Starting school year

Written by Alison

Since the beginning of the year there is a well known air to the start of the school year: good resolutions and new projects. Take a little tour of the zodiac in order to take stock of individual intentions but also for some advice, so that you can swim in your element and adapt to some imperatives that sometimes happen without warning. Whatever the mood that will accompany your sign, we wish you lots of good surprises for this season!


Hardly on the starting block, you are already propelling yourself towards your work-related goals. It would be clever to proceed with steps that you have written down somewhere in a notebook so you do not pick yourself up and to make sure that you are moving into a balance of wisdom. You will be able to measure your progress and rejoice at the idea of having made a considerable path, and you will notice that the process is really operative.


Learn to relax control of your tasks and obligations. The great leaders delegate in order to be able to concentrate on the essentials, which is why they surround themselves with gifted collaborators in a particular field. Do the same and you will be amazed at the time you earn and the way you progress more efficiently. Your return will be made in peace and that's what you like.


A Social Person
Cultivate your ease and your humorous gifts in society while adding a little depth and philosophy that could put into perspective the lightness of existence. You are thus made of a sociable manner and you will not retreat into yourself on the pretext that this start of the school year is nervous, even hostile. Stay with those you know to go out, brighten the gallery and enlarge the horizons. With this idea, you will increase your productivity.


Without necessarily running to all the stores, go in search of a good down jacket in order to warm the atmosphere if it chills you, at least you will have found the ideal windbreaker, which defies the demotivating air currents typical of a hurried start of the school year. You need to wind down, protect yourself from the crowd and its anthill movements to be serenely inspired by your projects.


Find a Match
Be organized and precise to meet the objectives of your roadmap until the end of the year. The devil is in the details, as the saying goes, and these details can sometimes become the cornerstone of our future success. To not lose anything and respond to different points of your plan of attack, do not hesitate to use the services of a partner because it could help you achieve your performance.


Apply for training with your supervisors to demonstrate that you can improve your position and that this would have an undeniable effect on a medium-term economic plan. Before presenting your project, define the type of program that will work best. With your power of persuasion, you will have no trouble convincing and demonstrating the merits of your intentions.


Take Time for Yourself
Give yourself time to entertain your friends, cook, spread a good atmosphere and design all the recipes that go through your head. Do not take a project too seriously, live well and simply, your life will give it back to you a hundredfold. At work, you will be perceived as a more relaxed and comfortable person. You will make a good impression and you will have a good reputation with your employees and your superiors.


Identify with others
For this season, be in the spirit of openness and non-judgment. Learn empathy like you learn a music lesson, it will be useful to negotiate if the opportunity arises and to put yourself in phase with any type of interlocutor. If by chance you encounter any conflict, you will be able to defuse tensions and even enter a helping relationship that will surprise everyone.


Keep a cool Head
Be optimistic, sure, but do not set the bar too high for all of your goals otherwise you may find yourself disappointed with your results. The principle is to support yourself on a realistic basis and not to be radical in defining your intentions; like quitting smoking in less than a week or making three times more money. You have the right to be ambitious but with a minimum of lucidity.


Groom your Confidence
Purchase a cream and rehydrate your skin to heal its sensitive, stressed or irritated nature. It will soothe you and make you look in the mirror with optimum confidence. You will put your nose out with the proper momentum to embrace any goal that you are to achieve. You are ready for an appointment with success and to get a promotion in your work. In short, be completely devoted to what you sow.


Tattoo Your Personality
To stick to your rebellious spirit and send the common and established opinions packing, get a new tattoo to mark the occasion and tell yourself: finally, I did it! Of course, make an informed choice, namely elect the tattoo artist who suits you artistically and who follows the rules of hygiene. And if that reassures you, for your first drawing, chose a private place on your body. This will make you feel different and this idea has always excited you!


Take Time to Pamper Yourself
Beforehand, a good spa to reconnect with your aquatic roots and to be in top shape! Look no further, that's what you need. This start of the school year will be bearable only if you pamper yourself with a sensory experience. An energetic massage with pressures on the meridians of the face and the bust and you will leave fulfilled. So much so that one could even take you for someone else.


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