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Introduction: Very diplomatic mix!

Virgo ascendant Libra: Concerned about harmony and balance, you want to get along with everyone and you flee from any conflict that cannot be settled with good will and diplomacy. However, in wanting to preserve everyone's interests and not offend anyone, you find it difficult to defend yourself and assert yourself. You tend to put the desires of others before your own. This need to accumulate merits is underpinned by a deep need for moral and spiritual elevation, which leads you to a liberating detachment. This will bring you closer to the human values of conciliation and harmony.

Strengths of the for Virgo ascendant Libra: Diplomatic and friendly
Weaknesses of the for Virgo ascendant Libra: Superficial and vague

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Personality: Born to partner!

You have a nature that pushes you toward others, leading you to work intensely on yourself to better integrate with others. If this tendency is not well received, it leads you to isolation in terms of ideas and a lack of acceptance of the needs of others. In any case, it will be all one or all the other! Contacts and associations will always be important throughout your life, and they will be the trigger for realizations about your desires.

Vitality / Temperament: Between distrust and sociability!

Refined, delicate, charming, you have the gift to attract attention, to create friendships and support. You are sociable, open, communicative while keeping a certain reserve. Distrustful, you select the people to whom you link up and trust. You observe, analyze, weigh the pros and cons before committing yourself seriously to anything or making a decision.

Love and emotional relationships: Charming but faithful!

You are so attentive to others that you may forget yourself along the way... Don't compromise too much! In love, you only aspire to a peaceful family life, but you are a little frivolous and seductive, you tend to accumulate love experiences before stabilizing yourself. In couple, you need intellectual, cultural or artistic exchanges with your partner. You are demonstrative, tender and you multiply the attentions and the concessions to preserve your emotional balance.

In the family: More secret inside than outside!

At home, you are calm, reserved and structured. Your interior is sober. You attach a lot of importance to order and discipline, and you lay solid foundations to keep your home safe for the long term. You like solitude and silence and you carefully avoid anything that you consider superficial in order to build a reassuring daily life. Unfortunately, you are not very expressive, one never knows what you are thinking about and your loved ones are often in need of emotional demonstrations from you.

Relationship with money / material goods: The work all in emotions!

Your friendliness and sense of balance can lead you to diplomatic careers, as you have real conciliatory skills. You seek to give a reassuring and serious image of your abilities, and you often have an almost familial relationship with your work, whether it's working from home, taking an interest in real estate, or dealing with children, cooking, or decorating. But you are moody and your career can be just as moody, between good associations and destructive mood swings. You are attracted by jobs that are related to the sea in the broadest sense, to food, to service to people, to History, to Culture.

Socio-professional life: Very good at business!

Your income usually comes from your hard work. However, you may also benefit from an inheritance or a hidden source of income. It may happen that you have a real passion for money, in this field you are curious, possessive, you know how to bounce back, but you may sometimes be confronted with risky situations. It is in your interest to diversify your resources: euros, dollars, rubles, possession of land, buildings, valuable coins by accumulating them.

Sphere of friendship: Sociable, but sometimes superficial!

You are very nice, which generally earns you a nice group of friends, but you hesitate in your emotional choices. You are often torn between determination and hesitation. Your contradictions tire you, you must learn to take stock of your situation regularly to make the right choices. You have a pleasant personality which pleases, but your social relationships lack depth, you do not dare to invest yourself fully in your friendships. You need cultural exchanges in your sentimental life, you show stability if you are not bored.

You have an Earth sign and your ascendant is in an Air sign

You are solitary, you need frequent retreats to meditate and recharge your energy. Personal expression is not easy for you, you are rather turned towards the inner worlds, the spiritual life. You may have a tendency to feel unworthy of attention, to have a low self-image. You are aware that everything in this world is connected.

Your sun and ascendant are in semi-sextile

An activity in the shadows suits you better than a public activity. You can flourish by helping people who are neglected, excluded, deprived, in a prison, a hospital, a hospice for example. An artistic activity can also be particularly favorable to you.

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