The transit of Mars in Capricorn

Written by Susan

Mars enters Capricorn and brings ambition, perseverance, a fighting spirit and endurance. This transit helps to achieve goals and solve problems, it initiates new projects and builds self-confidence.


The entry of Mars into Capricorn makes you more thoughtful, more pragmatic and allows you to fully express your potential. So, you can aspire to climb new heights and you work hard to achieve it. This is to your credit and you can expect to reap the rewards of your efforts. However, in the relationship sphere, you lack a bit of diplomacy. Indeed, you show some rigidity that may not be to everyone's liking.


With the passage of Mars in Capricorn, you structure your ideas and you get to work with a fierceness. Nothing seems to be able to deflect you from your trajectory. Whatever the situation you will camp on your positions and are absolutely not ready to make the slightest concession. In love, we could blame you for your coldness. Indeed, we can not say that you are the king of feelings, nor that you make efforts to bring a little fantasy to your relationship.


The entry of Mars into Capricorn makes you more rational, more lucid and more organized. Thus, you benefit from it to plan your schedule, to work hard to invest yourself and to give yourself the means to achieve your objectives. With this transit, you have faith in your ambitions and you find a great self-confidence. In love, instead of breaking your head over the small things that aren't worth it, be receptive to the other and deepen your relationship!


With the passage of Mars in Capricorn, you fear nothing and no one. You have good assurance that can help you overcome all obstacles and possible difficulties. You are finally ready to approach your hierarchy, to show that you are there and to express your ideas and projects. Needless to say, you do not hesitate to roll up your sleeves to take on and assume your responsibilities!


With the passage of Mars in Capricorn, you put your ideas in order with greater objectivity and act calmly and cooly. You are able to solve any problem and you have the strength to undertake, to invest in an ambitious project, to challenge yourself or to take on new initiatives. You have your feet on the ground and you give yourself the means to reach your goals. In love or family, you endorse your responsibilities and bring peace to your cocoon.


With the arrival of Mars in Capricorn, you are not so fanciful in private but nothing escapes you and you are able to resolve any hassles quickly. Terribly thorough and pragmatic in your professional sphere, now is the time to take advantage of the climate to move forward, bet on yourself and your abilities, trust, advance, start a project and act with determination.


With the arrival of Mars in Capricorn, there is nothing really fun in the relationship domain. Indeed, you show extreme distrust that does not allow you to easily go to others. In love, even if you are available and present you have trouble expressing your feelings. While waiting for the cosmos to give you your legendary sociability, take advantage of the ambient climate to focus on your professional goals.


The passage of Mars in Capricorn does not fill you with joy in your relationships. Indeed, this transit makes you particularly cold, distant and rigid. You lack flexibility and you are not ready to smooth the edges to get your messages across and make yourself understood. Your only priority is to shine professionally and deploy all your energy to reap the desired results.


The arrival of Mars in Capricorn curbs your enthusiasm, imposes limits and invites you to be more reasoning and have more common sense and organization. It's a great time to expand your business plans, with consistency and ways to turn situations to your advantage. You can invest deeply and believe in your chances to succeed and even touch success.


With the passage of Mars in Capricorn, you can believe in your ambitions, count on your power of work, on your balance and your practical sense to turn all the tests into master shots! Whether at home or at work, you take responsibility and control of the operations to work in the right direction and for the well-being of everyone. You have all the cards in hand to succeed!


The entry of Mars into Capricorn makes you less singular but more organized in everything you do. You leave aside your casualness to take on your responsibilities and take the path of perseverance and progress. With this transit, you take the time to return to earth, to give consistency to your projects and you use your momentum to integrate yourself more in the professional sphere.


The passage from Mars to Capricorn encourages you to believe in yourself, to start a project, to launch an idea, to highlight your creative potential and to invest 100% in your work. The time has come to bring together what was scattered and to make something solid and effective. Whatever the field, you have all the cards in your hand to achieve your goals. It's up to you to play and you'll win!

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