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Living without internet: is it possible?

Written by Mary

In our hyperconnected society, it is increasingly difficult to go without the internet because we do our shopping, we pay our taxes, we choose our holiday destination, we make meetings ... The digital age made us aspire and is now an integral part of our existence. Is it possible to live without the internet? The idea can be defended to a certain point, according to your astrological sign, by using your own tricks. Let's go over them:


Think About the Real World
You just have to focus and count the diverse and varied possibilities of real-world outings that are at your fingertips and you'll quickly get rid of your digital reflexes. Taking a bite out of life and going back to basics is a lot more challenging for your temper than strumming on a keyboard. Disconnecting is easy because it connects you to your true self!


Use the Forest App
This is the application that should get you off your phone; indeed, since it torments your concentration enormously, it is impossible to stay focused when call or a tweet comes to parasitize your thoughts. With the "Forest" app you plant a seed every time you have to stay channeled for a while. The seed turns into a tree in 30 minutes! Any interruption due to a phone call or an email stops the growth of the tree and makes you realize how much you are no longer productive.


Set Sail
It's important to recognize that the internet is an incredible communication tool and that as soon as you discover an informative dish, movie or video, you can not help putting it online. If you want to take a moment, nothing can be more effective than leaving your usual world and going abroad in a country where you are clueless and without a network that will disorient you. You will come back only refreshed!


Get involved with family
To motivate yourself to disconnect, you will eventually be involved with a family member. The ideal would be to help one of your children who has the same problem: you will excel at reducing the overuse of the screen by offering fun alternatives and you will do well with these breaks that will lead you into an amusement park, a treasure hunt or indoor board games.


Have a « digital detox »
You will organize with your partner a stay in one of these "digital detox" lodgings, in order to adopt a reasoned behavior vis-à-vis digital devices. Moreover, these places have a safe for tablets and smartphones available to customers. You can benefit from anti-stress treatments, psycho-behavioral coaching and massages. You will forget your addictions and your Leo-like nature will greatly appreciate it!


Act with method
Use your wits, cleverness and methods. This is the kind of process that will work with you: have post-it notes or reminders on different locations to remind you of the disadvantages of cyberdependence and the benefits you will get by releasing it. Write 5 for the disadvantages and 5 for the benefits. By integrating your healthy ideas, you will turn away from the time-consuming uses of the internet.


Become Aware
To become less addicted to the virtual world, you must first understand what drives you to go there. Social networks, Facebook and others are the web platforms that you prefer to build or maintain links, to meet because you do not design life without relationships. Organize your digital breaks: if you have a lover, give them some time and avoid thinking about your hyper connections. If you're alone, sign up for a hobby and a singles club!


Reclaim Your Power
Only by fully realizing the power your smartphone has taken over you will you rebel. The smartphone is a device designed to get you involved, entertain you, make you react, in short, alienate you. You will then set up a homepage with only necessary applications: calendar, GPS, app for transportation etc. No more question of being under the influence of the machine!


Change your state of consciousness
Thanks to sophrology, you will be able to find alternatives to your daily digital intoxication. The principle is to submit to breathing sessions and to manage your mental activity: this process of relaxation and fight against stress takes place in the "digital detox" stays of some hotels. Sophrology will allow you to disconnect, at least temporarily. To go further, you can make an appointment with a behavioral psychologist.


Set Your Limits
You are one of the most disciplined signs of the zodiac, so if you make the decision to limit yourself in the use of the internet, you will do things through concrete steps: cutting down on your phone or on your PC so as to go there only in case of great necessity. You will initiate this process from the idea that you do not like to live like an automaton, and with this principle, you will get good results.


Connect with Your Friends
First, you will make the decision not to waste time alone in front of your screen. Then, as if you know how to do it, you will negotiate with your neighbors or your friends the opportunity to come to their home and connect with them on their computer 1 to 2 hours per week. So you will kill two birds with one stone: you will have evacuated your cyberdependence while satisfying your desire to build relationships.


Since you are the most sensitive or susceptible astrological sign, you will need to access a radical system. It is still necessary that you recognize your addiction to the virtual world, but if you are honest with yourself, you can use the Freedom tool that allows you to block your connection to the web for a duration that you choose, even up to 8 hours! For a diversion, dive into something huge that makes you dream: the sea, artistic creation, meditation.

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