and sustainable result. A prosperous period, even if it hardly seems like it, given the sober and slightly severe image of Capricorn. Nevertheless, this sign is very beneficial to the Leo, bringing density to their projects and intellectual lucidity, very useful for exploiting or presenting their ideas.


Most of you are relieved that Mercury is changing his mind and are generally thinking about your future. The Virgos are in shape and the entrance of Mercury in a friendly sign will appease their last irrational fears and allow them to find the right words to clarify a situation or defend a point of view. Your mind, tired by family worries or subject to delicate challenges, will experience a few weeks of quietude. You will be able to do a lot of work while being creative. It will be an excellent time to positively notice your hierarchy or to offer your services.


Every decan of Libra goes through frustrating or destabilizing moments. The entry of Mercury in Capricorn will somewhat calm things down but may suddenly make the next few weeks a little monotonous. You will have to develop a rigorous self-discipline to learn the positive lessons from this transit. Your impulses will sometimes be cut, your family will often seem severe and your movements may be limited. All this must serve you and not weigh you down. Accept this atmosphere and you will have every chance to make fantastic progress in the evolution of your thoughts or your studies.


This transit coincides for you with the return to more fulfilling relationships and a daily rhythm that suits you better. You will notice a positive evolution in your environment: your loved ones will be more concentrated, the conversations will have more weight and your meditations will be facilitated. You will have, for a few weeks, all the time to build your immediate future in peace and serenity of mind. The encounters made during this period are marked by depth and duration. Enough to decorate very pleasantly your address book as well as your social sphere, whether friendly, professional, or in love ...


Mercury leaves you, after having enlightened your days of meetings, exchanges and expenses, sometimes exaggerated. A much wiser period is coming: we will have to make accounts and balance sheets and make some good resolutions to maintain a budget that was a little defective at the end of all this turmoil. You have every interest in following the mood and coming back to more rare but more profitable activities and exchanges. It will only take a few weeks of sustained effort and you will have it in your hands and your mind the best approach to enjoy the entry of Mercury in Aquarius right after.


This period marks the entry of Mercury into your sign and promises you a few weeks of intellectual and moral well-being. It will be easy to express yourself and your meetings will be fulfilling and sustainable. Your well-irrigated neurons will make your reflections constructive, your opinions better argued and your projects stronger. It's a great time to highlight your abilities by asking for a promotion or going on a job hunt: you have every chance of being heard, listened to and understood. You have a few weeks to make this excellent transit profitable.


In your home, this transit corresponds to a withdrawal of yourself and to the analysis of all that you have learned lately. The time has come to take stock of your meetings, sort them out and make the most of them. It's also a good time to meditate a little on your future by giving yourself a welcome break after the frenzy of Mercury in Sagittarius. The daily routine will seem more dull but the intellectual efforts made during the next weeks are well worth this retreat, finally fertile you are full of renewed ideas, more concrete, more feasible and above all, more profitable ...


After a few stressful, often frustrating weeks, now is a period of psychological peace that comes with Mercury in Capricorn. You will be much less agitated and your mind will take great advantage of the concentrated atmosphere that will prevail during this transit. You will have more facilities to apprehend the realities and your reasoning coupled with your legendary intuition, should bring you, ready, to the arrival of Mercury in Aquarius and the exciting novelties that you will then be able to manage in all effectiveness. Your social circle will be caring, understanding and very present during this happy time.

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