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Introduction: Charming and charming?

Libra ascendant Libra: You do not go unnoticed: attractive, smiling, pleasant, refined, you are very concerned by the effect you make on others. You are passionate about beauty in all its forms. This trait can be found in your job as well as in your relationships. However, you must fight against a tendency to nonchalance, do not give in to the easy way and to the exaggerated dependence on your entourage.

Strengths of the for Libra ascendant Libra: Seductive and diplomatic
Weaknesses of the for Libra ascendant Libra: Dependent and superficial

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Personality: Peace and love !

Friendliness, courtesy, benevolence, refinement, diplomacy, charm characterize you and make you magnetic. You easily attract people, whether in the field of friendship, love or business. You have a real gift for making those around you happy. You have a great need for harmony and balance, for a secure framework to blossom and you abhor violence.

Vitality / Temperament: Contemplative!

Your potential of creativity is very vast as long as you accept to let it emerge at the dimension of your conscience and to realize it, without letting yourself be blocked by the opinions of others nor by an excess of shyness. You are a charmer who needs to please to exist, you will probably make a very beautiful career in the field of the sale, you also adore to convince your interlocutors. You are attracted by the splendor of things, you can admire for hours.

Love and emotional relationships: Romantic as can be!

Love and friendship are at the center of your concerns. You can't stand loneliness and never stay alone. Your sentimental life is generally full, you maintain many friendships and you are not impatient to settle down in a life with two. But, in a relationship, you are energetic and reckless, prone to impulsive acts, to anger. You are not patient and you have difficulty in making concessions, but your frankness and sociability make you a good partner.

In the family: Parent and dynamic partner!

You are very attached to your home, even if you are not very demonstrative in your relations with your family. You have, however, the art of surrounding yourself with warm people, as a compensation for your natural reserve. You are very concerned about the security and durability of your attachments, you do your best to patiently build, throughout your life, a solid and durable nest, capable of welcoming the following generations later. You maintain your home with great care, you repair what needs to be repaired before problems appear: you are far-sighted and efficient.

Relationship with money / material goods: Dependent on associations!

You seek to give a reassuring and serious image of your abilities and you often have an almost familial relationship with your work, whether it is working at home, dealing with real estate or taking care of children, cooking, decorating. But you are moody and your career can be just as moody between good associations and destructive mood swings. As an associate, you can fight for a cause, but your impatience sometimes pushes you to abandon your projects if they are not immediately realized and it is then the others who benefit from your capacity to create, to build.

Socio-professional life: Not passionate about money!

Reflective, you analyze everything before making a choice or a decision, but your concern for fairness and probity makes you indecisive, hesitant in all areas of your life. You do not have much interest in material contingencies. You have a tendency to let yourself go to nonchalance or negligence. You have difficulty with stress and overwork and you shun heavy responsibilities. Endowed with a sense of aesthetics, aesthete and creative, it is in an artistic way that you prefer to invest.

Sphere of friendship: Many friends and few friends!

The search for balance in everything is for you a notion of primary importance. The course of your life, from childhood, encourages you to measure, purify and balance your relationships. You are a born diplomat who has the art of finding the point of balance between all the opposites. You do not support the relations of force, you seek what brings closer rather than what divides the beings. You make friends easily, but those who are close to you can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

You have an Air sign and your ascendant is in an Air sign

Impulsive and voluntary in your associations, you seek a good balance between you and the other, in fits and starts, and sometimes you enter into conflict if you do not adapt with some compromises. You need ardent partners who are ready to energize your relationship, sometimes to make a decision.

Your sun and ascendant are in conjunction

Courageous, enterprising, you have the ambition to succeed in your life and you are ready to work hard and overcome all obstacles to achieve success and the esteem of others. Beware, however, of a possible tendency to self-centeredness.

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