Mars transits into Taurus

Written by Susan

Mars leaves the sign of Aries to enter Taurus bringing a lot of determination and tenacity into our actions and the capacity to support enormous workloads. Our will and our actions will target constructive initiatives, concrete achievements and material goals. During this transit, our taste for the pleasures of life are intense. The need to satisfy one's sensual and material desires is strongly felt, with the risk of being stubborn, jealous, angry, greedy and thoughtless in our spending.


With Mars in your sign these last weeks you were very nervous. Mars now entering the sign of Taurus will allow you to better channel your energy. Persevering in your effort, even a little stubborn, you will want to focus on the material aspect of your actions, to take initiatives that are fruitful. Your taste for the pleasures of life are intense right now and you are spending a lot of money to satisfy it. You feel particularly sensual and passionate and if you are in a relationship, you may tend to be jealous, possessive or angry.


Mars will form a conjunction with your natal Sun that will further amplify your strength of character and your perseverance but also your stubbornness. You assert yourself with authority but still watch your mood, you have a lot of energy that you try to contain and you may easily get angry during this time. You are particularly willing, hardworking, stubborn in your actions and greedy, in order to satiate your need for tangible and palpable results and your spending desires. You feel the need to enjoy the pleasures of life, intensely.


This planetary configuration will encourage you to focus on much more personal projects and goals. Your pace slows down, you are calmer, less dispersed and you indulge in introspection and self-criticism. This is an ideal time to try to better understand your expectations, your needs and your desires. You look at yourself and your situation preparing the terrain for the arrival of Mars in your sign in a few weeks. You define more clearly and pragmatically the results you want from your future actions and achievements.


This period, which was nervous and a bit difficult to manage finally ends. Mars entering into Taurus forms a sextile to your natal Sun and brings you a renewed self-confidence and a greater ease to channel your energies in a positive way. Your personal and professional relationships will be greatly facilitated, more frank and more user-friendly. As a couple, you show more love and more sensuality for the greater happiness of your partner. More deliberate and determined, you feel a certain taste for effort and you focus on your work and your projects in order to improve your material comfort.


A difficult time begins for you during which you will be irritable and agitated. You tend to be authoritarian, stubborn, dissatisfied and obstinate in your actions as in your exchanges. You risk creating a lot of tension in your professional relationships through this attitude but also within your couple. You are devoured by passion and you become jealous, or angry. You are impulsive and it will be very beneficial for you to channel your bounding energy on a predetermined goal to draw the positive from this transit. You will also have a strong tendency to make extravagant and compulsive expenses.


This planetary configuration is very beneficial for you. Feeling confident and determined, in search of results, you easily channel your energy towards concrete and material achievements. You know what you want and you get right to the point, your actions are effective and your initiatives are paying off. At work, you attract the favor and support of your superiors. It's a good time to accept a project, ask for a promotion or a raise. In your love life, you feel particularly in love and sensual during this period. Your relationships, both professional and private, are good.


With the arrival of Mars in Taurus, you feel less nervous, the frustrations dissipate and you will be able to take stock of yourself, which will prove very beneficial for your affairs that follow. Your activities during this period are internal. The time has come to asses of your situation, in order to better understand it, to report on your successes, your mistakes, your strengths and your weaknesses and to define, in full awareness, what direction to give to your future initiatives. Put as much as you can this period to profit because soon, your activities will resume again.


Mars brings you more energy that you will have to channel toward a specific goal or a concrete realization; without it you risk becoming nervous, aggressive or even angry. Take the time to choose your battles wisely. In search of material results, you feel determined, tenacious, ready to fight, to defend your interests and able to support a huge workload. Be careful not to be too stubborn or domineering, you will make your relationship difficult. Stay aware of your actions and their impact on others so you do not have to face frustrating oppositions.


With Mars in Aries, you have been able to more clearly define your goals and launch new projects. The entry of Mars into Taurus grants you strength and perseverance in your efforts. Ambitious, tenacious, determined, you patiently pursue your goals and are now looking to reap the benefits of past initiatives. It is also a good time to try to improve the practical side of your daily tasks and your lifestyle. You feel a powerful attraction for all the pleasures of life and you are particularly sensual at the moment, to the delight of your partner.


Mars enters Taurus and will come to form a trine with your natal Sun, a period that looks very constructive for you, especially in the professional field. You feel confident, courageous, full of vitality and your initiatives are paying off. You pursue your goals with a lot of determination, focused on their material aspects, what they can relate to you as money and as personal satisfaction. Your relationships are good and you generate interest and even support from others for your projects. This is the perfect time to apply for a promotion or a raise, you have every chance to get it.


A frustrating time begins for you when your ideals seem out of reach. You will tend to be stubborn in your actions, as in your exchanges and to arouse oppositions. You have a lot of energy and you can assert yourself in an aggressive and eccentric manner. You will not get anything this way so watch your mood swings if you do not want to taint your relationships. Play sports to spend your extra energy. At home too, try to control your impulsive reactions, spend your energy under the quilt rather than quarreling.


Mars entering Taurus will come to form a sextile to your native Sun and bring you vitality, energy and greater confidence in your strengths and your means. You have the capacity to cut down a lot of work at the moment and you are very focused on your objectives and on the concrete results you want from your past initiatives. Contacts and exchanges are very rewarding during this transit. You evolve in a serene, dynamic and enthusiastic atmosphere. In your life as a couple, you feel particularly in love and sensual.

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