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Introduction: Luxury, calm and pleasure!

Leo ascendant Libra: You are attracted by luxury and beautiful things. You also like people and their company, which gives you a predisposition in sales and more broadly in all fields that require a particular ease for human relations. When you fall in love, you tend to get married quickly, because you constantly need to share your projects with your loved ones to give them substance and set them in motion.

Strengths of the for Leo ascendant Libra: Diplomatic and spontaneous
Weaknesses of the for Leo ascendant Libra: Dependent and demanding

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Personality: Tactful and thoughtful!

You are very attractive! Your voice, your movements, your looks, your smile: everything that emanates from you enchants those around you and makes you popular everywhere. The authority of Leo is softened by your ascendant and facilitates all your human relations. It gives you a nice diplomacy and ease. All commercial careers suit you as well as artistic activities, because you have a very sure aesthetic sense.

Vitality / Temperament: Very open to the world!

You are endowed with a warm, open temperament and naturally inclined to sociability. An iron hand in a velvet glove illustrates you perfectly in all your exchanges. With a pleasant approach, you know better than anyone else how to create good relationships by your cordiality and your natural curiosity which pushes you to many discoveries, to interesting and enriching meetings.

Love and emotional relationships: Sensitive to aesthetics!

Marriage or union is a pivotal point in your life, the basis of your happiness. A good choice is therefore essential. On the other hand, intimacy tends to make you a little authoritarian with your partner, which leads to a less flexible expression of your feelings or emotions. You have difficulty understanding that others do not evolve at the same pace as you. Your ideals are high and, in order to live them, you need to align actions that are at the same level.

In the family: A home made of reinforced concrete!

At home, with your family, you are looking to build, to acquire your own house, to set up a secure home where you can recharge your batteries. But you are not very demonstrative and you can be rather rigid in your daily hobbies. You need warmer or more communicative partners to establish a pleasant balance between security and joie de vivre.

Relationship with money / material goods: Salesman or negotiator!

Sensitive to flattery, to tributes, you need to be loved, admired. Attracted by beautiful, great and fair things, you are refined, delicate, tactful while being courageous. You have a very developed aesthetic sense and the possibility of making a beautiful career in all that relates to luxury, to beauty, to art, to the spectacle. Your mental alertness facilitates your professional ascension, teamwork suits you perfectly.

Socio-professional life: Discreetly efficient and profitable!

You're an investor with excellent investment insights, but you can be a bit stingy at times. You are a passionate steward of what you own or covet. You are an excellent strategist who always gets things done with money.

Sphere of friendship: Elitist!

Social life is very important to you and you show great ease in your human and social relationships. Warm, spontaneous, open, you attract and seduce people with your presence, your charisma and you arouse many sympathies. You are a true diplomat, capable of rallying, conciliating and negotiating with great ease. You want to evolve in a privileged circle, to belong to an elite and you are very selective in the choice of your entourage. But once admitted in your circle, your friends can count on your loyalty, your faithfulness and your devotion.

You have a fire sign and your ascendant is in an air sign

You put your energy into developing and enjoying group activities. You're a unifier and can become a leader in an artistic movement or humanitarian project. Aware that you can't change the world alone, you feel comfortable in a group setting.

Your sun and ascendant are in sextile

You have a knack for bringing people together and can become a leader of a group if you have the ambition, but more than social status, you crave a sense of belonging. Sociable and open-minded, you have friends from all walks of life and easily gain their support and backing.

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