Pluto enters into Aquarius in 2023-2024

Written by Mary

Pluto enters Aquarius in 2023-2024, and profound changes are likely to take place in new technologies and in the scientific world in general. In some cases, Humanity will start on new technical bases, much more adapted to our world. On a personal level, Pluto will have influence only if he is powerful in the natal chart.


When Pluto is in sextile with the natal sun, concrete changes can be made in everyday life. You will demonstrate a great sense of practical organization. This is an ideal time to get rid of everything that has become obsolete, useless, harmful or cumbersome; whether it's relationships, dependency, emotional attachment, ideas or even objects or situations you never want to see again. The depth of your reflections gives you a subtle charm that lies in the depth of your point of view and the absence of complexity in your remarks, you forget all shyness.


Everything works to make you react. Pluto is an unconscious force that pushes you to live fully, you are ready to take risks that you did not take before. The least resistance to your initiatives gives you a sense of failure, you suffer from a feeling of helplessness in the face of your destiny ... Pluto placed in this way has a terrible blocking effect, he causes frustrations, hampers projects and stalls any progress. Your private life may be affected, with the resurgence of old psychological problems. It is possible that you refuse a therapy or even advice but you evolve anyway, the power of Pluto is inexorable.


This beautiful aspect of Pluto, which remains in relation to your sign for almost 20 years, promises a profound metamorphosis of your existence towards an upcoming situation, much in keeping with your true temperament. You will feel strong, in your right and ready to sweep away all the obstacles that could hold you back on the path of autonomy. Your talents will be revealed on this occasion and you have a good lucidity about yourself, which allows you to make the right choices, to gently get rid of everything that hinders you. You can also use this powerful influence to dive into your subconscious and find answers to very old problems ...


The entry of Pluto into Aquarius corresponds especially for you to the exit of Capricorn. Thus, for the next twenty years, you will start with more intuitive bases, the unconscious will take more space and spiritual evolution is likely. The superficial and appearances will interest you less and less and you will be more demanding, as much with others as with yourself because your quest is one of greater authenticity.


The opposition of Pluto to the sun is quite destabilizing because it induces metamorphoses and profound changes that are sometimes brutal. We do not always choose this but we must assume it. You are at the foot of the wall, forced to act, to decide, to judge, to endorse ... This tension can affect your emotional ties, it is often the occasion of radical adjustments in your relationship or other associations. You may feel lonely at times because you have to settle something very personal that revolves around your relationships with the world, you must find your authentic nature to restore balance and serenity in all your exchanges.


When Pluto enters Aquarius, he enters your symbolic home 6. The colour of your daily life will subtly change for the next 20 years. You can expect some radical changes in your daily work, you will definitely drop the activities that do not allow you to flourish and in this area, you will start again on a new basis.


With the beneficial aspects of this distant and powerful planet, your life moves slowly and discreetly toward a profound metamorphose. Your intuition is favored and you are as inventive as you are demanding in the quest for authenticity. This mainly concerns the field of pleasure, creativity and children. Depending on the case, this transit can result in a deep and exceptional work for an artist, the conception of a child or the discovery of sensual pleasures still unexplored, the same for a man as for a woman. You have to get rid of certain people or situations, which are harmful or superfluous, so you find yourself in good company over the long term. It is a beautiful transit of renewal.


Pluto square in the natal sun has a very restraining and frustrating effect. Your private life may be affected if you refuse to solve your psychological problems. You have the impression that someone or something is preventing you from moving forward without clearly distinguishing what blocks you and without noticing that your own existence is in question: you must radically change something in your way of life and you must discover what it is before starting on the right foot. This long, discreet and painful transit requires you to change without being able to oppose it, monitor your vitality and take a step back.


Pluto in Aquarius is the assurance that your situation is slowly and discreetly but profoundly evolving. You are encouraged by the skies to look at your environment to sort out the wheat from the chaff and build an entourage more in harmony with your personal goals. This is a great time to make that difference, take advantage of your amplified charm to accept the upheavals that are not lacking and install this climate around you. You feel stronger and more in tune with yourself. You are determined to transform your existence. You are helped in this by circumstances, happy chances, coincidences or meetings.


By entering Aquarius, Pluto invests in your home 2. Your ideas about material goods will change considerably or even transform. You may be questioning your relationship to money and radically change your behaviour in this area. You want to go back to basics and not waste your material possessions on impulses.


When Pluto transits the natal sun, there is an emergence of the unconscious: you find yourself, you discover and accept your impulses and your ignored resources. You live, however, with a vague malaise, linked to profound changes: you look in the mirror without recognizing yourself and possible anxieties. There is a risk of changes in your situation, an awareness of a health problem or a professional disruption (for women, this is sometimes a passionate but destructive relationship). You feel the need to change your environment, it's the beginning of working on yourself. Your life is turned upside down with an alternation of disturbing physical sensations and an equally strange well-being. You move from a state of total inertia to a fully inflated state.


The passage from Pluto to Aquarius occupies your symbolic home 12. It is a deep encounter with yourself and your secret resources, a meeting that will last for twenty years, which is well worth the investment. Your intuition will be particularly accurate and you will be more and more able to help people in difficulty or those who are suffering.

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