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Introduction: Permanent seducer !

Scorpio ascendant Libra: You are a charmer who likes to be admired. You have a busy social life and you have an easy time finding professional opportunities. At work, you are efficient, especially in attracting customers, you catch the eyes. You have a tormented emotional life, your choices vary according to your desires whereas you aspire to stable and passionate loves.

Strengths of the for Scorpio ascendant Libra: Diplomatic and measured
Weaknesses of the for Scorpio ascendant Libra: Manipulative and indecisive

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Personality: Iron fist and velvet glove!

The look of others holds an important place in your life, you need to please, to seduce. But behind your diplomatic talents, your courteous manners and your benevolence, you hide a great determination and a strong need for affirmation. With your malleable, charming and diplomatic appearance, you are very skilful at getting your convictions, your projects or your will across gently. You have the art of getting what you want.

Vitality / Temperament: A bit manipulative!

Under your seductive airs, you hide a great power of dissimulation. Often, you are ready to do anything to reach your fortune. You are exclusive and often lack objectivity. It is therefore difficult for you to change course when you are mistaken. You have a great sense of communication and an excellent perception of people and seduction is for you a way to influence, to control whether it is in feelings, in business or in society.

Love and emotional relationships: Hard to fit in!

You are likely to have a troubled sentimental life, because your seduction has nothing disinterested or spontaneous and could displease some... Your sentimental path is tortuous, subject to questioning, doubts and hesitations. But you cannot conceive of living without love and you aspire to find a balance in a stable union.

In the family: A bit of a hermit!

You seek to acquire your own home early and to install a pleasant balance between security and joy of living. You induce tranquility, even solitude at home. You are patient, sober and a little silent for the taste of those around you. But you can be counted on in all circumstances, your taste for balance and peace encourage you to solve problems as soon as they arise...

Relationship with money / material goods: Life of an artist!

Your intuition and creativity are very beneficial to you in the professional field. You can succeed very well in an artistic way or in the luxury or pleasure business. Your creative potential is vast as long as you are willing to let it emerge to the dimension of your consciousness and to realize it, without letting yourself be blocked by external opinions or by an excess of conformism.

Socio-professional life: Always in balance!

The search for balance is a very important concept for you. Throughout your life, you assess your possibilities with accuracy, whether in your relationships, in your relationship with money or in your family life. You are a diplomat who instinctively possesses the art of finding the point of balance between all the opposites and you sometimes decide abruptly on radical changes. You are anxious in power relationships, but you have no trouble hiding it.

Sphere of friendship: Popular but secret!

You are brilliant with your friends, but you also demand nobility and esteem in any joint activity. You are a somewhat authoritarian leader, but very generous. You are, however, a bit suggestible and need to learn to assert yourself more clearly. On the surface, you have many friends and acquaintances, but in the end, you don't trust many people.

You have a water sign and your ascendant is in a fire sign

Impulsive and voluntary in your associations, you seek a good balance between you and the other, in fits and starts, and sometimes you enter into conflict if you do not adapt with some compromises. You need ardent partners who are ready to energize your relationships, sometimes to make decisions.

Your sun and ascendant are in semi-sextile

When you find your soul mate, you are demonstrative, imaginative and you express your feelings in a concrete way by using a multitude of delicate attentions. Your main flaw, however, is your indecision, which can cause you to miss out on great opportunities.

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