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Sunday, August the 9th
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Calculate Mars in sign and house to find out what type of fighter you are.

  Written by Alison

What are the secrets of Mars's position ?

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In a map of the sky, Mars represents the type of energy, the power of action, the will, and the expression of sexual desire. It can nuance and even wholly modify the elements induced by the sun (the sign) and allows a more precise and accurate approach to the way someone functions. Mars, in a sign, strongly influences courage and dynamism. Mars placed in a more unstable sign, suggests more measured and more fearful actions, but also better thought out and prepared.

The position of Mars must always be considered globally. It takes into account the other planets. Thus, if you have Mars in Leo coloring a card of authority and bravery, it will not make Pisces or Virgo belligerent. It will merely tend to bring them higher energy. In this way, Mars drowns in the water of Pisces, even if it softens an Aries' personality, it will not fundamentally change their whole and voluntary character. Mars' action is generally dynamic, and Mars symbolizes physical energy, combativeness, entrepreneurship, the ability to act, and how we develop our potential. It is also related to desire, vital impetus, and aggression. It is analogous to the masculine part of being and represents the ability to confront events and courage.

Mars symbolizes the need for action, vitality, and daring. Beyond the fact that it expresses this type of energy, it says a lot about courage, endurance, frankness, sociability, and ambition. He puts fearlessness, kindness, and promptness in evidence. He also explains where impulsiveness, aggression, imprudence, agitation, and insubordination come from. He is analogous to house 1 and house 8. His home is Aries, and he is in exile in Libra. Therefore, it gives interesting insights into your reactions to others and the nature of the choices that change your existence. Knowing the sign of your native Mars shows you how you take initiatives and why. It sheds light on your ability to overcome obstacles and your sense of commitment.

If, for example, you have Mars in Aries, you are courageous and frank, if native Mars is in Taurus, you are brave, enduring, and cautious. With Mars natal in Gemini, you are enthusiastic and curious but not very forward-thinking. The house that natal Mars finds itself says much more about the area where you deploy your talents. If he is in house 6, you put a lot of energy into your work, in house 3, you say things as they are, but you can be aggressive in your exchanges. Beyond these characteristics, Mars is the energy that moves things forward and, when circumstances dictate, it encourages us to shake things up, break a dead end, or make a radical decision. So, discover without further delay, in which sign and in which house is your native Mars.

Calculate Mars in sign and house to find out what type of fighter you are. - 0 comment

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