Mars transits into Libra

Written by Susan

Mars enters Libra and makes it possible to easily establish social and sentimental relationships and to use his power of persuasion to seduce or do justice. This transit also makes it possible to find compromises and opt for diplomacy in all circumstances. However, the atmosphere created by this passage causes, according to the signs, fluctuating energies which can cause some disappointments and conflicts.

Positive aspects: spontaneous feelings, passionate desire for relationships, collaborations. Attracts the attention of the opposite sex, engages with ardor, artistic enthusiasm, fights for justice.
Negative aspects: impulsive commitments, susceptibility, conflicts with the entourage, imbued with oneself, feelings and ephemeral encounters. Kidney problems.


With the passage of Mars in Libra, you stay lively and do not hesitate to force your way, even if you regret it afterwards. Indeed, you act inflamed without taking the time to think about the possible consequences. Thus, you are able to fall head over heels in love at the first wink of an eye and you launch into a totally crazy and ephemeral love story. Believe that you need, at all costs, to measure your capital seduction!


The entry of Mars into Libra makes you quarrelsome. Indeed, you assume the role of a vigilante whose actions are dictated by an innate sense of measure and fair distribution of what comes to each. Whether at home or at work, you have a certain grip on those with whom you operate. So, beware of anyone who tries to take a misstep! If you do not want to raise too many conflicts, be sure to make some compromises.


With the transit of Mars in Libra, your greatest pleasure is to seduce!
Without complex, you show yourself to shine in society and charm everyone who crosses your path. All your desires are polarized in emotions. You have trouble controlling your impulses and you are able to give in quickly to all temptations. You do not deploy the same energy in the professional sphere at all. Indeed, you undeniably lack the will to move forward.


The transit of Mars in Libra makes you much more sociable. It is with kindness and gentleness that you open yourself to others and attract attention. This period is ideal for building new connections and joining a new group. Indeed, you can count on your lucidity to gauge the feelings of others towards you and to estimate their weaknesses and their qualities at their fair value.


With the passage of Mars in Libra, you do not have to add to it to be noticed! Indeed, you can count on your charisma and your natural elegance to seduce as you please. Your way of acting and expressing yourself full of diplomacy, attracts new sympathies and allows you to realize all your desires. You create a harmonious atmosphere wherever you go!


With the entry of Mars in Libra, you instinctively know how to seduce! Indeed, you do not hesitate to use your assets to overcome your shyness and go more spontaneously to others. This does not mean that you are turning into a "crazy" and unthinking Virgo. On the contrary, whatever the field, you remain cautious in your actions and leave nothing to chance.


The transit of Mars in your birth sign tends to make you more sentimental than usual and to adopt sudden and destabilizing behaviors. Indeed, you act immediately without first taking time to think. This attitude can lead you to take unexpected initiatives or fall too easily in love. In short, you seem to want to do things only your way. So do not be surprised if you experience some disappointments. Yet you have been warned!


With the entry of Mars in Libra, you are particularly gifted in the relationship domain. You do not hesitate to use your charm and your power of seduction to maneuver skillfully, satisfy your desires, achieve your goals and integrate into a new circle of knowledge. However, in your sentimental life, you may be subject to hesitation, disappointment or questioning.


With the passage of Mars in Libra, you cultivate the image of a charming person who is enthusiastic, diplomatic, refined and anxious to establish a climate of peace around them. Your attitude does not fail to attract new friends and knows how to make your heart beat. Whatever the field, your presence is most appreciated because you pay particular attention to listening to others and create a friendly atmosphere.


With the passage of Mars in Libra, you use subtlety and diplomacy to seduce your audience. Master in the art of not making waves and finding compromises in all circumstances, you move in a harmonious climate and distill around you a wind of fullness. By adopting such behavior, you are assured of being able to take advantage of the opportunities and situations that arise.


The transit of Mars in Libra makes you extremely sociable and popular! You know how to adapt to all situations and this asset of weight allows you to maintain pleasant relationships with totally different people. This period is ideal to integrate a new circle of knowledge and share happy moments with your band of friends. However, in love, you show yourself a little glib because you are not ready to break with your need for freedom!


With the transit of Mars in Libra, you make every effort to be noticed and loved! You use your charm, your good intuition and your adaptability to find your place and balance with others. In love, you bet on your romantic side and your original spirit to bring a touch of magic into your relationship. However, if you are single, beware of your blooming sentimental that could make you unrealistic.

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