Jupiter enters in Libra

Written by Susan

Jupiter illuminates everything he approaches. By entering Libra, he focuses attention, for one year, on associations, contracts and pacts between people. This suggests a development of tolerance and diplomacy, the desire to bind oneself to others in harmony but it is also an excess of doubts or procrastination that can delay the results of your business. Up to everyone to find their balance between themselves and others, for the common good...


Jupiter's opposition to the natal sun is often experienced as the impossibility of linking two notions. This transit makes you aware of the mismatch between your desires and reality. You're out of luck, the attention or power you are given is not up to your merits. You become susceptible, you accuse the whole world of being unfair while it is you who lacks rigor. Postpone important decisions because your optimism can lead you to error and you may also be deceived or betrayed for lack of judgment. Your bad faith and your whims may affect your diet, push you to excess and cause nausea, weight gain or liver problems.


Jupiter in Libra does not personally influence Taurus but induces a very sociable climate that could greatly benefit you on a daily basis. Meetings, exchanges and friendships will probably multiply under this transit and it is up to you to take the opportunity to enhance your routine with some novelty, whether new relationships or new work methods, preferably in a team. The existence is more pleasant in good company and the sky works to harmonize the atmosphere between people.


This transit of Jupiter on your natal Sun can bring you happy opportunities both professionally and socially and personally, stay tuned to what is happening around you. Dive as soon as the right door opens, your vitality, nourished by healthy ambitions, will do the rest. Your social and emotional relationships are very harmonious during this transit. The others will not fail to recognize your abilities, your past and present qualities and to share them generously. Situations unblock, you get to solve difficulties or old conflicts in your favor. You feel full of energy and dynamism. You have faith in yourself, you bring luck and success.


Jupiter in the frivolous and indecisive sign of Libra represents hesitant luck, superficial relationships and flirtation rather than passionate love. You do not appreciate this atmosphere and you let yourself go too easily to exasperation, mood swings and excesses of any kind. You awkwardly notice yourself and harm your own interests with a sometimes outrageous attitude. Between impatience and vanity, you risk diplomatic incidents or even conflicts ... This transit of Jupiter, which is never really evil, can however give confidence to those that are timid, but the others must absolutely control themselves!


Jupiter in the friendly sign of Libra promises a flourishing of your relationships. You should live a period of very good rapport with your neighborhood, your pleasant environment and easy exchanges with your entourage. Your relationships help you to go up a notch in the evolution of your projects, even your dreams. Your talents, brought to light, can bring you a lot of satisfaction and popularity. It's a great opportunity to get involved in any challenge, in a friendly and energizing atmosphere.


Jupiter in Libra does not personally influence the Virgo but induces a very sociable climate that could greatly benefit you on a daily basis. It is also a good time to take care of your finances, whether to pay debts or vice versa or recover amounts due. Still others will be able to invest or save. Do not hesitate to seek advice from specialized people, you benefit from judicious remarks and a pleasant understanding sympathy.


With Jupiter at home, you really want to formalize what is important to you. A wedding, a joint installation, a real estate purchase, a long-awaited trip, a highly anticipated promotion. Depending on the rest of your map, Jupiter will touch an area of your life, or even several, he will highlight it and give you many lucky moments to seize on the fly. Your desire for social integration, coupled with your excellent starting arrangements should earn you important meetings that will positively change the course of your life, stay attentive and above all available!


Jupiter in Libra has no particular effect on the Scorpion but it installs a lighter climate that makes you want to enjoy the beautiful and good things in life without asking too many questions. The existence is more pleasant, in good company and the sky works to harmonize the atmosphere between people.


When Jupiter is in sextile with the natal sun, a very good influence is manifested through small daily incidents apparently innocuous but finally very favorable to the evolution of your art of living. Opportunities arise through your friends, your relationships, your encounters and your excellent dispositions vis-à-vis each of you open many doors. It's a great time to ask for support, protection or to claim a promotion, or find a job...


The square to Jupiter on your natal Sun inflates your ego. You have a strong desire to grow, your ambitions become unreasonable. You feel frustrated, impatient, you feel that you are not being recognized, not taking the place you deserve. You exaggerate everything, you dramatize, you demand and do not get anything you want. You take reckless risks, you neglect the details through overconfidence. You do not have a proper appreciation of the situations. You tend to waste your energy and make bad decisions. Stay aware of the inclinations that this transit is worth to you and moderate yourself.


Jupiter in trigone to your natal Sun gives you the confidence and momentum to grow, increase your resources, expand your horizons, deepen your knowledge and launch a major project. Everything that goes in the direction of an improvement of yourself or your social life is favored, a trip, studying, meetings, investments ... It is the moment to be attentive and to seize the opportunity that is offered to you. If you do not get overwhelmed by doubt, any business will succeed, you can easily find help and the support you need. Your enthusiasm is communicative and you set a good mood.


Jupiter in Libra does not influence you directly but the aesthetic and friendly climate that he installs can only suit you. However, it is in solitude and meditation that you find the most satisfactions, enjoying time and space to refocus on yourself and therefore to better agree with others. It is a discreet but profound evolution that harmonizes most of your relationships, in the background.

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