Jupiter enters Capricorn

Written by Susan

Jupiter placed in Capricorn is not at its best, it tends to stiffen the structure and make authority more radical. It is an influence that brings everything back to work or ambition, forgetting fantasy and lightness. If Jupiter placed thus favors long studies and career plans, it will be less benevolent with poets and sloths who he may put up against a wall in the coming months...


This transit of Jupiter in your natal Sun pushes you to excess and exaggeration in all things. Your optimism and enthusiasm blinds you and can hurt you if you are not aware of it because you tend to be impatient, to neglect details and to take disproportionate risks. Your ambitions become unreasonable. You feel dissatisfied with what you have, you need to assert yourself and your attitude towards others is a little cavalier and haughty. You may encounter a lot of conflicts during this period. Also be careful of overeating if you keep going this way and also limit unnecessary expenses.


During this transit of Jupiter, it is important to keep your eyes open and to be available because the opportunities for growth and fulfillment will not fail to present themselves. Know how to seize them. You feel full of energy, enthusiasm and confidence. It's time to reorganize, to reorient your life according to your desires, to launch a project that is close to your heart. You can easily find the support and help you need. The ambient climate is particularly favorable to you and if you have conflicts to settle, this moment is ideal. This period is conducive to self-improvement and your social life.


Although Jupiter in Capricorn does not specifically influence Gemini, he nevertheless sets up a constructive atmosphere for projects, amorous or material ambitions and for everyday well-being. It is an opportunity for you to focus on yourself, to reflect on your achievements and, perhaps, to decide on certain investments. You enjoy excellent lucidity that protects you from gross errors but do not hesitate to take advice before making any important decisions.


Jupiter brings some tension in your relationships. You feel dissatisfied with your situation or your reputation and the reality is frustrating. You have trouble disciplining your daydreams and your moods and their instability can annoy your partner. Your sensitivity turns to susceptibility, your gluttony turns to greed or you take reckless risks in your relationships. All this is a little destabilizing and you risk being deceived by lack of discernment. Jupiter is not evil enough to induce a painful breakup alone, but it can provoke behaviors that annoy you temporarily with one or another.


Jupiter in Capricorn has little influence on Leo but, more generally, it pushes to structure your daily life. Some do renovations, others adjust their schedules or rectify their movements. It's a good time to better organize the concrete aspects of your situation, you free yourself from a maximum of ancillary constraints.


The entry of Jupiter into Capricorn will relieve all the Virgos. The climate becomes more sober, better managed and the various opportunities you come across during this period will be entirely in your interest. It is a beautiful transit that encourages personal growth and healthy and authentic pleasures. Luck is with you and, as the case may be, this translates into a decisive meeting, a wedding, a promotion at work, a success, an achievement, or being in the spotlight. Relationships with your immediate environment are stable and give you a good deal of self-confidence. It's a very positive atmosphere that requires some initiatives from you to benefit from it.


You risk, during this period, to live too often a disappointing reality. Your aspirations are not in accord with your possibilities and this frustrates you considerably. You are disappointed with the attention you're getting and the world seems sad and lonely. The sky forces you in this way to return to your feet, to direct your projects in a more structured direction, with concrete means and proven methods. It is not ease that is encouraged but the value of effort and perseverance. It is most often in your family that the limiting effects of Jupiter will be felt...


With this transit of Jupiter in the friendly and solid sign of Capricorn, it is your environment that becomes pleasant and source of various satisfactions. Brothers, sisters, neighbors, colleagues and friends participate in your daily well-being. Lucky moments are plentiful, you have 1000 opportunities to shine, win and succeed. Things become simpler, clearer, more real and you have more facilities to solve your problems. You just need to show enough attention and responsiveness to situations and people who come forward to take full advantage of these very favorable aspects.


Jupiter in Capricorn does not specifically affect Sagittarius but it encourages you to be more concerned about your finances by applying for a loan, recovering money, deciding to save or invest. It is a very good influence to structure your material life, it leaves you then in a stable and reassuring situation to undertake other projects later on. Your material situation will improve if you renounce excess and if you take the time to think or get advice before any major expenses.


During this transit the circumstances are particularly favorable to the improvement of yourself or of your social, professional or personal situation. It's a time of luck, opportunity, success, achievement. You have a lot of energy, communicative enthusiasm, confidence in your abilities and optimism. It is a period of expansion, of fulfillment that you must take advantage of to organize your life, to bring yourself closer to your deepest aspirations. You can gain a better financial situation but also a better understanding of yourself and your potential. Everything that can broaden your horizons and enrich your life is favored, meetings, travel, study, training...


Jupiter in Capricorn does not influence you for better or for worse. It just induces a more sober, more restrained, more moderate climate in which you finally find some answers because you give yourself time to think about all the aspects of an issue and you have the facilities to structure your thoughts in a realistic way, assisted by an excellent practical spirit.


The transit of Jupiter in sextile with your natal Sun is indicative of luck, opportunities, possibilities for growth, as well as personal and social improvement. If you are usually not inclined to extroversion, you will find yourself more daring and outgoing than usual. You set a very harmonious atmosphere around you and you can easily find the support you need in your companies and your initiatives. You feel more confident, you know how to take things in your own hands and make the right choices for your future, as long as they remain realistic. This period is ideal for developing your potential and finding new ways to express it.

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