Mars arrives in Cancer

Written by Susan

When Mars, the warrior, invites himself into the sign of Cancer, it is the shock of iron in contact with water, but it is also the direct action of the masculine principle against the passivity of the matrix. Cancer is, collectively, the motherland and the administration, so Mars in cancer can trigger social actions and strikes.

In fact, this transit of the planet Mars in Cancer has a "bad reputation," it creates tense situations at the heart of which reconciliation becomes a real issue. In response to the violent action of Mars, the force of inertia of the sign of Cancer acts as a reflecting mirror, the mirror of original waters. Mars and his raw energy will have to fight against the tense trap of the double symbolic engulfing of the sign of Cancer: the womb of our birth and ... the end of things.

Positive aspects: overflowing imagination, patriotism, desire to direct one's family, construction of the well-being of the home, improvement of living conditions. Dynamism that shakes up your entourage and authority within a group.
Negative aspects: Susceptible, impatient, despotism within the family. Uncontrolled imagination, sensitive to addictions. Stomach pain, ulcers and gastritis.


Mars is your planet, it usually pushes you to risk and exceed in all areas. Mars in cancer is in the square of your sun, you feel restrained, the "the obstacles of going round in circles" seems more numerous than usual, as if it came to you spontaneously. Do not react according to your nature by facing and refusing to change your mind, it would only aggravate your case. Does the word "negotiate" tell you anything? Use and abuse your natural charm, the troubled waters of cancer will return the image of a winner.


You are stuck in your family stories or administrative records. Either you have to settle your children's allowance as soon as possible, or a distant aunt puts you in their will. Anyway you feel that your entire life is paperwork and nothing will annoy you as much as everyone around you who feels obliged to give you their opinion. Focus on your priorities, cling to your realism, Mars in cancer could push you to dream and accentuate your aesthetic side and zest for life. For you the art of living and life are one, a good meal with friends does you well, do not abuse good things your body could take revenge.


In the office your colleagues seem less sensitive than usual to your sense of humor, you have the impression that you live in an aquarium where people cross in silence. Or is it you who do not hear anything? In short this atmosphere makes you feverish and you lack air. But things fall into place, you could make a strange encounter with an original personality that will enchant you and take you to new horizons. And, icing on the cake, you're finally ready to write your memoirs or get started on your family tree. You will not really have time to get bored.


Do you have heartburn? Say once and for all what you think and everything will be better. You do not have to rely on everyone around you, it's normal that you take care of everything at home, so it's high time you set limits. In return, keep your calm under penalty of being accused of aggression, you never react, so when you do you are asked why you get so upset! Mars in Cancer concerns you directly, conjoined with your sun it gives you the means to demand and to make yourself respected both in your professional setting and at home. Take advantage.


Mars is in the sign of the moon and Leo is ruled by the sun. It is with your female entourage that you will have to contend with. Either your hierarchy offers you an important but risky mission or your family circle refuses to accept your compromises. Your fighting energy is a little low and you find your situation uncomfortable. Unfortunately you may have to "hold your horses" for a few weeks, wait until it passes, use patience and discretion it will eventually pay off. The force of Mars will soon be on your side.


You are conscientious and meticulous, Mars in cancer strengthens the concept of service rendered at home. It allows you to make plans for the future by realizing an old dream and can thus push you to resume training in the field of health or first aid. Do not neglect the daily constraints, a flawless organization is necessary to achieve your goal. If you are looking for a soul mate now is the time to try your luck but remain lucid, it is not necessarily the person on whom you have been focusing for so long that will be receptive to your signals.


You have the blues, and you go from laughter to tears, which does not suit you. Not only is there bad news in your entourage, but in addition, you go from disillusionment to disappointment. If you are waiting for answers for a building permit or a financial loan, do not insist, the time stretches out for you and you will have to be a little more patient. Good things come to those who wait. Take this opportunity to receive your friends or crochet, anyway your charm is intact and you turn everything you touch into gold.


Mars "takes the lead" and it's not a fancy of the mind! You refuse to give up and everyone takes their rank. Think about the issues, you who keep your logic in all circumstances, you know that it will, at one time or another, find a common ground with your opponents. Mars in Cancer increases your desire to fight with the whole earth so you do not discern the true from the false. Rest, live your emotions and think less, you will become serene again.


For once you prefer to stay at home rather than sow your wild oats and it seems normal to you. Once is not customary so take advantage of the transit of Mars in cancer to redo your decor. It's a safe bet that one of your many friends will volunteer to help you with this project and you will benefit from it. In any case you have the desire for novelty so now is the time to try yoga or Indian cuisine, you reinvest and grow your past experiences to the delight of those around you.


You are even more motionless than usual, you look at Mars from afar, as the opposition in the sign of Cancer. Yet you do not run out of energy, you just need to make a decision. A change of job and/or home, the idea makes headway but you have not made a choice yet. Do not worry, necessity makes the law, and in a little while you will see more clearly since the events will be self-evident in a natural way. The serious Capricorn will turn into a cheerful goat.


You are even more involved in your social and associative life. You play ball with everything and for everyone. The misery of others afflicts you and you let it be known. Mars in Cancer pushes you to action for a cause, it's good, but think about your close entourage, the latter could send you subliminal messages that you will not always see and then you run the risk of not loving the consequences of your lack of discernment.


The violent effects of Mars in Cancer hardly affects you. You are already out of reach in calmer waters or ... less calm waters.. Anyway you are in your element and you can continue your way without being troubled by family annoyances. You remain impassive in the face of mood swings and daily quibbles and even if your loved ones know your magic ability to forget what surrounds you, here, at this time, they do not return. Negotiating is your strong point, we know, and if you try to raise your voice for once, just to see the effect it has?

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