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Introduction: Reliable, but cold!

Capricorn ascendant Aries: You are neither very binding nor very warm, but your professional conscience and your unfailing loyalty are great qualities. You feel concerned first and foremost with your own interests, which you seek to make profitable by your energy and your work alone. Your love life is likely to be a little gloomy, unless it is sprinkled with sudden, unromantic, but sometimes intense liaisons.

Strengths of the for Capricorn ascendant Aries: Reliable and courageous
Weaknesses of the for Capricorn ascendant Aries: Hard and reserved

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Personality: High ambitions!

Wholehearted, voluntary, determined, courageous, you have a strong personality. You know what you want and you follow through with your ideas, even if it means fighting for them. You have great professional and social ambitions that you probably develop to the detriment of your private life. Demanding, rigorous, thoughtful, methodical, you are a hard worker and a fine strategist. You like to surpass yourself, oppositions, obstacles, challenges stimulate you.

Vitality / Temperament: An iron hand!

There is in you an intense need for realization, for a concrete grip on life's events, which brings to your expression a great sincerity. You express your ideas with candor, often with a cutting realism, which allows you to sort out relationships and foster bonds with reliable people. Your loyal personality is combined with an equally intense need for achievement.

Love and emotional relationships: Heart to be taken !

In your emotional life, passions are rare. Assimilating feelings as a weakness, you tend to analyze and hold back your emotions. Not very demonstrative, you do not open your heart easily. However, when you are in love, your feelings are deep. When you make a commitment, it is for life and over the years, you manage to show yourself to be more warm and attentive.

In the family: A real construction site!

You live at 100 km/hour and you are not afraid to commit excesses. You are bold and daring, you do as you please and you are interested in many areas. However, you are a little selfish and you do not take enough into consideration the needs and feelings of those around you. Rather authoritarian, your exchanges lack diplomacy. Your daily life is often punctuated by power struggles and the desire to win.

Relationship with money / material goods: In search of fulfillment!

Independent, organized, honest and reliable, you have a sense of responsibility and leadership skills. Tenacious, you climb the ladder one by one and you impose yourself little by little, but you regularly need calm and solitude to recharge your batteries. You evolve slowly but surely in your socio-professional life and you have a good potential to hope for a comfortable old age with the additional pleasure of owing your success only to your qualities of hard worker and your long-term vision. It doesn't matter if the results come slowly: progress is enough for you, you are a long-term success machine.

Socio-professional life: Prudent, but generous!

You are attached to the idea of property and put a lot of energy into defending and preserving your assets. You are not indifferent to material goods, but you are capable of spending a lot for your comfort and the pleasures of life while remaining lucid in your generosity. To act, you need concrete and material elements to confront you. Mental projections do not meet your realistic nature.

Sphere of friendship: Few friends, but real ones!

You are discreet and efficient and you invest in reliable projects with little optimism, but a lot of willpower. You need to see to believe and you do not accept immoral behavior. However, the collaboration of reckless people can be beneficial to you. Your friendships may be difficult, you do not relax easily and often appear to be in a bad mood. You need to find smiling and enterprising people.

You have an Earth sign and your ascendant is in a Fire sign

You have excellent potential in your social and professional life, as you combine consistency and energy in the pursuit of your goals. Your assertion is sharpened towards seriousness and aplomb. You seek to perfect yourself, you need to realize yourself in agreement with your entourage, but by keeping control.

Your sun and ascendant are in square

You cannot live without a goal to pursue, you need to conquer. Your life pushes you to develop your courage and your field of understanding to evolve according to your own conceptions. You privilege your thoughts over those of others: in case of conflict, you always argue by logic even if you sometimes get confused in your most beautiful reasonings.

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