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Introduction: Adorable, but too sensitive!

Pisces ascendant Libra: Tolerant, generous, you dream of a harmonious world where everything would be only sweetness and justice. You lack aggressiveness and fighting spirit to face the hazards of life and, easily hurt by reality, you protect your extreme sensitivity by isolating yourself in your inner world. Esthete, intuitive and inspired, artistic expression can bring you a lot.

Strengths of the for Pisces ascendant Libra: Refined and sensual
Weaknesses of the for Pisces ascendant Libra: Changeable and fastidious

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Personality: Charming and suggestible

Not very sure of yourself, you need to please and seduction is your mode of communication. Full of charm, grace and kindness, you arouse a lot of sympathy. Very attentive, you constantly seek to please and satisfy everyone around you. You like people, you imagine them to be kind, empathetic and you always find a way to excuse their shortcomings, their weaknesses. This can lead you to make bad choices in your love life.

Vitality / Temperament: A little indolent!

You are in permanent search of an absolute, of an ideal of harmony and serenity. The slightest criticism or imperfection upsets you immensely. Even if your health is good, you give off something delicate, you are indolent by nature and you tend to flee from harsh realities. You lack discipline and rely heavily on your surroundings and instinct to plan your daily life.

Love and emotional relationships: Anything for love!

It is in your love life that you give the best of yourself, you are attentive, devoted and understanding with your partner. Idealist, romantic, you aspire to great love and to the construction of a serene and harmonious family life. Once you have found your rare pearl, you devote yourself body and soul to your family. If you are unhappy in love, you will have to do violence to yourself to talk about it to your partner, you must learn to be less indulgent in certain cases.

In the family: A first class confidant!

You have an instinctive focus on others. You seek to be in tune with your family. You have a facility for understanding the sensitivities of your loved ones by putting yourself in their shoes and having real compassion, which makes it much easier to find solutions to many difficulties. You are a serious tenant and a demanding landlord. You are tough on business and have an excellent sense of investment.

Relationship with money / material goods: Artist at heart!

You leave your mark on any place where you are active. Your work is a bit like your second home, as you invest a lot of emotion in all your activities. You need an environment that accommodates your often inexplicable mood swings and sometimes exaggerated susceptibility. You have an excellent business sense, all the more formidable as it hides under a somewhat fragile air. Your capacity for creativity is immense as long as you are willing to build it without letting yourself be blocked by practical contingencies or by an excess of conformism.

Socio-professional life: Art dealer !

Refined and sensual, you appreciate beautiful things and you have a pronounced taste for art in all its forms. You are generous with your time and money for noble causes, but, despite your taste for an almost communal atmosphere, you discern your personal interests perfectly. You can also be capricious in your spending.

Sphere of friendship: Loving friendships!

Very sociable by nature, you have many friends with whom you maintain sincere relationships and share many projects. You are sometimes brought to live loving friendships and your entourage then has difficulty in making the difference between love and friendship, so much you are pleasant. In general, you love with a certain detachment, as if your love could not be satisfied with an exclusive relationship. You are a very creative person, who can share many beautiful projects with those who are interested.

You have a water sign and your ascendant is in an air sign

For your own concerns, you tend to hesitate for a long time before opting for a radical solution. You are capable of handling the art of compromise with great finesse and of finding the point of balance between oppositions. You are able to make sacrifices to neutralize power struggles.

Your sun and ascendant are in quincunx

Sociable and joyful by nature, you stand out for your charm and elegance. You are romantic, affectionate and idealistic. You seek stability and sentimental harmony. However, your fear of loneliness can push you to fall in love a little too quickly.

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